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XSEED Pursuing Limited Edition The Last Story For North America This July

XSEED has confirmed that it’s looking to release a limited edition version of The Last Story when the game makes its debut in North America in July. Presumably the limited edition version of The Last Story will be similar to the version that was released in Europe back in February. The limited edition version of The Last Story contains a copy of the game, a steel book-case, a soundtrack, and an art book.

28 thoughts on “XSEED Pursuing Limited Edition The Last Story For North America This July”

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  1. Damn it. They’re tempting me to spend more money when the Wii U is about the release this year. I don’t want to touch that money!

    1. Me too I got most of the money for my Wii U and some games. But ill get this too because this maybe the Wii’s “swan song” (if we don’t get Pandora) its killing me!

        1. First time I heard that. I’ve been hearing nothing but high praise for this game. I am still gonna get but thanks for the heads up. I know even if it is highly lagging. There will be something ill love about it.

  2. This is how a limited edition should look like. Not like the shit most games do nowadays. Taking a part of the game and make it a DLC for the limited edition is just wrong.
    Gimme mah art book!

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  4. IF this happens I hope they don’t run out. I Pre-ordered Xenoblade way early and still didn’t get an artbook the cashier said nintendo never sent any, and there were only four Pre-orders placed at that store! Come on now!

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  6. I thnk the Limited Edition should come out, seeing that Xenoblade had amazing sales in the US.

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