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Capcom Fan Blatantly Lies To The Company To Get Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Localization Progress?

A desperate Capcom fan has apparently done the unspeakable and has pretended to be one of the personnel from the Make A Wish Foundation to find out the progress on the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 localization status. The Capcom fan managed to find Capcom’s Senior Vice President of strategic planning and business Christian Svennson phone number and contacted him directly to find out the status of the game. Svennson was apparently rude to the person in question, and obviously refused to give him an answer, saying only that there’s no new information regarding a Western release.

40 thoughts on “Capcom Fan Blatantly Lies To The Company To Get Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Localization Progress?”

  1. Wow, wonder why Svensson would be rude. He’s usually one of the (very) few people I actually respect at Capcom. Did he know the person was faking just to get information? Though, I wonder why the Make-A-Wish foundation would give shits about the progress of a game. They usually just give kids whatever’s out and don’t bother companies.

  2. I would normally not condone such acts, but that’s funny as hell. As a CEO, I’m sure he’s busy and doesn’t have time for such foolishness, but it’s still funny. I’d like for a localization, even if it’s just a digital version. I’d buy it day one.

  3. Lol that’s actually quite funny. You know you’ve sunk to new depths when you pretend to be a charity just to get new info on a video game. How tragic.

  4. Pick up the phone and spam nintendo to release wii U specs, say that you are from the “save the planet” org, and making checks for user safety and eco..

  5. Wait, so he prended to be a member of the foundation, or pretended to be a sick child with a terminal illness.

    1. Well, you obviously can read as you’ve typed a response. It’s not only in the 1st sentence; it’s fucking highlighted in blue.

      The word is “personnel”. Try

  6. Dedicated fan? This is pretty hilarious. I have the first 4 ace attorny games and need to grab Apollo Justice but I would sooo buy this game if it came out!

  7. Wow, that’s a level of desperation I’ve never seen for a video game before. It’s almost admirable…..almost.

    Leave luck to heaven.

      1. You DO realize “Leave luck to heaven” is the translation of “Nintendo” right? Don’t be an arrogant fool.

  8. What a dumbass. This is why you don’t underestimate companies. They know much more than any of us, and they can see right through anybody trying to be a charity representative. Especially if that pretender totally blows it by asking for a very specific game.

  9. What a idiot… Pretending to be from the Make-A-Wish foundation is just the ultimate form of douchebaggery… I am glad Svennson knew that this was an obvious trick and was rude to this guy, putting him in his place.

  10. Well he just got lots of time and nothing else to do on his life… But sometimes not getting info for a game is just fucking revolting. I mean…. what about Luigi’s Mansion 2!? How come no one from Nintendo talked more about the game? *sighs* You’ll see, Luigi’s Mansion 2 will only come out on 2013…

    1. BEAKING NEWS! desperate fanboy trys to get info on Luigis Mansion 2 buy abusing the “Make-A-Wish” foundation!!! LMAO

  11. Sven is not hard to get a hold of. You just have to call their San Diego California Head Quaters main number, get customer service on the line and ask to be transferred to him. I called him about the BS they pulled with SFxT. The guys a major prick.

    1. nah svens cool. i talked to him on capcom unity. im sure he gets plenty of ppl like u calling him, so obviously hed get pissed. hes just a normal guy leave him alone even me sending him a 3 paragraph long email on why i think ace attorney investigations 2 ahould be localized and him replying “no info will be given at the moment” probably had him ticked

  12. Fail. What sort of charity foundation is going to ask about the localization process of a videogame, anyway? :P

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