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PlayStation 3 Owners Appreciate Art More Than Wii Owners Says Developer

Journey developer and thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen has told online publication Venture Beat that PlayStation 3 owners have a greater appreciation of art than both Wii and Xbox 360 owners. Chen then went on to elaborate his claim by stating that Sony has more artistic and adult-focussed taste.

“The player who owns a PlayStation 3 is more likely to be interested in artistic games compared to Wii and Xbox 360.”

“Sony has a more artistic and adult-focused taste. They care about how grown-ups feel toward their games.”

182 thoughts on “PlayStation 3 Owners Appreciate Art More Than Wii Owners Says Developer”

        1. its true sony caters for the older gamers more than wii and 360 but i like many adults play the wii and enjoy the art types put into place on it

    1. Which is why nintendo sold to more adults?

      The ps2 was sonys last art console the ps3 is a wanna be pc that could not even beat the Xbox a totally artless company.

      Art wise nintendo has some thing the art community would call range. Sony only does realism… Realism was killed by the photograph. I would think nintendo knows this since they not Sony are creating a tour guide for the louvre a place for real adult art.

        1. The louvre has that art also, it’s a badly kept secret. Gaming art is tied to cg fans as of right not and that is not seen as true art or fine art yet.

    1. I beg to differ as I am such a person. While my rule of thumb is I never buy a system a system till there are three games I want to play on it, I bought a PS3 for this very reason due to a game called Valkyria Chronicles. It is a true work of art in both graphics and story, and a game I still play often to this day. The other games are the Two Eureka Seven Games, Both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Lego Star Wars Complete Saga and Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue.

      That being said, I will not deny that there are also many games with great artistic value for the Wii, such as Fragile Dreams and Skyward Sword. I can’t help but wonder how many of you have heard of Fragile Dreams, a game exclusive to Wii, like Valkyria Chronicles is a beautiful game in both story and art.

      What I think the true problem is here is that there is, at least in the United States, a large contingent of gamers that only buy what their local mega retailer (coughgamestopcough) tells them to and not games that have true value. Then again as I am also an anime fan, this is the view of someone on the outside looking in.

      1. At least 3 games?
        I only get systems if I know I’m going to make use of it, because I spent money on it.

      2. Cg graphics do not equal good art. Overly detail art is ADHD like and has no meaning. Sonys only art game was shadow of the colossus nintendo had a toon shaded Zelda a minumist wii resort and countless wii games that made old chips shine. Now Sony has no barrier and nintendo is about to go all realism on them. Monolith on their own trumps any thing Sony could make. Retro was built for HD. It’s going to be fun. Sony is just a fad.


        Actually you just took the words out of my mouth. Fragile Dreams, The Last Story, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, both Mario Galaxies, No More Heroes 1&2, Redsteel 1&2, Metroid other M, and I’m sure many others of which I have either not played, seen or heard of, are artistic and mechanical masterpieces for the Wii, who have only been overshadowed because of the Wii’s reputation of an “inferior” machine. Fragile Dreams was an amazing game, I remember I had just gotten GOW 3, and FFXIII, only to find myself playing Fragile Dreams until the game’s end. Anyone reading this, go out and buy it, borrow it from a friend, whatever you like. But play it, it is an amazing game.

    2. I know, I absolutely love art and I don’t own a PS3. Some people need to know that the game console does not make the player.

      1. he listed off games known for their strong artistic artstyles, and u just listed off games known for just having good graphics

        1. “Good graphics” necessarily means a strong, consistent art direction.

          “Good graphics” does not necessarily mean different, unique, or colorful art direction.

          When the game looks consistent and controls consistently, a harmony is met which allows you to be transported into the game world. Uncharted has its own look and feel just as Kirby does. Point is, both games stick to an art style and ground themselves in that reality – their own reality. They do nothing to contradict themselves, and that is what makes their graphics “good.”

          You can prefer one style over another, but don’t discount every other game just because it doesn’t choose to have a vibrant or quirky look.

          1. Realistic graphics are not an art style. Most games on PS3 and 360 are plagued with this pursue of realism which leads them all to look the same. Valkyria Chronicles, as mentioned above by someone else is an exception, but there are very few PS3, 360 games that can be distinguished by an art style. Making everything photorealistic doesn’t force the artist to make a decision, its just a matter of how close to real life they can make the game.

        1. Project cars and dirt need some tissue after shitting on that tired game… GT has always sucked bring on F zero!

        1. ….yeah, all of those have nice art styles. They’re not the deep brown and grey that is plagued by most games today

      2. The Idea was to list Artistic games. Ill give MGS4 and God of War that stamp, but you forgot a some VERY artistic PSx games. What about Katamari Damanci, Shadow of the Colossus (That one is a piece of art in every respect), Loco Roco (I KNOW I spelled that wrong). Every system has some great art piece games. Even Jaguar or CDI, in that “anti-art” sort of sense. Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe rocks! LMAO

  1. Art and Artistic games aren’t the same thing BTW. This guy’s talking about the games that can barely be called games, just interactive pictures and things like that, not the art style.

      1. Journey is one of those “games that can barely be called games” that dood just mentioned, so you kinda proved his point.

      1. I know. Sony is all bout the RPGs. Only reason they went to shooters is because it’s the majority market.

        I am a fan of fps RPGs and the ps3 has quite a few…

        1. Very true… Take fps off the map for Sony and they hardly sold any games…. Cod is not match by any Sony games sales wise. Except sonys two fps franchises die horrible deaths yet ms two did not.

          Thus sonys are is the art of having nothing but copies. I mean they are a media company… Copying stuff is their thing.

  2. You base everyones artistic interest on the machines they own… I own a TV what type of art do I like… I hope grown up art because I only watch porn… and the odd time disney channel

    1. Porn and Disney? This just made me lol. Nothing about that combination is justifiable lmao. If it weren’t for the fact that Disney is known for having subliminal sexual references and hints back in their 90s films, then I would’ve said those two shouldn’t even be in the same sentence lol.

    1. well he’s not wrong. I’ve found more Sony Exclusives that had deeper artistic stories than any other system. NOW this doesn’t mean that a game that lacks a deep intricate twisted story is gonna suck, Obviously Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, (insert nintendo exclusive here) are some of the best games PERIOD. (for those who read from gamespot website)

    1. But the man is talking about Adult games and we Wii owners all know that Skyward Sword was designed with the 5 year old in mind… you know because theers no graphic violence and sex,.. you know Skyward Sword only has cartoon violence with true love thrown in the mix…

      1. a five year old can hardly read, any 5 year old would qui tand call skyward sword boring because you have to put thought into it. Unlike the “adult game” Call of Duty, as people seem to think is art, what with wide variety of brown and grey colors, and takes no thought to play

      2. no graphic violence and no sex doesn’t mean meant for 5 year olds. Many games with mild cartoon violence can actually be more challenging than M rated shooters to the point where they appeal more to old gamers who have to patience and skill to beat those games.

  3. What does he mean by artistic though? Is he talking visuals or story or gameplay or something? All he said was Sony makes games for adults (basically). But artistic isn’t further elaborated on.

    1. i think they mean(correct mii if im wrong) “our ps3 graphics are better than xbox360 and wii.”

        1. people should know that art= creativity not realistic.
          um are you sure sickr is doing this for flamewars?

  4. I think he meant:

    “The player who owns a PlayStation 3 is more likely to be interested only in cool graphics instead of gameplay.”

    “Sony has a more uninspired and rip-off taste. They care about how they can steal other ideas and concentrate on pointless stuff just to appeal people who don’t know what a good game is.”

      1. Journey is an exceptional Indie game that was only PS3-exclusive because of a previous deal with Sony. Journey was easily art, and there are many games on all consoles that are art. (Well, I’m not so sure about XBox. :P) But my main problem with this developer’s statement is his misguided linking of “artistic” and “adult-oriented” because they simply do not automatically go together.

      2. An overly pretentious game made by a dude who named himself after a fucking Final Fantasy character. What an ass.

  5. I can see where they’re coming from, with games like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Journey being PS3 exclusives, but that’s a little absurd. Blu ray is the real thing that sets the PS3 apart, and one of their big selling points is still third party games, like CoD and BF3.
    Nintendo has a lot of games that could be considered artistic: Super Mario Galaxy is pure creative genius, and Donkey Kong Country Returns has the greatest level design I’ve seen in any platformer to date.
    The difference is like comparing landscapes to abstract art, which are completely different in their own right.

  6. they do really its funny because even little big planet isnt colorful as sonic or mario so how is that sony fans can know what real art is be sides they hate mario zelda and kirby and those are the best art colors games in gaming history not to mention colors 3D so how is this

  7. I’m not sure of Sony has any comics or manga, but I know Nintendo has a bunch of Pokemon spin-off manga, Pokemon Special/Adventures (best manga ever), Zelda manga series and Captain N comic. Also, Nintendo published the Domo DSiWare games, and there is a Domo manga.

    1. And Nintendo also makes the Pokemon TCG that has some of the best artwork I’ve ever seen, especially the newer cards.

      1. Sony has claim on the naruto and DBZ card games. Tourney prizes are always Playstation products for 1-8 and boxes of cards for 1-16.

        Won a ps3 that way, already had one, have it to a friend for his birthday.

        1. Yeah, but the big three card games are Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. Everything else isn’t taken seriously as much.

  8. No actualy all they care about is dos whil nintendo cares about actual gameplay, story and have you seen skyward they turned a game into a actual pieac of art without fancy graphics ps3 cant do anything without without garaohics and useless garbage that makes it $600 just for a dvd player and blueray that probly coasted $10 dollers and profited $90 on it ps3 is just a bunch of little kids screaming and crying over callofduty while nintendo is sufficticated people no matter what people say because we care about gameplay not graphics

    1. There’s this thing called “spelling” that they just came out with. It’s really cool. You should look into it.

  9. Nobody here understands what he means by “art”. Visual art is merely one kind of art and that’s not necessarily what he’s talking about. You’ve all proven him right about his comments on PS3 gamers being more mature though. I love Nintendo, but PS3 definitely has more “artistic” games than Nintendo, there’s just no two ways about it. It doesn’t mean Nintendo is bad, it’s merely saying that PSN targets, in general, a different crowd. This article wasn’t meant to be offensive, though the OP clearly spun in that way so as to get a reaction from all of you.

    1. i know what he means and I could point u to a sony fan who is even worse than the ppl here trust me, ninty15 pretty much said it “What does he mean by artistic though? Is he talking visuals or story or gameplay or something? All he said was Sony makes games for adults (basically). But artistic isn’t further elaborated on.” there are many games on the wii that are “artistic” and theres even a few on xbox, and dont even get me started on the PC, what he is pretty much doing is praising PS3 and puting the competition to make the PS3 look good

    2. PS3 games are hardly “artistic” in the general sense at all. They’re more artistic within the realm of classical art. And everyone who’s a dumbass thinks classical art is real art, hence everyone thinks the PS3 is sophisticated. It’s really just a tin can that can’t play games well because it doesn’t get along with third party games. Sony really does need all the first party support it can get, cuz those games are the only ones that can play on the PS3 well. Talk about an elitist snob of a console.

  10. “Sony has a more artistic and adult-focused taste. They care about how grown-ups feel toward their games.” ……what he conspicuously leaves out is that Sony (and Microsoft for that matter) only really know about 50% of what gamers want. And that percentage is content with playing the same rehashed shooter and over-hyped RPG bullshit they put out year after year.

    His conclusion is completely unfounded. I don’t care how pretty a game looks, if there’s no gameplay, there’s no game. I realize all three companies let subpar games through their cracks, but his comments make it seem both Nintendo and its fans are uncultured swine. I have yet to play a Nintendo-published game that has turned me away due to lack of gameplay or graphics. Nintendo cares enough to deliver more than just a pretty package.

  11. Yah know, its funny how this old fuck says that, and yet my mom is a fucking artist for a living, I’m currently taking a drawing class, and play 3 instruments. Oh yeah, and guess what, I hate playstation these days.

  12. i kinda disagree, that’s like generalizing all PS3 gamers and we all know that cod is very popular and barely shows ‘art’ unless you consider explosions and bland colors art. although what i think he meant was that since PS3 (and 360/PC) gamers get more detailed and over all better looking games than the wii for obvious reasons (stronger consoles) that those type of gamers love the art more. like looking at Florence in assassins creed 2. or standing on top of a mountain in skyrim and undertaking the wonderful imagery.

    1. It’s a real shame when Skyward Sword only looks its best in 480p; look at it through a higher resolution TV and it just fails. But in 480p alone, it is pretty.

    2. The problem is now Nintendo seems to care more about art and another key art in gaming interaction. They will not get too much better. Another key thing about art is reaching people.

      Mario only reaches people because he is art.

  13. If by art he means stylish games like Journey and Flower, then maybe. If graphicwise I offer Okami, Zack&Wiki, Skyward Sword an Kirby’s Epic Yarn as evidence for the Wii.

        1. That doesn’t make any difference. The baseline for Okami was the PS2, so whatever beauty it has on the Wii, it owes to the PS2.

          1. Notice how okami was never made for the ps move… That is an art driven company if I ever seen one. At least Nintendo celebrates their art driven games. All Sony has is tech and that is hitting a wall.

      1. Yeah I’m aware, but I figured since someone mentioned Shadow of the Colussus and Ico earlier for PS3 which were also on PS2… Also it more or less suited Wii better and led to a sequel for the DS. Either way, it’s still a very pretty game. :-)

        That’s a good thing about the Wii games. It had graphical limitations, but some developers were smart enough to work around those limitations and find a style that suited the Wii

    1. Don’t forget muramasa and a boy and his blob and monster hunter tri( yes I realize this was originally Sony’s but it’s enjoyed by wii users now so I don’t understand how it’s past matter)

  14. This is based on how well the sales for Journey have been doing in sales. To be frankly honest, Journey is pretty amazingly gorgeous and the experience is breath taking.

  15. Yeah, the PS3 has some really attractive looking games, as does the Wii. Even if you argued that a particular console’s games are the most arty (which would be impossible to definitively say anyway since it would be your own subjective interpretation), I really don’t see how anyone could generalise that owners of either console appreciate “art” the most.

  16. Hang on, I have ps3 pc Xbox and Wii… Yet I love art…
    Shit… Am I a paradox then!

    I have played Flower, Flow and Journey.
    I love the music and visuals, mind blowingly good ;D

  17. A person is not defined by the console they play. I am a huge supporter of the argument that video games are a form of art, and I don’t own a PS3. I wish I did, but I can’t afford all three systems while going to college.

  18. There’s a smidgen of truth to what he’s saying but people that play the wii for the good games are just artistically inclined. I love my wii and ps3. I play 4 instruments, do photography, write lyrics and compose (not bragging just making a point) just cuz you like the wii doesn’t mean your not artistic. But for the record the ps3 is a VERY artistic. Uncharted 3 has amazing art, little big planet is pure creativity. Infamous is creative in story and execution, i find Sony’s games very artistically exhillerating. IMO the wii and ps3 are on par when it comes to quality 1st exclusives. All though wii kicks ps3’s butt when it comes to 3rd party exclusives

  19. Nintendo is not trying to have a more “adult-focused taste”, Nintendo wants colorful and cartoon looking games, games for the whole family not just adults.

    1. Which I think is perfect… tHAT’S WHY nINTENDO ONLY LOST A HALF BILLION THIS YEAR INSTEAD OF 3 BILLION.. Sony is full of buisness idiots…

  20. Theres only 5 actually Artistic games I know of that are on the PS3, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, okami, Journey, and Flower… which while popular really isn’t something I would consider a game. so what other games would this person consider art. most PS3 games are more movie oriented which while an art form in itself isn’t what i would consider something that could be compared to what i would consider an art.

    1. Posted this comment before I read all your replys and I just Noticed that only the 5 same games pop up… We are talking about playstation 3 exclusive I guess, the I have to take Okami off cause PSN does have a lot of indie art games… but I can play half those of steam or ONLIVE… so that obviously doesn’t count… I recall braid comes to mind but I think that may have been an XBOX live indie title… IDK.

  21. Nintendo has already ready done this with
    Art Academy
    Mario Picoss
    Rhythm Heaven
    and many more franchises of Nintendo have Artistic games.

    1. The ds and the 3ds both have drawing and animation programs and the wiiu was shown to offer Wacom like programs for it. Where are sonys programs like this? That support real artist and not just sonys lame vision of what art is?

  22. this guy has just proved hes an idiot because everyone has different taste in art you can’t say one is better than the other. he sounds like those idiots that say more polygons are for adult games and less polygons are for kids

  23. Nintendo is that company that keeps getting cooler and cooler and losers always have to point out how Nintendo is not cool and for kids. THEY SOUND LIKE FUCKING JEALOUS 10 YEARS OLDS

  24. It’s funny he says that because Sony’s own games have had a hard time selling this gen, and artistic games on PS3 are like cancer for “hardcore” gamers.

  25. It’s funny, ‘cos a lot people have both Wii and PS3 and Wii was sold the most… i guess PS3 owners who like art are Wii owners too…^^

  26. There’s just nothing that can be said about this, unless I bring in Sony’s abysmal sales compared to the other systems.

  27. Okami,
    Super Mario Galaxy 1,
    Super Mario Galaxy 2,
    Skyward Sword,
    Kirby’s Epic yarn,
    Super Paper Mario (In a way),
    Pikmin 2.
    Etc, etc.

      1. Okami was originally a playstation game, Super Paper Mario had the exact same graphics as the previous game, but with block models, Sonic Colors sequel is on the PS3 and Planet Wisp looks amazing in that game.

        Sony also has a number of artistic games that have been previously mentioned. Can’t we in the end say who cares about this opinion and move on?

  28. WII is more of an adult system because I can look at girls playing WII fit and shaking their booty….NOW THAT’S ART

  29. Wii is for adults because adults don’t have the time or energy to play high learning curve PS XBOX games that require you to read 100 page FAQS, they want games they can sit down and enjoy because they were designed for normal people with jobs

      1. No, PS3/360 is for people who want gritty and mature games to play. There’s a fine line between games like Arkham City and Kirby’s Epic Yarn… not just in terms of graphics, mind you.

          1. I just did: Arkham City and Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Two completely different games that symbolize the consoles which they are available for; cartoony and cute vs. dark and gritty. Ask any 20 year-old male which one he’d rather play and I am certain that 99% of the time he’d go with Batman.

            1. you said “not in terms of just graphics”. can you give me an example of gameplay differences that make it more mature?

        1. and that’s why most kid play cod because its a mature console i mean what other games does Xbox and ps3 have that’s not m rates and its really popular multiplatform.

  30. Who honestly cares about some random person says? This post is obviously trying to get Nintendo fans angry and produce more traffic. Just get over it and wait for the next piece of actual news.

  31. It’s a good thing the PS3 has a blu-ray player. Cuz given the type of games it has, that’s all the PS3 will ever ultimately amount to: Playing nothing but HD movies.

    Dumbasses: “Um it plays games too, STUPID!”

    Me: Yeah, the HD movies, I mentioned those already.

    Did I just burn the PS3’s library? Yes, I did.

    And for reference, Bioshock looks fifty thousand times better on the 360.
    Mass Effect 2 didn’t require a patch on the 360
    Fallout 3 doesn’t die on the 360
    Assassin’s Creed doesn’t suffer framerate problems on the 360.
    The processors for the 360 are more flexible than the PS3’s processors.

    If any console’s art is measured in terms of more beautiful graphics and consistent performance, that would be the 360.
    And whatever artistic games on the PS3 doesn’t make them art at all. They’re just saying that because they’re very high nosed and they want to be better than “other” art. A good artist can recognize that every art style has value in different ways.

  32. Don’t worry guys, this dude obviously is way too busy smelling his own farts to even play a Wii game. I’m actually just honored he took the time to give his valuable opinions on crap he knows nothing about.

  33. Thats very childish to say that adults are the only age group who appreciate art in the first place! Just because they make games geared towards “adults” doesnt make them more “art concious.”

      1. still my statement stands true for i never play a game for it’s artstyle and graphics i play for the game itself

  34. This is off topic but can someone answer these 2 questions 4 me? I really don’t want 2 miss E3
    1. Where can I watch it can I watch it online? If so is there a specific website?
    2. I know that Nintendo’s conference will be on Tuesday June 5th at 9 am. But wat time zone is that? I live in Delaware, (EST) at what time will I be able 2 watch E3?
    If someone can answer my questions, I would really appreciate it.:) Thank u.

  35. As far as Xbox goes, I agree with this guy.

    For Nintendo? Well, it’s arguable. I can see what he means for the casual crowd, but he may be missing the point… A lot of Nintendo’s art is in its simplicity. A detailed, “adult” storyline is fine and has some advantages, but that doesn’t necessarily make it superior. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kingdom Hearts, Persona 4, and Okami to death, but that doesn’t mean games like Earthbound Zero and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon aren’t just as beautiful in their own, special ways.

    Comparing hardcore Nintendo gamers to hardcore Sony gamers, I’d say the appreciation is about equal.

  36. I’m a fan of what thatgamecompany has done thus far, but I’d love to see Chen eat his words in the wake of games of a similar flavor popping up on Wii U. Obviously I can’t give any examples, but that would be nice to see.

  37. A lot of Sony games have fantastic art. A vast majority of the games on Wii are Family or Child based, so it’s not surprising that PS3 has more artsy games. And I saw mention of Zelda: Skyward Sword. That’s not an “artistic” game. Things like Flower and Journey focus on the relaxation and fine art of gaming. There’s no doubt that Skyward Sword looks great, but overall there’s quite a few breathtaking PS3 games. If Wii had higher definition, games would look absolutely beautiful. Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess are fantastic games, but playing them on my big TV dulls the graphics down, makes the pictures less smooth, and don’t make it as enjoyable as it could be.

  38. so since the game “journey” has been released on the ps3, this suddenly makes ps3 owners more interested in art? so i guess dance central being released on the 360 means that everyone that owns a 360 likes dancing more than people who own other consoles…. that’s how dumb this is.

      1. Journey wasn’t the first artistic game like that, Flower came before that, and was created by the same company.

  39. Please tell me more about how games that’s focused around just shooting people is considered “grown up”…

  40. What makes a game have art, exactly? If it’s realistic graphics, then PC games probably beat the PS3 to the punch, but I doubt it’s graphics. Is it unusual styles of graphics like from Wind Waker, Okami, and Journey? Or is it scenery like the Super Mario Galaxy games, Xenoblade, and Skyward Sword? Hm, a lot of games do this, don’t they? *wink wink*

  41. This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever read. I appreciate art : I draw, write and I enjoy photography a lot. And I’m all for Nintendo. Some of their games are breathtaking on an artistic point of view : Paper Mario, but also Skyward Sword for example.

    1. *this* i love art and design, i too draw in my spare time so that guy can STFU.

      and anyhow, making this type of assumption is really foolish. what a stupid ignorant man.

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