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XSEED Confirms JRPG Unchained Blades For West, Will Be Sold On Nintendo 3DS eShop

XSEED has confirmed that it’s bringing Japanese dungeon crawler Unchained Blades to the Nintendo 3DS eShop as a digital download later this year. Unchained Blades has been created by the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed Lunar and Grandia. The game will be fully localised with English voiceovers.

32 thoughts on “XSEED Confirms JRPG Unchained Blades For West, Will Be Sold On Nintendo 3DS eShop”

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      Nintendon’t needs to release Japanese exclusive games via download that way they aviod risks,shipping cost and handling. I mean goddamn at least release earthbound via Vc. There should be no excuse, I get you can’t ship or take risk but um…thats why you have a VIRTUAL ONLINE SHOP BASTARDS! whatsoever is the excuse not to release it huh HUH! oh well region locking your system is a better form of customer service and bricking systems is that there seal of quality smh -_-

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    1. kotaku has an opinion board on section saying how getting used games might not be a bad idea. why well they’re also reporting that playstation oribis well eliminate backwards compatibility and like xbox durangu get rid of used game market how so? well when you buy a used game the psnetwork,which will force you to save game data in order to use it, will determine with code if its been scaned before. thus if was the used game buyer will only get a trail version of game and will have to pay to play full version.

      1. Era of spotpass,dlc and end of use gaming.

        Also Ive notice nobody has ranted on this subject which is that sony psvita said buying games via online was cheaper than retailed okay yeah it was five dollars cheaper but its cheap none the less but….then you have to buy online pass to play online um WTF that defeats the purpose of buying the game online assholes. shit its the same tactic they’re using for the used game market. how come the sony drones don’t bitch about that. at there utube playstation offical page I was arguing with the faggots. They said buying online games made it cheaper than 3ds games while I initially agreed at first it wasn’t till I later discovered you have to also buy spotpass to play online till they drop support for the hub- board. sony’s 3rd party publishers are on crack…thats first not cheap, secound it defeats the purpose of buying it digital and lastly spotpasses are priced 6-10 bucks who how classy making it either same or more money than retail version.
        And kotaku fags said dont complain fuck that these idiot tools. greedy developers r jacking shit up and these fangirls want me to support them fuck that shit am going to complain more and if i am forced to buy games that high than i expect great games not crappy rushed mediocre games for sake of sales=ea+activision and i will harshly review and not buy any game lower than 8.0 on metecritic since they wanna be greedy fucks!

    1. Era of spotpass,dlc and end of use gaming.

      in theory. they have vc but haven’t used it properly. oh well seeing next gen consoles it seems ninty at least for now but they’ll eventually cave in to 3rd party publishers

  1. I want to support this because I like the idea of games be brought to the US through the eShop but then I remember that Nintendo still doesn’t have an accounts based eShop. And, honestly, that worries me worries me when it comes to purchasing things form the eShop.

    1. Thats the reason i stay away from the e shop, as long as its tied to the console and not an account like xbox/ps3 i will never buy anything off it

        1. Really, it’s not. I’m not about to spend a bunch of money on games that I’ll lose if I were to lose my 3DS or break it or any of the other possible scenarios. I just want some security. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Considering I have a Club Nintendo account, I don’t see why they can’t connect it with my eShop purchases so I if something were to happen, I shouldn’t have to worry about my purchases. Until they do make it account based, I don’t plan on buying things like Pushmo, unless it’s put on Club Nintendo and I can use my Club Nintendo Coins to get it. But I’m not spending my money on the eShop. I’m not rich enough to be able to lose $100s of dollars in purchases.

  2. I thought it was going to have only subtitles, which would have been great for a download title, but full voice over is a nice addition.

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