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Here’s the First Trailer For Pokemon Black & White 2

Nintendo has released the very first trailer for the forthcoming Pokemon Black & White 2. The trailer shows off a number of things including a partially frozen over Unova as well as better animation sprites for the trainers. Pokemon Black & White 2 is released in Japan on June 23rd and is scheduled to come to North America and Europe in the Fall.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

56 thoughts on “Here’s the First Trailer For Pokemon Black & White 2”

      1. thats f*cking ridiculous ,, it may cost 1000gajillion ,, no one cares ,, post that somewhere else or make your own blog

      2. Stop hating fags, it’s confirmation they’re not making a game console. Sickr was gonna post it sometime anyway….your gonna tell him to post it someplace else too

    1. Why does everyone worry about being first or not. your suppose to make a comment for the sake of stating an opinion. Not boasting about your quick posting skills. It doesn’t matter what place your in. This isn’t a Contest! And that’s my opinion.

      1. I agree and I usually hate these first comments, but when I saw there was no comments I just Couldn’t stop myself from writing it.

  1. I have Pokemon White, but I don’t like the Pokemons…The names are aweful and its not very special to me. Why for the DS again? Please, make something better for the 3DS!

    1. I think i know why they dont make it for 3DS, its because it has graphics like Gamecube and for gamecube we got Coloseum and XD Gale of Darknes, i liked both, but the point is that they want to keep it with old school gameboy type, they wanna keep it in 2D.

        1. You’re indeed on dope.
          Compare Super Mario Galaxy with the nicest looking 3DS game to date, and see the difference. *

  2. I love it! New legendaries to fight and new trainers to destroy. Can’t wait for the english version.

    Leave luck to heaven.

          1. The Only Pokemon Champion

            if you knew pokemon like a TRUE pokemon master
            you would know that they hold back some of the pokemon
            granted yes they are not “new” as they have always existed since they are part of the fifth generation of pokemon. but they are new to the game as they will be playable without needing to use cheats

  3. It looks too much like Pokemon Black and White and I don’t like it. I’d understand if it was a port like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum but if they are going to make a new series I’d much rather new graphic style on the latest hardware.

      1. lol, it looks too much like b/w, that’s a good one. So adding new gym leaders, a crapload of areas, updating the battle looks, and adding the new forms isnt enough. Gamefreak can’t please everyone!

        1. The Only Pokemon Champion

          finally an anonymous that speaks something to give a fuck for
          kudos to you sir, you have my respect

    1. You’d rather pay $35 for a largely recycled game than a new game on the same software? I wouldn’t buy it if it were that, just like I didn’t buy Crystal, Emerald, or Platinum. I already own 90% of their content!

  4. Anyone else noticed than when the trainer was challenged by one of the worker girls, her sprite moved? it’s not really that big a deal, but the normal trainers sprites in B/W weren’t animated. just putting that out there. :)

  5. Im really not excited about this game, i really hate the games X-2 second part
    even more if its for the DS :/

    1. Keep that Kotaku scum to yourself! They’re probably lying about something for web traffic and ad revenue.

    1. Because the first trailer would show you…oh wait that’s right you work at gamefreak and know the game already.

    1. That is, if it isn’t the same as Black and White. Though, personally, I think that GameFreak will be doing something different than normal…Just a hunch.

  6. I hadn’t played Pokemon since Blue/Red/yellow and the Gold/Silver/Crystal versions were out. How things have changed :P

  7. Black and White was awesome. Great Pokemon (in my opinion), and the trainers looked great. But in this game? They look terrible! Whoever made them must have been high!

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  9. If this is 2 years after the original, which I assume it is, then it should be interesting enough for me to buy it. I do hope they included N in the game. N was an awesome character!

    1. I think they will. There was so many unanswered questions with Ghetisis, N and the Shadow Triad for them not to.

  10. I havr to say, I am way more excited for the game than when it first came out. I was really sceptical at first, but now it is just getting better and better :)

  11. I’m extremely happy that they’re working with Kyurem more in this game-heck, not many people knew about it in the first game, It was something like a hidden boss I think?

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