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Nintendo Launch Update Data for Mario Kart 7

Nintendo of Europe today announces that it has made an update available for Mario Kart 7, which will eliminate the ability to exploit shortcuts when playing Online Multiplayer on the courses “Wuhu Island Loop,” “Wuhu Mountain Loop,” and “GBA Bowser Castle 1”

The Mario Kart 7 Update data are available for free via Nintendo eShop from today, after performing the latest system update to make sure that your Nintendo 3DS system is up to date.

Mario Kart fans who have not downloaded these Update data will no longer be able to play Online Multiplayer; but don’t worry if you are unable to connect to the Internet and download the update immediately, as you will still be able to take part in Local Multiplayer and Single Player races without the update.


  1. Too little too late. Let us know when you fix the “bug” stopping different region versions from playing local multiplayer.

    1. Is there any kind of petition about this particular problem? Because I’ll be happy to join you in it.

  2. already done the update. just now need the ramdon track chosser to chosse one of these tracks then i can check.
    also i think the phase about time too!

  3. No one is even playing Mario Kart online anymore, almost certainly. Fun while it lasted though, and it’ll probably have another surge in a year or so when people forget about it.

    1. People will probably keep playing Mario Kart 7 for years… I (and many others) only stopped playing Mario Kart DS with friends after getting 7… And Mario Kart DS is still selling a few thousand copies every week!

  4. Time to spawn Maka Wuhu / Wuhu Mountain Loop 100% of the time online, no f***ers who will glitch now.

  5. I got an unexpected update and i live in north america. did we get it to already?

    1. The system update was to make your system eligible to download the Mk7 patch

  6. i got an update in north america is it the mario kart 7 update?i had mario kart 7 bit it broke so i sent it to nintendo to get fixed.

      1. No my 3DS updated yesterday too, wasn’t sure what it was (already had the folder update)

      2. It removed parental controls for updates… which is funny because you need parental control-access to update the parental control update.

        1. Good idea. I always want to update, and there’s no reason the parental controls should block that.

  7. Nintendo got it out so suddenly that I woke up to the update. It forced itself upon my 3ds.

    3ds: “There is an update available for your 3ds”

    Me: o_O “ooo okay”

    3ds: “would you like to update now? Please plug your 3ds into the AC charger to optimise download”

    Me: ” jeez slow down. I dont even think I hit the approval button yet” :/

  8. Finally!!! Justice is served!!!! It’s people like those who used those glitches that made it so i would lose every time.

  9. I can’t help but laugh at the thought or those arrogant fools who will refuse to accept this
    and still try to use the Maka Wuhu Glitch
    and while those idiots commit suicide,we play the game fairly like we all should

    1. You know what’s funny? To do the GBA bowser’s castle glitch you need so much skill that you should be considered pro, yet everyone was bitching and moaning about it. Maka Wuhu, yes, that was cheap, and used by little stupid kids, or butt-hurt losers trying to get some wins, but as someone that used the gba bowser’s castle glitch, and I still get first place from skill, I can testify that not all those glitches took noobs to perform. Try beating the fastest time in Maka Wuhu, and GBA bowser’s castle, you’re gonna have a bad time.

  10. Actually, the update is also available in North America. If you try going online on Mario Kart 7, it will tell disrupt a message saying you need to update to a newer version to play online. Also, the eShop will also ask you to update.

  11. I am happy and sad at the same time. But i think it’s for the best.

    Get N or get OUT!!!

  12. It’s for the best!!! I wonder if all the ghost data using the glitches will be removed?

  13. Awesome! Glad this annoying exploit got patched.

    Now (hopefully) for a second patch: add in Waluigi, Bowser Jr., Birdo, and Diddy Kong. Do that, and I’ll be playing [online] a LOT more.

    1. while i love that idea, unfortunately it probably won’t happen. and if it did, it wouldn’t be free…

  14. Awesome! Finally dealt with that exploit.

    Now (hopefully) for a later second patch: add in Waluigi, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr., and Birdo, and you’ll see me playing [online] a LOT more.

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