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Sonic The Hedgehog Co-Creator Hirokazu Yasuhara Joins Nintendo

Hirokazu Yasuhara, a games industry veteran and one of the game directors for the early Sonic titles has joined Nintendo. Nintendo and Yasuhara have both confirmed the move, but neither will reveal what his new position is within the Kyoto based company. Yasuhara has told press that he will be working at Nintendo of America in Redmond, Washington.

57 thoughts on “Sonic The Hedgehog Co-Creator Hirokazu Yasuhara Joins Nintendo”

          1. No it’s ‘Now you’re playing with power’ Get it right!

            I don’t want to give things away, (your saying the SNES one!)

  1. This is only good for Nintendo. It’s good to have a genius who was behind the awesomeness that Sonic is on their team. Hoping for the best for them in future. :)


      1. Not necessarily.
        They could just end up like Retro if they tried, making some of the better quality games. They would just have Sonic as their own games and it would be fine.

        Atleast then Sega would be able to get creative with their games, Microsoft and Sony almost push developers to NOT be creative.

  2. This is only good news for Nintendo. It is amazing one of the geniuses who worked on Sonic the Hedgehog is now alongside Nintendo :) Here’s hoping for some great titles!


    1. Whoops, accidental double post, posting glitched for me and I thought it didn’t post the similar post above this one. :/

    1. I was intrigued before i saw that members from Bizarre Creations were involved. Now I’m fucking stoked!

        1. because Texas and America are two totally different places lol (they’re located in Austin, TX which is about 3-4 hours from where I live. I should drop by that place)

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