The latest edition of Japanese publication Famitsu says that the next entry in the well-received Tales Of franchise will be a “mothership” title. This means that the new game, which is due to be revealed in 19 days, will be in the same class as games like Xillia, Vesperia and Graces. It will definitely not be a remake of the previous games. The new Tales Of game will be announced on June 2nd at the Tales of Festival event.



  1. As long as it’s on multiple systems and it comes to the US, I’ll be a happy man. A third-party franchise like the Tales series shouldn’t be exclusives like it pretty much is right now.

    All three consoles should be be able to enjoy a good Tales game.


  2. Well what ever it’s released for I am will be buying the complete version on the Sony console, unless it doesn’t get release in the west or it actually came out on the Sony console.


  3. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come to the Wii U. Or at the very least, the 3DSThe more rpgs on Nintendo’s platforms the better. Leave luck to heaven.


  4. “Tales Of” Start as a good RPG series, the magic word is start, the main sucess of Tales is than they sell it very well to other people as the ‘Anime RPG’ but at the same time is their weakness, even if the Western love Anime, the Japanese are still pretty ‘xenophobic’ about their product.

    Heck even for Tales to be more mainstream was necessary the Help of Nintendo with Tales of Symphonia, was a BLITZ-AD make by reggie before become CEO of Nintendo of America, who paid very well in the west… but now Namco paid to Nintendo? Re-launch the game in less that SIX MONTH TO THE PS2 Using the Nintendo Momentum, the company and specially reggie were so mad, that still Tales of is bad word for them.

    At least Nintendo bought Monolith, we have Xenoblade now, with other Xeno-game in the work


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