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Capcom Continues With Spelling Errors

Not content with completely messing up the initial run of Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS in North America, and even managing to misspell their own name, Capcom has published the above advertisment for Resident Evil 6 on GameFAQ’s.

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66 thoughts on “Capcom Continues With Spelling Errors”

      1. He did that on purpose. xD Resident Evil: Professor Revelaitons, And pre-order Resident evil six to get the new Merchant’s Map!

      1. Just wondering, when they say “First” then you tell them this, implying they’re a guys, doesn’t that make you gay? Beside, from the look of it, no doubt about it. :/

      1. I was actually hoping you’d done that on purpose for the sake of humour. Alas, not. But at least YOU realised it.

  1. Capcom is really making me laugh. First, Resident Evil REVELAITONS rofl… then Capcpom, and now Merchenaries… I think someone is doing this on PURPOSE

  2. Jokes aside, does that mean they’re doing away with Raid Mode from Revelations? That was awesome. It was like a mini RPG without the time limit.

  3. Oh how the once mighty have fallen. So sad. Capcom used to be hands down my favorite 3rd party developer across all platforms, but now, they are a complete joke of a company who has managed to do practically everything wrong safe for a very few things. RIP Capcom 1983-2006

    1. No joke, they were the BEST 3rd party on NES (ok between them and Konami), One of the best on snes, and continued to be good until like ps2/xbox/gamecube generation. And even then they still rocked…

  4. So Capcpom, who’s making Resident Evil Revalaitons, has Merchaniers in RE6 is finally making Meagmen Legions 3?


    1. I was thinking it was a cross between merchandise and mercenaries. They’ll probably make you pay to unlock mercenaries mode.

  5. The age rating says ”May contain content inappropriate for children”. Yes, that misspelling is inappropriate for children. Capcom are obviously trying to alert parents that children shouldn’t play this game.

    Because of the mistakes.

  6. zant's faithful servant

    Wau capcpoM haz rely badd spelign typ thingnz… but at least okami came out before this started happening! C=

  7. Nope, Capcom just made a Time Machine and are releasing in RE6 in 212. They also decided to change their name to Capcpom.

  8. Next thing you know the game will no longer be called Resident Evil it’ll be called “Resident Alien” like it says on the green cards. LMFAO….

  9. Hey are you sure that dude that has that slogan “Leave Luck To Heaven” with gap tooth Arnold Schwarzenegger avatar ain’t working for Capcom? Just thought since they both spell pretty bad that it might be the same person.

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