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Operation Rainfall To Promote Pandora’s Tower Month

Operation Rainfall, the group who campaigned relentlessly for Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower to be released in North America, have announced that they will be hosting Pandora’s Tower month. Pandora’s Tower month will see videos, pictures, and music related to Pandora’s Tower posted online and will run from April 13th till May 11th in an effort to encourage Nintendo of America to localise the game.

20 thoughts on “Operation Rainfall To Promote Pandora’s Tower Month”

  1. Idiots. As if any of these three games weren’t going to be released in the US. It’s a brilliant PR move by Nintendo as it looks like they’re actually listening to the fans when they’re not, they were going to release them anyway. Still, nice change for the Yanks to have to wait for games rather than us Europeans.

  2. As much as I like what Operation Rainfall is doing, I still doubt that they played a huge role in persuading Nintendo of America to localize and release these games. There have been largly requested games in the past but never got localized or even released. People seem to believe that these people played a large role when in fact they did not. I have nothing against them, it’s just that everyone is praising them for something they didn’t do.

    1. Normally I would agree with you, but in this case, Xenoblade was not given an “American” voice over. It was basically dubbed in Europe and then brought to the US. That states that NoA wasn’t going to bring this game at all. Plus, they partnered up with XCEED to publish The Last Story in the US, so that means NoA themselves would not do it. I do think this movement did help get these games over here.

      1. Voiceover alone is not enough to conclude that NoA was not intending on bringing the title over to the states. That just shows how much you underestimate the workings of the businesses. Dragon Quest 8 also didn’t get American voiceovers either; virtually all of the dialogue was British, yet it was released in America too. There are always other reasons worth considering as to why Nintendo themselves did not publish a game like The Last Story; you cannot just simply say, “They just didn’t want to,” and be done with it. I’d like to point out that it is remarkably convenient for Nintendo to bring these titles to America during 2012 and not during 2011. Nintendo knew it didn’t have as many good titles left for the Wii, so it’s possible that they deliberately delayed them just to make it look like the Wii still had life in 2012, and they wanted to keep the Wii name relevant so that the Wii U itself will be relevant (keeping in mind that the Wii U is backwards compatible).

      2. Why would they change the voiceovers to American ones when the British ones are perfect for the characters? Would be a vast waste of money.

  3. I keep seeing comments saying this is the only one they don’t want of the 3, can someone explain it please? I think Im missing something because I thought it looked like the best one XD

  4. Lets hope that you from NoA get the game.
    And nice that we from Europe don’t have to wait for something. For a change.

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