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Wii Entertainment System Is Fake

It has come to my attention that the image circulating the internet that supposedly was featured on Nintendo’s schedule via the official website is actually a fake. The screen grab showed that the Wii U had been renamed to the Wii Entertainment System when in fact the text had actually been doctored via Photoshop. The original image text translated through Google shows that the text originally read Mario Party 9. I’m sure we will see plenty more of these as E3 edges ever closer.

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58 thoughts on “Wii Entertainment System Is Fake”

  1. Here is a tip…. just ignore EVERYTHING about Wii U until E3 unless it comes directly from Nintendo.

    W.E.S. made no sense as the whole point of possibly changing the name of Wii U was to stop people gettng confused between that and Wii.

  2. it has to be WII U otherwise we wouldn’t be able to say WII U MAD? thats why they chose it in the first place ask REGGIE it was MIYAMOTO’s idea

    1. And by the way, the guy didnt photoshoped it, he made an entire fake duplicate of the website in his pc and took a screen cap of that.

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  5. It would be funny if it was called WES and it was leaked and Nintendo noticed it and tried to change it before anyone saw it, I hope the Wii U does it a name change though.

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  7. If they’re wanting to distinguish it from the Wii and show that it’s a completely new console by changing it’s name I highly doubt that they’d even use the word Wii in the name. To use the word would be counterintuitive and bad for sales.

    Look at the confusion felt when the 3DS launched, most people who don’t keep up with their gaming news just thought it was another iteration of the DS and the supermarkets didn’t help with that either because they just threw the 3DS games in with the DS ones and this would consequently have had an effect on sales.

    If Nintendo want to avoid this again they should completely change the name to not include the word “Wii” and make sure that they advertise it well.

    1. To be fair, the 3DS IS another iteration of the DS…just with more power inside it. Likewise, the Wii U is another iteration of the Wii, but with more power inside it.

      1. By that argumenth the GC would just be another iteration of the N64, the SNES another iteration of the NES, and that’s simply not true.

        The 3DS and Wii U, while they may have similarities to their predecessors, are completely new consoles. If they were simply further iterations of the same console then the DS should be able to play 3DS games and likewise the Wii would be able to play Wii U games which they can’t.

        Nintendo needs to realise that they need to come up with a new name to properly distinguish their new consoles from the old ones.

  8. I still hope that Nintendo renames their console, as it will confuse millions of casual gamers. ‘Is it a new Wii model with a new controller?’

  9. Here you go:

    A user who goes by the name of DefectiveReject in that thread, specifically that page, has confessed he made it up. He took assets from Nintendo’s original site and wrote a code to replicate the same site. It was actually pretty clever. He said he has been distributing stuff like that to see if the media eats it up the way they did with all of those Wii U rumors. He knew the consequesnces, but he still did and got banned.

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  11. YES!
    Although, I still support the idea of re-naming the system.
    I think that Nintendo should keep the “U” but instead of adding “Wii” in front of it, put “NES” after it! Making it the “UNES”! or the “Ultimate(or Ultra)Nintendo Entertainment System”
    Wouldn’t that be awesome? But, I doubt this will happen. :P

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  13. W.E.S. was a stupid name anyway. I think people would be used to the name Wii U by now. It been a whole year. I personally don’t give a damn what they call it. I know I’m gonna love it and it’s gonna kick ass.

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