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IGN Readers Vote For Their Most Wanted Nintendo 3DS Game This Summer

IGN has asked its readers to vote for their most anticipated Nintendo 3DS game this summer. There were plenty of quality titles to choose from including Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Mario Tennis Open, and even Pokemon Conquest on the Nintendo DS. As expected Kingdom Hearts 3D took the most votes with 45% of users voting it their most anticipated Nintendo 3DS game this summer. Which Nintendo 3DS game are you looking forward to the most this summer?

37 thoughts on “IGN Readers Vote For Their Most Wanted Nintendo 3DS Game This Summer”

    1. Considering the Summer solstice in NA doesn’t occur until a few weeks after E3, I’m expecting this list to change as well. Who knows, maybe Paper Mario 3DS will get an announcement soon.

  1. I didn’t get into the first two games because I felt like the series had gone on too far… now look at how far the series has come. I should have started the game then…

  2. Heroes of Ruin & Mario Tennis Open are what I’ll be buying. I’ll also probably catch up on some other games like Super Mario 3D Land.

    1. [me saying first = EPIC FAIL…] But anyway… I use to see you guys doing it and always thought it was so funny. But yeah those games are just some of the good ones, but it seems the results are in…!

    1. Yeah, I was wondering when Luigi’s Mansion 2 would be coming out. I think the 2D Mario is coming out at Christmas though.

  3. Heroes of Ruin and kingdom hearts ofcourse heroes of ruin gets awesome voice chat online and kingdom hearts well it’s my favorite game series ofc:) l grow up with it same for zelda mario metroid and smash bros and pokemon and metal gear solid:P great nostalgia and no patience for new ones of every series;)

  4. really heroes on the ruin might be good but really there is no good games coming out kindome hearts is boring mario tennis will be good but thats about it if they anounce a fps than maybe there will be hope for my 3ds

    1. kingdom hearts boring lol….. i find fpses boring except metroid and cod zombies with friends but mostly it’s boring recycled crap

  5. I’m honestly looking forward to Rayman Origins on 3DS, if only because MY WII IS STILL BROKEN. Conquest looks enticing too.

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