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Nintendo 3DS System Update Is Live In North America And Europe

The Nintendo 3DS system update is now available to download in North America and Europe. The biggest feature of the update allows you to create custom folders on the Nintendo 3DS home screen which is great news for ambassadors. You’ll also notice that the Nintendo 3DS eShop has been slightly redesigned dividing shop segments into two rows on the screen. To perform the update manually you’ll need to go to system settings, other settings, and then select system update.

39 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS System Update Is Live In North America And Europe”

    1. How do you fix the battery life through software asides performance tweeks? If you want a real extend in battery you need a whole new battery altogether

        1. Thats true, but that wont bring a significant change on the battery life and can end up affecting overall performance

  1. The folders are awesome, I was getting tired of scrolling through all the different games. Any recommendation for a 3D download game? I have the zen pinball which is awesome but I’ve been Leary of the other choices. Dillin’s doesn’t really interest me. Thanks

    1. Pullblox (Pushmo) is a great game if you just feel like relaxing and using your mind. 3D Classics game like Kirby’s Adventure och Kid Icarus are also recommended. Then there are cheap ones like Pyramids, which is kind of a platforming game, kinda fun as well. I’m guessing that that Samurai game and Mutant Mudds are also good, but I don’t know since they’re not out in Europe yet. -.-

  2. lmao i only have colors 3d kid I and four swords, the rest are demos dead or alive mgs .Re, mario and sonic, this is only good for ppl that got those free gba games and nes games wich i didnt

    1. You select an open square, then an option at the bottom says “Create Folder”. One is created, then you go into the settings to name it. Then you can drag icons into it. Each app/game has to be PLACED in the folder for it to remain inside.

      Was nice shrinking from 5 in a column back down to 3 (6 folders).

        1. Folder and Icons need to be relatively close by. You hold it over the folder, eventually (few seconds) it will open and show 2 rows of open spots. Then you select a spot inside and let go of it.

  3. Speaking about ambassadors they are selling ambassador game when they specificly said “they will not be for sale in the nintendo eshop”

    1. Thats not what they said. The GBA games are the only exclusive ones the NES were always meant to be on the eshop later on. Lets try and keep up people.

      1. They also didn’t guarantee that the GBA would remain exclusive, they simply said there were “no plans to make them available to everyone”. So there could be a time when all the games are set up to be purchased.

          1. That’s what I was trying to say. The poster above me believes they will be forever exclusive, and I was pointing out that they could certainly become available.

  4. Is it just me,or does anyone else think that they should update the GBA games?

    I dont care if non-sale price owners get the games.As long as Nintendo updates the freakin Amazing Mirror!

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