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Pokemon Black & White 2 Starter Pokemon Confirmed

Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Black & White 2 starter Pokemon will be Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott. Yes, they’re the same starter Pokemon as those found in the original Pokemon Black & White. Which one will you be choosing when you get hold of the game?

545 thoughts on “Pokemon Black & White 2 Starter Pokemon Confirmed”

        1. I’m gonna pick Tepig because it was my fav starter in pokemon b w. Although I may change my mind later. :)

            1. true i got a snivy and it made the game hader. (the raeson is because if u get snivy then the game play is harder. oshuot or however u spell it makes the game set to normal. tepig make it go on easy. dont beleave me go search it up.

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              1. if you want to know how to get all three starters in pokemon b&w do this step by step.First,you start both games.Second,you pick a starter in both games.Next,you trade over it to either game.Lastly,repeat this process until you get all three starters HOPE THIS HELPS!

            2. Your right.. i picked snivy and once i got past the fifth or sixth gym i couldn’t beat anything until i traded the last evolution for an emboar.. after that i beat the game in the next 2 hours.. oshawott is more of an in and out starter u can win and lose 50% of the time.. my choice is tepig.

              1. Yes, snivy isn’t the best, but that’s for people who are looking for a challenge. Tepig on the other hand is for 5 year olds.

                1. Hai!
                  Tepig is not for 5yr olds
                  U can level him up easy and I got emboar and I’m only up to badge7 (second time playing)
                  But it takes ages, and when u get to level 30+++ it takes AGES
                  (Had 2 beat 5 gym, gym leader to level up to level 36!
                  Yeah tepig has very good attacks but its not for 5yr olds u dumb***
                  And I heard that oshawatt is the easies for black&white 2
                  Tepig is the best!

              2. i complacently disagree with tepig because i got to the 4 gym and failed 500 times so i traded for a level 30 servine and i was finally successive and beat all of the gyms first time

    1. I got oshawot in white… tepig in black…..snivy from my brother….. I dont know what to pick!!!!!

            1. Tepig rocks! Grass types like snivy are a rip off! tepig has about 95 percent of winning and
              my friend beat my sammurot with emboar!

              1. if you got beat by a fire type with a water type you are clearly garbage and not even close to the best pokemon trainer

                    1. * notices that this guy doesn’t even care how old this news is* hmm… gen six is out, gen five is obsolete… does anybody here actually give a f***? anyone? no? okay then.

                    2. and yes, my comment is outdated as f*** too. guess what? i’m a hypocrite.

    2. I will be chosing first. I have both pokemon black and white. and I have an Emboar at lv. 47 on my black. all 8 gym badges now have to catch and beat the pokemon league and Reshiram.

    3. it depends on witch moves the starter pokemon have for my choice. i have tepig for pokemon balck and white. i will eather chose snivy or oshawott.

    1. Really now?
      crystal was just the same as gold and silver w/ some added events.
      ^same with R/S : Emerald and D/P : Platnium
      From the info I’ve been reading about B/W2 plus the trailer, I find it very hard to believe what you said is the case this time around.

      1. Crystal was quite a good change realistically, it introduced the ability to play as a girl, did moving sprites on the pokemon, there were the suicune and unown bits which are small but you get an unowndex, then the battle tower. Plus it was the only game that was developed only for the colour unlike g&s

        1. First thing to say is that Gold and Silver were developed for the Gameboy Colour. It states on any website and the game has different colours for different things such as pink roofs on houses in the same city as a house with a blue roof. Red/Blue on a GBC has whole areas with a single main colour.

          And what the person’s saying is that this time, they are not doing the usual with just adding a few things and instead creating a completely new game with the same area slightly modified.

        2. I still own that game! It is indeed in colour. The whole shade of everything changes when you enter a new town. The grass is green, ocean blue, but most pokemon were monotone lol

      2. They are trying to switch things up. Because a lot of people have been saying that that’s why I quit playing Pokemon but when I saw this I pulled out my Pokemon diamond

    2. If it were just the game itself, maybe, but there is a whole world built around Pokemon, the movies, the TV shows – they all explore that world.

      By creating new Pokemon games, we get to explore that world as an RPG(ish, character on a mission, interact with NPC’s, upgrade weapons, IE Pokemon) game that let’s us interact with the new Pokemon we see in the world as portrayed by the movies and tv shows.

      It’s a whole entertainment package that keeps growing… Yeah?

      1. the show and the cards are based off the game. Pokemon was a game before it was cards an anime a manga or anything else. that’s why red and blue are so different from the show. then they came out with yellow that was based on the anime that was based on the game XD

        1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhzhhahahahahahahahahahaha I’ll probably choose whichever one I pick

      1. plus my bro and i got this game last year and i beat it with all three starters but mostly thanks to emboar half the time i never used my other 2 starters after hitting level 50 with emboar i lost few times my only down fall was facing that friend and never beating him because he had close to all the strongest pokemon in the world i almost beathim once after it coming down to my pidove and his slowking thanks to perish song but emboar still did most dmage my brother got snivy and didnt make it past the 5 gymleader after losing uncontrolably also after accidently finding kyurem i will get this game but the main legendaries are uncreative the could have been like platinum and made kyurem the legendary instead of merging kyuem with th other 2 legendaries

            1. Intellectually Gifted

              Lol, I never even lost a single match with snivy! But then again, I am pro, and use strategy instead on just charging in. And that is why the intellectually gifted always win :)

        1. so emboars attacks are strong and mixed with the stats it makes him a beast literally i mean with the flame beard and all

        1. actually its like rock paper scissors snivy beats oshawott tepig beats snivy and oshawott beats tepig

          1. except twisted like any COULD win just the one supereffective 2 the other will have have a better chance

            1. I don’t care about people saying Snivy makes that game harder, it just makes it funner, also to that, the experience I get from training makes me Utah Local Pokemon Master, I won gamestops comps all over the valley :D

                1. i chose snivy aswell and it was fine, never lost a battle with him. He’s fast, strong and cool looking, he has to be the best starter

                    1. Actually, Snivy is a difficult starter as its stats focus on speed and defense and has less damage output than Meganium. If you play to the defensive stats by using things like Giga Drain and Leech Seed you will be have and easier time however it is the hardest starter in this generation. Not bad just hard.

    1. snivy obviosly, since most games i always choose the grass type. except in blue and crystal. if they made hoenn again… i wouldnt buy it. but if they actually chose different region starters and let us choose whichever we wanted… that would be paradise!

  1. I saw the new Pokemon game recently…. and wow. They are running out of ideas. I mean what’s up with that mime Pokemon? Mr. Mime, seriously? Also why call a seel Pokemon Seel?….. Or that ball with magnets, hardly any detail on that thing, and don’t even get me started on Jynx. The original Unova Pokemon will always be the best…. NOW, do you nostalgia kids understand how dumb you sound? Even Kanto had it’s fair share of rejects, and most of the new Pokemon looks pretty damn kickass.

              1. I’m an old vet, and we do need to STFU and GTFO to the new world, I love the new unova! THough all we need to do is do surveying for pokemon ideas…….

                1. I’ve been playing since red version came out (not fire red, actual red) and I still can find a spot in my heart for new pokemon right next to my love of Dunkaroo’s, Pepsi Crystal, and Ore-O’s Cereal… Snivy or Oshowatt, I just [ick the coolest starters and make them amazing rather than picking “amazing” Pokemon then trying to lie to myself that they are cool

      1. While I get what you’re both saying, people who react as you’ve done are no better… What gets me most is when people toss around the phrase “true fan”, I’ve seen people say true fans stopped at 151 and others saying true fans love all Pokémon, at the end of the day no-one loves every aspect of the game so what’s the problem? If people are willing to write off the newer games its their loss!

        1. Unless they wouldn’t have enjoyed it if they played it. Then it’s their gain for writing it off. But, an impossible to prove gain.

        2. I love all aspects of pokemon thank you very much. It is a imaginary world and the creators must get their inspiration from somewhere, sometimes it being more obvious than others. the game is supposed to be fun sometimes it works better than others but it still works.

        3. If they were willing to write off the series after the first 151 that’s their goddamned business. We don’t need snobs like that ruining the great experience of the Pokemon games. Let them keep playing the originals while the rest of us grow with this amazing series.

          1. hi my name is the truth

            yeah, there are a few pokemon in generations 1-3 that are absolutely horrible. but that’s the thing, there are only a few of them. the majority of generation 4 and 5 are absolutely horrible. since the majority of them are horrible, then we have every right to complain. there’s things in there that look like mummy coffins and it’s a ghost type… wtf? and someone complaining about pokemon having little detail, that’s what makes them so original, having hardly any detail. with the new ones they put in so much detail they look ridiculous. the new generations are like the drag queens of pokemon. originals > the others. all day everyday

            1. I love snivy he is not stupid or weak surpeoreor is surpeoreor to all other pokemon. I have a level 100 Surpeoreor named snickers and he has beat the crap out of all the trainers. I believe i have made my point. *point*

                1. Dude STFU, raw power isn’t everything, if the trainer is even half decent he would use speed against fro pigs fat ass, but then again, you play against the game, which sucks, get out and play with some trainers!

                  1. good point, but power is something and serperior can’t stand up to emboar, and samurott is the slowest of the three, so in the end emboar wins, like it or not.

    1. you’re most definitely not a true Pokemon fan. I’ve been playing since day one and havent stopped. honestly im in a trap, wont ever get out. but if you hate on one pokemon then dont bother playing

        1. hey that isn’t true. just cuz someone hates/dislikes a pokemon doesn’t mean they aren’t a true pokemon fan. Then again, even though there are some pokemon i hate, I still can’t help but love them all!

    2. Just wanna throw it out there, but Unova has some pretty questionable pokemon. While kickass as a pokemon, Stunfisk is the epidemy of an ugly ass pokemon. Also take note of all the Pan-Simi- pokemon. Simisage is kinda cool but otherwise, all of them are terrible. and swoobat (wtf..) or seismitoad (could have been much better) or crustle. Garbodor is literally a pile of trash… Vanilluxe, talk about running out of ideas O.o or Amoongus, a pokeball fungus….. original.,,, Klinklang is literally the exact same concept as magniton. Chandelure, while fire ghost is awesome, they could have done better. Cryogonal is literally a snowflake. Durant is just… point is, any generation has its rejects. dont like mr mime? alakazam is better anyway. and Seel eveolves into Dewgong, which has nothing to do with Seals as far as i can tell. and Jynx is the large black woman of pokemon, not the prettiest, but id want her on my side in a fight.

      1. ok but wht about the good parts and improvments like volcorona the main legenndaries and battle graphics i played ruby the other day and appreciated the improvents now because icused avwater gun and it looked more like a drop of water that would hurt a butterfly so while the rest you complainers complain me and the ones who enjoy pokemon because of what it is will play it and enjoy it while you cry like a baby about it because of a few strange looking pokemon

      2. that’s about 10 pokemon out of the 160 in Unova. You can’t hate the entire pokemon game just because you have different regards on a few of the designs of a small amount of the pokemon.

    3. The ONLY problem I had with this last generation was the 3 Flying legendaries. When they did the 3 same legend type deal in any other game there was obvious differences to me. Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf all have their own distinct look with a similar body. Landorus, Thundurus. And Tornadus all look the EXACT same with minor details invluding color and tail design. It just seemed like there wasn’t enough effort put into them

    4. listen um kantos pokemon will and will always be better than anyother new pokemon that ever comes out so shut your face thank you

    5. Kanto IS the original you NEURON!!!!!! It goes like this: Kanto, Jotho, Hoenn, Sinnoh, THEN unova. Unova is like, COPYING earlier ones. Trubbish + Garbodor = Grimer + Muk, don’t you think? Purrloin = Glameow. How about Woobat/Swoobat< Sound an awful lot like ZUBAT, don't you think?

    6. whoa whoa whao whoa wait I grew up on kanto hoen i like all their pokemon so you should think about what you say.AND JYNX IS MY FAVORITE POKEMON.

    7. I don’t care for the look’s in pokemon… Have you ever fought with a magnamite, they f*%#ing kick arse!!!
      A freaking ball with magnet’s my arse, I see it as a floating metal power box bitches!

      1. And by the way, pokemon is the best game I have ever played… I don’t care for the details, and if all you going to do is complain about it, maybe you should stop playing, detail doesn’t matter… Who the hell would play if it had like dents in the pokemon if they
        got hurt, like seriously, pokemon chicks arse, I prefer the earlier
        ones btw…

    8. all those Pokemon are from the origionaly Pokemon game. Mr. Mine, Seel, Magimite… go and study the first Pokemon game.

  2. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

    I’ll choose Oshawott, like I do when I do experiments with my Pokémon Black Version ROM.

  3. Was it not obvious? I never doubted that they’d be the starters.

    I won’t be choosing any of them without their hidden abilties. I’ve used Samurott and Emboar, and whilst I’ve started with Snivy, I’ve no interest in Serperior (again, without its hidden ability) so I’ll just pick one (possibly based around any other events it might affect, like the monkey and the first gym leader before) and ditch it as soon as I find something I actually want in my party.

  4. sadly the unvian starters are the worst starters for me personally …
    I don’t like even one of them design and typing wise.
    I can live with pure water but samurott is really not clicking with me, emboar is just so bleh, I always replaced him mid-game, snivy is kind of okay but I would pick any other grass starter over it anyday …
    really hoped for other starters…

        1. I never chose Tepig on my Pokemon Black and White Versions because Tepig has the worst defense of the Unovian Starters/Trio as I saw on a magazine.

      1. little bonus’ that do anything from powering pokemon up when gravely injured, to making a pokemon invulnerable to any attack that’s not super effective.

        1. WRONG.
          By HIDDEN abilities, they mean the Dream World abilities.

          Dream World abilities are changed abilities on each pokemon, so that they don’t have to stay with the same one.
          E.g Infernape now has Iron Fist as his DW ability, powering up his punch moves instead of his usual Blaze ability.

    1. yeah will always luv the water types first pokemon i ever saw was squirtle and ive picked water types ever since *note* only exception was emerald and i started with treeko and HG & SS with cindaquill

  5. My first playthrough of the game, i’ll start with tepig, second time around i’ll start with snivy. :3

    1. I always picked water. No idea why. Probs because in the earlier games, rock types were in the first gym.

    1. Serperior is Superior

      i know right they should really make pikachu available as a starter instead of some rare pokemon so hard to find

      1. you know in the new games pikachu may be in the pokedex because there adding new pokemon like mareep.

        1. Maree; isa not new Pokemon. There not adding any new Pokemon, B&W2 is just with the older Pokemon put into the game.

  6. Pokemon black was my least favourite pokemon game ever. I get pokemon games as soon as they come out, but it was a great disapointment. The pokemon weren’t imaginative at all (Trubish for a rubbish bin? Really?). I hope some of the poke mon are better if there are any new ones.

    1. Then what are Muk and Grimer? Let’s not forget Voltorb and Electrode. Are they imaginative? I think Trubbish is more imaginative. Every generation has a few fails in it. But it doesn’t ruin the entire game.

      1. I just got really annoyed. It made me feel as if they wern’t trying. Okay, you have a point about muk and grimer, but at least it wasn’t a full game of them.

            1. Seriously, who would want to fight with a rubbish bag, an ice cream and an emo kid or a mushroom? Of course there are some good enough Pokemon, but most of the Pokemon in Black and White are so damn ugly that I lost complete interest in the game. I want to win with Pokemon I love, not ugly deformed, poorly designed creatures. In other generations, there’s no denying that there were some ugly, poorly designed pokemon, but they were balanced out with cool ones. In Black and White, there was just waaaaaaaaayyyyyy too many ugly things. My favourite generations were Kanto and Johto.

              1. i wus lookin forward to bw2 cuz my friend said all the starters were in it.
                ~my dreams are crushed but soon will be yours. darkrie and darkrie EX, use dark void then nightmare.

              2. There are plenty of “cool Pokemon” in Black and White. There are also quite a few “ugly Pokemon” in Kanto and Johto. I put quotes because the definitions of ugly and cool vary from person to person. A Pokemon game is a Pokemon game – don’t complain about it.

              3. you make a good point, who would want to fight with a vulture, ice cream cone, pile of garbage, coffin, candle, bird wearing a diaper, multi colored monkeys, or a pig? just to name a few.

    1. Everyone has their opinions, and I respect yours, but this third version has to be something special if it’s split into two games. Nobody complained when Emerald or Platinum came out, and those were pretty similar to their original games’ stories. In my opinion, I think splitting the third version into two sequels feels pretty practical.

      Oh, and you also should go back to 1st grade learn spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, and grammar so people can take your opinion seriously.

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  8. I usually pick a fire or grass type for any of the pokemon games, but i’m going to stick with snivy again in one of these games

    Shit the fuck

  9. I picked Snivy in White. Will probably go Oshawott this time though. Then I’ll get Snivy in the Dream World. Contrary ftw!

  10. i just hope this game has more of a plot, and doesn’t just flat out stop like black/white, it was a great game honestly but there wernt any side stories or anything, hopefully that’s something that’s changed, i love the pokemon games but i need a game with more stories, even if the stories revolve just around the legendary pokemon

  11. I’ll download this game illegally and play on r4 card. Would of happily paid for 3ds version, but this saves me money for that new mickey mouse 3ds thing.

  12. I had not so good luck with Tepig, so Probably Oshowott this time. I have an old DS (old, grey and clunky) I may trade myself my starter from the last game as well to give me the home field advantage.

  13. Essentially what they’ve done this time around is changed it up enough so that it’s a new game, but still being able to keep the core area and set of Pokemon so they don’t have to invest time in a bunch of new ones. It’s a more creative way of making the extra version. Though it’ll probably have familiar areas, it’ll probably feel new all around. I do wish they had either new starters or mixed it up a bit. I dunno, it just seems lazy to have the same starters.

  14. as I already stated previously, I will not be buying this, but I may end up getting it as a gift from one of my stupid friends for my birthday
    so, if I get this game, I shall choose Oshewott as my starter, then transfer all my hacked pokemon over from my Acekard, then, I will upload all my hacked pokemon to the GTS, just to piss off Nintendo
    then you’ll all be getting Level 5 pokemon with maxed out EVs and IVs, and the entire online apect of the game will be RUINED
    *evil laugh*
    … needless to say, I’m still hella pissed about this squeal thing


      1. I ALSO CHOOSE NONE!!! For the starters are ugly and week! Just like in Diamond and Pearl, I didn’t want any of the starters. But in the first 3 generations I wanted them all because they were all cute and awesome, these other starters are just hideous.

  15. I’ll be getting a Snivy. I have a Samurott on White and my girlfriend gave me a Tepig, which I evolved into an Emboar, so Snivy is next!

  16. If they were unique, it’d almost be like they were making a hack of the game. I was honestly hoping for the only choice to be Emolga.

  17. Why’s everyone pissed about this? Its right in the title, “Black and White 2”. Who cares if it has the same starters, its not a new game. Its a continuation of the last game. Much like Yellow/Crystal/Emerald/Platinum. Just that this time its split into 2 games (for some reason, Im sure we will find out). Its still a fun game no matter what.
    I’m a nostalgic guy too, Ill never forget the original and how awesome it was. But have you tried to play it again? The strategy is nowhere near as refined as it is now. Metwo, Dragonite, Gengar, and pretty much every psychic were broken and cheap. There were no dark types then to even it out, no super effective ghost attacks, only like 3 ice attacks to battle dragons with, etc. Yeah the series is getting a tad “weak” in my opinion, but if they wanna trade story and pokemon design for better strategy and gameplay mechanics, I am all for it. Besides, hands down the worst pokemon design of all time is Ditto. A random shape with two eyes and a smirk. Thats generation 1…..

  18. Well…honestly i would like to have a choice of some other starters…but i guess this time i might choose Snivy…i chose oshawott in White Version, and i loved it, but i want a change.

  19. I will be choosing nothing, because I’m highly disappointed by the lack of creativity shown by the pokemon company in “Pokemon Black 2” and “Pokemon White 2”. Like, seriously, same area, same Pokemon, stupid looking legendaries and the same starters I didn’t like that much to begin with. Why don’t they at least let you chose whatever starter Pokemon you want from every region? I already picked the water thing, I don’t want another one (I don’t like the new starters).

    1. Someone obviously has ignored Crystal, Emerald, Platinum and (to some extent) Yellow. Those games used all of the same areas in exactly the same circumstances. B&W2 are making much more significant changes, like a different plot, different layout and a different starting city, Pokémon from different regions and a ton of other stuff.
      And yes, the Pokémon do look a bit stupid, but that isn’t

    2. It’s the same thing like in Crystal and Emerald and Platinum, except this time there are more alternations to the area, oh and also probably more plot continuty than ever

  20. Didn’t really expect any different, but I would have enjoyed some other starters, like if they had Charmander and Mudkip instead of Tepig and Oshawott to make it more different.

    1. I like the idea of that.

      Might be nice in future games that they scrap the whole starter pokemon aspect…maybe spice it up a bit?

  21. Not surprising, since to me, Black and White 2 are the “Third game” of this generation.

    The way I see it, all the fans are going “Oh, it’s gonna be Gray, it’s gotta be Gray!” I thought the third game would be “Chrome” or “Mirror” or something along those lines, because I know that Nintendo always does something that surprises the gamers and makes ’em go “Bwaaaah? What a surprise! That’s awesome!” Anyways,

    So Nintendo’s all, “ha HA! IT’S BLACK AND WHITE 2! BET YOU WEREN’T EXPECTING THAT!” And everyone’s all, “Bwaaaah? What a surprise! That’s awesome!”

    But yeah, it’s still the “Third” game of Generation 5, so you’ve got to expect the same starters, even though they did change a lot this time around for a ‘third’.

  22. There are two “issues” I think I will have with the game….im not a hater I just want to see some bigger improvements. I thought originally that since they are doing sequels and basically having two fresh adventures in Unova that it would be the perfect time to put it on the 3ds. Its not a game that links and slightly improves on the previous two (emerald, platinum) but it is a pair of completely different sequels so they don’t have to be that similar to black and white. And it would give us a chance to explore Unova in more detail with better graphics. Secondly I think they should at some point add in some side quests in these games, sure you have collecting pokemon and all but seriously I want to do something to interact with the world a bit more. Again….. I’m not a hater just, i guess putting my thoughts into words.

    1. oh yeah and like everyone else, I would like to see some actual pokemon growls, not those 8 bit sounds. Also, who wouldn’t like to see your pokemon evolve mid battle instead of waiting until the battle is already over?

  23. Sadly I won’t be picking this game up. I didn’t really like any of the starters (Snivy was ok but any single type pokemon are kind of worthless, Oshawott has a terrible move set and sucked (I understand some people disagree and I’m ok with that), and Tepig, don’t even get me started on Tepig. Same start as the last few games with a different sprite), and for me, if I can’t take the starter to AT LEAST the pokemon league, then it kind of ruins the game for me. Maybe that’s weird, but I guess I’m sentimental. I got excited with the ‘possibilities’ of a sequel, but they have let a lot of the possibilities go down the drain with just choosing not to do different starters. Maybe the game will still be awesome for some, but after playing both black and white all the way through and completing the Unovadex (minus the event pokemon of course) I hardly see the point in doing it again with different characters, different bad guys (if they even are different), and new gym leaders.

    1. What I did in diamond my second time around, was I just used empoleon for HM’s and used a luxray as my starter because he was pretty original.

    2. you should pick it up because if you dont game freak and whoever else made pokemon will see their ratings falling greatly over this game and more because of how cool the pokemon looked or not and quit making pokemon and move on and then its legacy shall be lost there and you should look forward to the hybrids none of us know wht type they will be or their stats or their movepool sopick it up give it a try and if you dont like then deal with

      1. and no pokemons worthless i saw a magikarp crush 6 level 100 legendaries (rayquaza kyogre ho oh darkrai mewtwo and celebi) on its own one hit ko’s

  24. Oshawott or snivy.
    I don’t get why people don’t like the new pokes they’re good, what I don’t like is the region, it just so straight forward. No backtracking and going a way that you previously couldn’t. Also why didn’t they make HMs actually necessary? That’s just what I think though.

    1. well they did in the abyssal ruins (you have to use dive to get there you also get some pretty sweet stuff from the abyssal ruins) or something odd like that which uses the hms and you have to use strength a few times in the game and you get special items in pokemon black and white 1 if u surf in a certain place and of course everyone needs fly, using waterfall in a certain place in pokemon black and white 1 enables you to find some different pokemon thats not from the unova region and also leads you to the abundant shrine where you can catch landorus. and also they didnt include so much hms only about six or so.

  25. I hope they give the hidden abilities for the starters since I never got a contrary snivy from DM. this way everyone atleast gets one pokemon with dreamworld/hidden ability plus it gives people to choose the starters again, more replay value. Also I want the leading pokemon to follow me outside the ball again it’s cool.

    I have snivy in black and oshawott in white but i don’t like tepigs type, it puts me off since I like Infernape but I don’t hate him. just need to find a starter for both white and black 2. I might choose tepig and snivy if contrary and choose the pokemon that never made my teams like lilligant and ferrothorn will definately be. not on the same team ofcourse.

  26. well i’m a fire lover all da way but i picked snivy for black cuz he looked cool . i definitly pick tepig this time because fire type are the most powerful in my opinion. but i dont get u guys!!! whats with all the hatin’! just play da game! and ya, i know its weird to have it split into two games. and with the same starters. but unova pokemon have so much detail! take Muk, Ditto, or Grimer, for example. Theyre just blobs of nothingness, practically! theyre in the beginning games, and could they EVER be as beautiful, colorful, compilcated, or detailed as, say, Shaymin, or…Emboar??!!?? NO!! and Black/White 2 is/will be much better than emerald or platinum or yellow because it has a different starting place(weve never done that before so it could be cool) different towns(same as the last parenthesis) different gyms and gym leaders(same) different boy and girl(same) different styles!! Really! have some respect for nintendo and pokemon! theyre doing their best, ok!!!!!???!! just back off!

      1. actually 3gm3 is right nintendo has all the best game/game systems i completely agree with him (by the way awsome picture of zekrom/kyurem hybrid) thats wht i think

    1. What? i love 5th gen. i ain’t hatin’. the emboar stat arrangement is awkward though… HP, Sp. Atk, Atk. that isnt really a good combo for stats, although its movepool covers for that.
      samurott is balanced, like all water starters… enough said
      Serperior, like emboar, has an awkward stat arrangement, having speed, def, and Sp. def. although that is easily covered with the move coil, which raises its attack, defense and accuracy, making it a good sweeper, and a good wall. having the hidden ability contrary gives it even more potential, because stats that usually be lowered are now raised. leaf storm spam.

      1. so thats how i feel. technically, all three are good, just depends on your preference. yes, i am the guy who also posted the one above

  27. i’m not sure what I will get yet I already have all three starters… To be honest I hate the fact pokemon is using the same starters. I believe a lot of fans would agree, just because it’s fun to have new pokemon to be allies with you because the mystery is what makes choosing starters fun. I just hope not all pokemon are the same but I surely am looking foward to the hybrid between Kyurem and Reshiram.

    1. Zorua isn’t all that good, I had one and it’s terrible even with its illusion effect, his defense just is not good. But he is cool to have

      1. really when you give zorua all thestat boostersyou can find then hes amazing after i gave him a bunch of wings for a few days and evolved him he was an elite 4 destroyer like the bane to any ghost/psychic types and then destroyed Ns team and cynthia his anttack was high as was his defense so DONT BE HATIN ON MY MAIN POKEMON BRO

        1. Zorua and Zoroark are cool. Try breeding them with egg moves. My Zoroark knows Dark Pulse and Extrasensory for egg moves. You can do this by breeding a girl Zorua or Zoroark with a boy Nuzleaf. But i trasferred the Nuzleaf. I think it can still learn these though. Anyway, Extrasensory is good when going up against a fighting type which is supereffective on Zoroark.