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‘Fat Chance’ Of Crysis 3 Coming To The Wii U Says Developers

Rasmus Hoejengaard, Crytek’s Director of Creative Development, recently took the time out to chat to Destructoid about Crysis 3. Hoejengaard stated quite clearly in the interview that there’s “not a fat chance” that the graphically impressive game will ever appear on Wii U. The first trailer for Crysis 3 was revealed earlier today.

95 thoughts on “‘Fat Chance’ Of Crysis 3 Coming To The Wii U Says Developers”

        1. I think “Fat chance” itself is more like a shorter way of saying “not a fat chance”. Or else the guy put it that way.

  1. To be honest, not much of a loss. Crysis 2 wasn’t fun and I doubt Crysis 1 was much difference. Just because it has great graphics doesn’t mean it is good. Crytek is so far up it’s own butt it can smell it what it had for breakfast….

    1. I don’t care,all i need is more Mario,Zelda,F-zero,DK,Pokémon,MOTHER,Kid Icarus,Metroid,Star Fox,Rhythmn Heaven,SmashBros,MarioKart games.With his franchises, Nintendo doesn’t need Third Parties.

      1. Yep because we all know how much Nintendo uses Kid icarus, Metroid, Star Fox, F-zero, Mother, and Rhythm heaven. Hell, even if Nintendo used all of those, it still wouldn’t be enough to fill out a console library. Third parties are incredibly important to any console, Nintendo is definitely no exception

    1. He didn’t really say it like he was a jerk. The way Cryengine works is they develop the game on PC, then let the engine port the code and everything for them, then fix bugs. They probably haven’t had the chance to update their engine so it can port the wiiu.

      Just wait for Crysis 4…

        1. IDK man, I enjoyed Crysis (though never bought any of the games). It’s one of the only interesting shooters out there, like a decent version of halo.

    1. You’re sort of missing the point because this announcement would be for people who want the other side of the coin. I love Mario, but this would’ve been a great chance for Wii U.

  2. who cares its not like people who are gonna buy the wii u wanted this shit anyways since the games are horrible

  3. LMAO I bet the comments would be so different had he said there was a possibility.

    My thoughts: I’m a little disappointed as I’ve never played the games before, but I’m not itching to play it. If I did though, I could always play it elsewhere.

    1. Ya. Lol.

      I don’t really care if it comes to wiiu or not, I was gonna get it for PC anyways. Crysis is a game with a big modding community. You always want the PC version of games with big modding communities…

    2. Ecxactly..

      I wonder why sickr reports on games that wont come to a nintendo system yet fails to mention that PES is coming to the 3DS and not the vita.

  4. The game looks fugly.
    It looks like the is using fireworks instead of bullets. The same problem was in the second part.
    Crysis 1 was great.

    Also, has a suit worth billions, uses bow and arrows. :r

    1. it still could. it appears this guy at crytek doesnt wanna do it. but in the end, if EA tells him they want it on the system, they have to do it (i think)

    1. I wanna play crisis 3 Problem? I dont really I’m just trying to make a point its not just you and me.. its the whole world..

  5. could give a shit about any shooter games no matter how “good” it looks. I can’t wait for that genre to be old news in the game world.

  6. but if its suposed to have third party suport its a bad start, again nintendo consoles will be first party and “unique games”? :(

      1. Yeah it’s a developer preference, not about Nintendo. It actually is probably due to the devs being lazy, not wanting to port to the new hardware. But I think of Mass Effect that didn’t come out for Playstation for a long time and they never received the first game.

        1. Making and porting games are not easy work. So, don’t call em lazy.
          WiiU is probably just not capable of pushing they kind of graphics their shooting for.

    1. EA promise us EA games for wii u no doubt that’s they will piss us up this time even EA president says there happy to support a new platform which is wii u.

  7. I was pretty sure it wasn’t coming to the Wii U anyway. It doesn’t seem the type of game that would appear on the Wii U. Hell it seems more suited for a PC actually. Last thing we need is more enhanced editions or more ports.

  8. I think That it Will come when he said not à fat chance he laughed like in à way like i don’t say anything until e3 than we have à surprise because this is Wii u gameplay trailer trollololol

  9. Well guess what? Crysis is a shit franchise anyway. Just another FPS that I don’t give a fuck about. That developer can go fuck himself.

    1. yeah they give us the finger here and when that happens the nintendo fans are not going to support it , it happen before.

  10. I myself, a diehard Nintendo fan, would’ve been excited for the game. And for that: SCCRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU HOEJENGAARD

  11. Apparently a game NOT coming to a Nintendo system counts as Nintendo news? I’m getting pretty close to unfollowing MNN because of all the irrelevant stories that are posted. :(

    1. While I agree Sikr can post some pretty irrelevant news, this one kinda makes sense. Its nice to know what is or isn’t coming to WiiU. Now news about a name of a smash bros clone is a completely different story

    2. No, this one is actually relevant. The developer specifically meant WiiU.
      Posts/news such as the call of duty and rayman entries were not because they were pure speculations.

  12. probably gonna make myself a nice gaming computer soon so this isn’t a big deal to me :x

    not like i’m getting a WiiU for every third party game anyway

    1. No, I heard from some people that Crysis 3 not coming to Wii U has nothing to do with the hardware, some say it’s development time.

  13. wtf crytek the wii U is even more powerful than ps3 and 360, which are two consoles Crysis 3 will be out on yet, you say the graphical power is too advanced? This seems more like a post that should be about patchter

  14. Not a fan of Crisis (or any FPS actually), I usually just install it on computers I build to test how well they handle graphics. Can’t say I’ve met anyone that is super crazy about that franchise anyway, besides the graphics, but still I can’t help but feel this is another example of “nintendism”, gamings favorite whipping boy. Well you know what Crytek? I never bought any of your games, I haven’t met anyone that has, and I probably never will. In the mean time, EVERYONE I know has bought at least 1 nintendo system, and usually buy every one that comes out. So if they really want to miss a whole audience for their prejudice, thats their loss, not mine.

  15. It looks amazing! Too much work to port it? It’s obvious wii u could handle the specs. Why not? We have heard many rumors, I doubt Nintendo would create anything inferior to 360 or ps3

  16. Rumer were lie 3rd part hate nintendo they are garbage.crysis knows wii u to weak to support their epic godly graphics from heaven only xbox stands a chance to handle that. With great power comed great responsibilty. Wii u is weak as ps3 smh

      1. Believe me its fun to write this way--try it!

        ninty loser make iphone games steal apple loser miyamot play mario like 9 year old looser clown. This is xbox pc more powerful than wiiu shit. wiiu weaker than ps1 kiddy shit games outdated

        1. First of all, I suggest you learn how to speak English.

          Second of all, no Xbox is not more powerful than Wii U.. In fact, Xbox was not very powerful to begin with.
          Get your facts straight before you blabber like a 3 year old

  17. Well that’s slightly disappointing… I don’t really care for FPS games, but I know that many people were looking forward to seeing the most graphically impressive game on the most graphically impressive console.

  18. This sucks because this is the only FPS that will ever be created. Wait…that’s not right.

    That being said, it really is unfortunate. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want your game on as many systems as possible. It’s understandablewhy Crysis to didn’t appear on the Wii due to the Wii’s limitations, but why not the Wii U. In the end, I don’t think it will be a huge loss. I’m sure that the Wii U will get something else that is just as impressive (if it hasn’t already).

  19. If his reason is because of graphics alone he’s making a mistake. We know the U will be more powerful than all the current gen consoles. Maybe they’re just too lazy to develop for the U. Regardless I have to agree with most of you. Crysis isn’t a game I’ll miss. I care more about getting the High-Def first party titles and specific third party titles (I still hope for Resident Evil 5 and 6 and a Conduit game)

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