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The Wii Is The Lead Platform For Epic Mickey 2

Warren Spector, the producer behind the Epic Mickey series, has revealed that the Wii is the lead platform for Epic Mickey: The Power of Two. Junction Point Studios is busy developing the Wii version, while the HD versions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are being given to UK developer Blitz Games.

43 thoughts on “The Wii Is The Lead Platform For Epic Mickey 2”

      1. I know right >.> ugh! Why does Nintendo continue to make such games. I know their target are the kids, but they have great ideas that teens can get into too -.-

        1. By your comment you are probably still a child, If you actually Nintendo made this, even more so that apparently mickey mouse is a series suppose to be some super adult thing, even more so that this epic mickey and probably this game too are actually very dark for the mickey mouse and disney series.

          1. Exactly lol. You know how many people grew up with the Mickey Mouse universe? Some people….

            Just like how most people who are hardcore Nintendo fans are adults. Why? Because Nintendo’s brand has been around for ages and a lot of us grew up with it.

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            “peteriuss” – there is a guy called peteriuss original and he has been putting up extremely offensive comments all day.
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                1. I’ve already stated to you that I do not have enough time to read every single comment. Despite what you may think I’m not here to baby sit. /End

  2. Don’t think the PS3 and 360 fans will be happy to hear this. Also I’d say this puts 360 owners at a disadvantage. While PS3 can utilise the Move, 360 will only have the option of the controller.

    1. I’m not cause the same guy also said he was a Sony fan and think the game is better on ps3.

      Seriously, depending in who is interviewing them depends on who they suck up to. Interviewed by the ps blog= him being a Sony fanboy.

      Kinda sad :-/

      1. its the same shit all around, you’ll get the same experience as the other guy. except for the dude on xbox of course…

  3. Off topic: does anyone know how much I would get if I trade/sell my Wii plus a $20 game.

    I know game stop would probably give me pennies but I’m trying to save for a Wii U.

    1. 45$ for the wii (better to wait for one of their +30 dollars on any system traded in deals) and they’d give about 5$ for the 20$ game.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!!… sorry SONY AND MICROSOFT… just an upraised Wii Port that is functionally inferior to the Wii Version… have fun sucking…

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