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New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Game Coming This Summer?

Square Enix has released a teaser site for a new unannounced game that’s apparently due to be released in Japan during the Summer. The teaser trailer lists a number of keywords including crystal and summons (along with Odin, Titan and Diablos). We shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out what the game actually is, and what formats it is being developed for.

22 thoughts on “New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Game Coming This Summer?”

    1. Well, Square did release remakes for FF3 and FF4 (honorable mention goes out to the underappreciated “4 Heroes Of Light”) on the DS, so I wouldn’t be surprised (read: I hope) if we get FF5 and FF6 remakes for the 3DS.

      But for now, it’s about time for some more Crystal Chronicles, which to me is kind of the spiritual successor of the Mana-Series.

  1. Hopefully it’s something for the 3ds….I read about this on another website and a lot of people were speculating it could be a final fantasy tactics game but I’ll guess we will find out soon enough.

  2. Anyone up for updated ports of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI? I know I would be game to buy them. Or lets dream even bigger, a 3D port of Final Fantasy VII on 3DS!

    1. I know they are working on a ffx remake for ps3/vita…the 3ds need some ff that isn’t crystal chronicles I’m not a big fan.

  3. Hell yes I loved Crystal Chronicles ^^

    great idea but i hope to holy hell they make sure it has good online multiplayer support
    the game is fun but playing solo was tiresome :(

    3DS is a good choice but im hoping this launches on Wii U
    I would like a RPG with good multiplayer to play when the system launches

    and keeping fingers crossed this is Nintendo exsclusive
    tired of titles going multiplatform

  4. i think crystal chronicles should stick with nintendo as its will always be a nintendo exclusive, hope it will be for wii, wii u and 3ds, but mostly 3ds and wii u

  5. I hope it is a new Crystal Chronicles game, Ring of Fates on the DS was one of my favourite DS games. As long as it doesn’t suck like the Wii version of Echoes of Time or Crystal Bearers, I’m fine.

  6. I effin love the Chrystal Chronicles series. I hope it’s an online-compatible 3ds game with missions and the same level and armor system that was in Rings of Fate. RoF was My all-time favorite and was very unappreciated for it’s time. And Chrystal bearers was wayyyyy too short, even with it’s replayability for trophies. And while we’re talkin trophies, they should definitely have an achievements mechanic in the game to increase replayability. I also liked the magic mechanics as it added strategy to the games so I’d love to see that again.

    If it’s a WiiU version then it should be like the GCN version, but just not with carryin that Gawd-Awful chalice. If they can find a way to connect the 3ds’s with the WiiU then it’s totally possible

    1. You can’t really have Crystal Chronicles without that “Gawd-Awful” chalice. What would be the point of the game?

  7. Would love to see a 3ds Crystal Chronicles. I have been enjoying these games more than the flagship ff titles lately, and the series would look good in the 3ds graphics i think. An FF6 3d remake in the spirit of ff 3 and 4 remakes would be nice, but I’m not going to hold my breath for that

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