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Here’s A Closer Look At Those Special Club Nintendo Coins

Earlier this week Nintendo UK and Nintendo Europe announced that gamers who purchase Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower will be eligible to receive the Club Nintendo RPG Commemorative Coin Collection. We didn’t get a very good look at the actual coins, so thankfully Nintendo Europe has provided us with a closer look at these special edition collectables.

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22 thoughts on “Here’s A Closer Look At Those Special Club Nintendo Coins”

  1. So… do you need to get all 3 games to get the coins or just one of them? Cause if I can just get one, I’ll get Pandora’s Tower. (Unless its like get the game and get one of 3 coins, in which case I most likely won’t get anything considering I want all three but don’t wanna waste $150. Oh and is it only available in Europe or in USA also?

  2. Is this only available in Europe or is it also available in the USA?
    Also do you have to buy all 3 games to get the coin collection or can you just buy one? If you can buy just one to get it, then I’ll get Pandora’s tower, but if you have to buy all 3 games to get all 3 coins, then I’ll have to pass on this offer just because I don’t wanna have to spend $150+ tax to get these coins, not worth it to me.

    1. Sorry, maybe I should have clarified. You need to purchase all three games and register them on Club Nintendo. The offer is only available in Europe where all three titles are available to purchase.

  3. All three games have been registered and I’ve been confirmed to be one of the lucky sods receiving them :D

    1. Yeah, I hope it does. But we still need a release confirmation on Pandora’s Tower from NoA. I think they will launch this title here, since it has the most western appeal of all 3 titles.

  4. If we get Pandora’s Tower I bet we’ll get this too. I must say, Xenoblade was the last of the 3 I wanted (I want The Last Story the most so can’t wait.) But this game is way better than I expected.

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