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Call Of Duty Sales Slow Right Down, Modern Warfare 3 Down Year Over Year

Analysts at Macquarie Equities have stated that sales of the incredibly popular Call of Duty series are beginning to slow down while analysts over at Macquarie Equities say that Modern Warfare 3 volume sales are behind by around 4.2 percent. It seems casual gamers are instead finding entertainment elsewhere. Analysts at PiperJaffray believe that the Call of Duty fan base are “buying fewer games at retail, and are instead using their consoles primarily for video streaming and other forms of media consumption.”

67 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Sales Slow Right Down, Modern Warfare 3 Down Year Over Year”

    1. True that.
      Sounds way more logical than people using their consoles for video stream. Seriously, who the heck does that?

    1. Activision won’t stop until they’ve squeezed the life out of CoD in the same way they did with Guitar Hero

        1. I agree, GH was a brilliant franchise and Activision managed to kill it by churning out title after title. I’m no CoD hater and have played many hours of past games, but I’ve done it to death and am bored of the same old formula time after time.

          1. Yes, but my point is that unlike CoD, I was actually WILLING to pay for each Guitar Hero game, because I knew it would be full of new content.. Speaking of which, I’m sad that franchise died. Real sad.

            1. It’s actually not dead yet, just sleeping apparantly. The series is on it’s coffee break, and they’re probably gonna slow down a bit with it if they’ve learned from their mistake.

          2. I more blame the Hero Cluster of 2009 in nearly killing music gaming. I hate that DJ Hero, despite some of the songs used, had to suffer too, as that was a refreshing take on the hero game

            1. As long as you realize that the people who initially created guitar hero, sold it and then started developing rockband….

        1. What do you mean they haven’t stopped? They ceased all development on Guitar Hero titles. It’s just a rumor that they’re planning a revival soon.

          1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I read an official statement at the time stating that the Guitar Hero franchise was being discontinued. Whether they are reviving it or not now is another matter.

    1. I think it’s interesting that the developers do research on modern weapons, inputting real sounds and designs into games. But there’s no reason they can’t go ahead and make original weaponsets for a more interesting game. Also meaning they wouldn’t have 1 stupid weapon, like the lightning gun.
      Also, CoD completely modifies weapons to balance them online, so what’s the point?

  1. Why is a sale volume of a game that has been out for 5 months bad going down less than 5% bad? It has sold 11.6 million copies in five months, so eventually the number of people who want it and haven’t got the game yet is going to run out. I do not see how this small dip in sales is bad at all for Activison.

    But of course, I still think that CoD is the most overrated series of video games ever.

    1. I think, with regards to the title he may be referring to average sales of the cod games that have come before because it doesn’t say “down” it says “behind”. The idea is that the franchise in general is selling fewer copies with each release.

      1. I think you’ve got it. Maybe it’s because people caught on that the next game is already just about finished.

      2. I have to correct you there, unfortunately. Black Ops, the CoD which has sold the most, sold 27.46 million copies (I am using all the versions, including PC, Wii and DS). MW3 sold 27.3 million (including PC, Wii and DS), which is just under a 0.6% difference in sales (using simple maths) According to these figures, which even if they are out of date would have MW3’s sales rising, if not higher than BO, would show that sales are going to be higher than any other CoD so far. The figures given by these analysts are wrong. Of course, I stress that CoD is very overrated, and I hope sales go down soon and these analysts turn out to be right.
        Figures calculated from

  2. I think it has to do with the fact that, although the first few CoD games were brilliantly made and stood out from the overload of FPS games, the franchise has more recently turned into a repetitive multiplayer marketing campaign, and MW3 shows this more than ever (it’s basically a small, very overpriced expansion pack on MW2). You might as well call it MW2.5 like many people who bought it. People are getting tired of the same game over and over again with a few added maps and game modes, so they stop buying it.


    But seriously, what does this have to do with Nintendo? I’m sick of hearing fans jabbering about how much CoD sucks. If you don’t like it, fine. Just play the games you enjoy and STFU.

    And yes, this applies to Nintendo haters, too. If you think your games are SO much better than Nintendo’s, then play them and enjoy yourself instead of trying to ruin our fun.

    1. Call of Duty game are published in Nintendo, even if ‘i don’t care’ port, but still people buy it.

    2. I’ll admit (with grief) Wii U will be more successful with CoD games, which haven’t been confirmed. There’s no reason you can’t port them to Wii U to take advantage of the controls, literally the only reason I would ever buy it.

  4. well its really ign fault because they hype the game up so much and clame how good of a game it is i guess people wanted to show them just how good of a game it really is madden style i still own madden 2003 and there is madden 2012 out after 9 years madden is the same thing besides what does this have to do with nintendo. honestly this site should be reginal because usualy every day i get on here it says what japan sales are doing and bla bla bla its so annoying i live in the us and all i wana hear is whats going on over here.

    1. it has to do with nintendo because its on nintendo consoles. just like how he reports on all other games that arent made by nintendo -.- think a bit. not to mention he doesnt even live in america so you wont get more NA news than you will Europe news

  5. Yeah, if CoD developers and those people who make that game can at least slow down and instead of releasing them once every year, release them every 2 years. I used to be a huge CoD fan, only game I played. But it is kind of boring having to play basically the same game, but with different locations, and a different story line. They need to not rush into it to make the graphics better (because they really haven’t changed), instead of having DLC planned for over a year, put it in the game already. More weapons, more multiplayer maps, better and longer story line, and most importantly,take out all of those campers out there.

    1. There’s two different developers working on CoD that alternate their releases.. So every game made is actually seperated by two years, development wise. It’s still too short if you ask me, but it’s not just an “Annual release” thing. Just thought I’d mention..

  6. I don’t think it’s a matter of finding other uses for systems or other entertainment. imo CoD and MW have been similar with every installment, so it’s becoming little incentive to buy the next at day one full msrp if it’s only marginally better than the previous game.

  7. Considering how much this awesome game has already sold, it doesn’t surprise me, and even though its gone down by 4.6% in sales, its still one of the best selling games of all time.

    And seriously, 4.6% isn’t even much, Activision won’t care at all.

  8. Didnt Cod sell over 30 million copies already?.. Seems like its doing just fine seeing how that is 6 times more than most games sell in their entirety.

      1. Damn, calm down! I was just putting that out there. I’m sorry if this offends you in any way, but it’s not my fault you weren’t born with balls. -_-

  9. CoD was! a great game but its kinda ruining all video games because of its mass success imo, and by saying that i mean i just want to play a dam video game without a dam GUN! in it.

  10. COD has always sucked. xbox live is the underbelly of society. full of trolls racists homophobs etc. most are trigger happy [surprise!] COD is a good way to waste your life away aimlessly.

    on the other hand rayman origins is dope. so is ico/shadow collection, metal gear hd collection. zelda skyward sword. id much rather play good games.

  11. meh COD still shows up in the top 10 software sales every week its definitely doing very well
    i dont like COD but one has to admit its selling great

  12. Are they finally burnning it out? Makes sense consnidering they make on every year, the next crappier than the last.

  13. here is what I want, and what I dont want in this games..

    I dont want to call my self an americano, or fbi, or cia, or kgb.. I want to be able create my own
    org and be able to pick my own ethnicity.. I want to mode my game the way I want to. And to fight things I want to.

    I dont want game companies choose my role in game, I preffer to recruit the soldiers I want to, or create my soldier from scratch, train them and pick one of them being me or whatever. More like an rpg, action, manager style.. Before we proceed to the actual mission sellection.

    The old formulas are dead, americanos vs the world.. lol I have nothing with americans, but they luck in brain alot and insults me to pretend being an american.. kidding.. Their formulas are so boring, After all there is a reason, why europe, middle east and asia is avoiding this games… so borring..

  14. thank god. im sick of call of duty and im happy this one is finally slowed down in sales because mw3 is the worst one to date.

  15. I really hope it dies. They make SOO much money just for making a shooter game. There are games in the markets that deserve MILLIONS of sales compared to this crap. Just shows what people are willing to buy.

  16. It shouldn’t be a surprise that less consumers will buy a yearly produced series of products if each iteration is identical enough to the last that it’s no longer worth a fresh 60$. This is why the COD series probably won’t exist 25 years from now, but it’s probably a safe bet that Mario will still be jumping, Link will still be exploring, and Samus will be shooting, because each title in the main series of these franchises contains enough new gameplay to justify making a new one.

    1. You’re right. A game that has different features every game (Mario, Zelda, Metroid) is better than a game with the same features. I admit, shooting games are OK, but milking it is pretty stupid. Nintendo’s innovation makes Mario, LoZ, and other Nintendo IPs unique every new game.

  17. My god…. Some of the comments on here are beyond stupid.

    This game has already sold more than Black Ops which has been released for one year longer. So, could anyone please tell me how Call of Duty is on a decline?


    1. I think it means that sales for CoD games are slowing down than it was for Black Ops and older. MW3 was selling great, but CoD sales are going down.

      1. You really don’t understand. There is no way that Black Ops will outsell MW3, thus the series cannot be on a decline.

        If anything, this means that the CoD games’ legs will be (very) slightly cut off while the opening weeks still are growing very fast, meaning that the series is on a Rise sales wise.

    2. It’s “behind” 4.2%. Most are assuming that the gross profit is down form Black Ops income at this point in it’s life cycle. And if that’s the case, it is on a decline.

      1. No. After being out for six months each Modern Warfare 3 sold 4% less than Blaco Ops did after six months. Modern Warfare still had a way greater launch though and will most certainly keep being ahead of Black Ops sales wise.

        The series is on a rise until a title reach lower lifetime sales than its predecessor.

  18. Come on, did anyone not expect this with the way Activision has been making a Call of Duty game every single year and milking the series for all its worth? Honestly, you could say they’re making so many of them that many of the series fans are probably getting sick of it by now, especially as they don’t have the time to even generally max out their prestige levels before the next game comes round. Won’t be surprised if it all goes the same way as Guitar Hero, Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater eventually, oversaturated to the point the market basically crashes.

  19. in 10 years people will ask “what’s call of duty?” the series was never good. most fps get boring after awhile nobody even mentions the first cod

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