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Nomura: ‘Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Probably Be A Major Curve Ball’

Tetsuya Nomura, the director behind the Kingdom Hearts franchise, has told Famitsu that Kingdom Hearts 3 will probably be a major curve ball. Nomura also revealed that he’s working on an unannounced title which is completely separate from the Kingdom Hearts series.

50 thoughts on “Nomura: ‘Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Probably Be A Major Curve Ball’”

  1. Well, that might ruin the curve ball if you announce there’ll be one, it’s like announcing your pitch in baseball to the batter, so unless your curve ball has a major spin to the point of knowing won’t matter, keep quiet on this. :l

    1. The first one is great, second wasn’t bad either after those its meh..hit or miss, mostly miss in my case.

        1. the frist one was very hard for me but you might do well anon and also the second is awsome because they give you details on what to do and more nice weapons i enjoyed the second and X is right some of the spinoffs and the prequel was kinda off but the prequeal had a sad story >.> well hope you like it

          1. @Alleycat Thanks, appreciate your input, by the sound of it i am eager to get my hands on the games,love rpgs.

    2. The first one was excellent, the second one was even better. One of the best series released in the last 10 years. If you like action rpgs you’ll love it.

      1. Thanks man,i value your opinion on these things from reading your views on here,my minds made up Respect.

            1. There are more than enough people here willing to spread negativity. I don’t need to pitch in.

                1. over +9000 (head explodes)…
                  how do you put video on my Nintendo news
                  someone put the vegega over 9000 please.

        1. He only says things in a positive fashion. That doesn’t make a lot of what he says true or relevant. You gotta have more than a cheerleader attitude to be taken seriously.

        1. That’s your opinion. Mine is I loved it. And I only say positive things because there’s only positive things to say. I generally have not been disappointed with the games I have chosen to play. If I didn’t like a game I’d say so.

          You don’t have to be a jerk to be taken seriously.

  2. please just bring a fresh new kingdom hearts to the next wii and 360 thats all i wish for T^T and one more thing is it offically called the wii u or did they change the name. either way we will see at E3

        1. erm once you play a shooter you played them all. lame. Eggsbox is gay stick to shitty windows! NINTENDO FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Okay here’s the news….NOMURA IS WORKING ON FINAL FANTASY VERSUS 13!
    now every one, stop swearing at him! He’s a busy guy. And just to help everybody out, her’s an archive for KH updates:

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