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New Tales Of … Is A “Mothership” Title

The latest edition of Japanese publication Famitsu says that the next entry in the well-received Tales Of franchise will be a “mothership” title. This means that the new game, which is due to be revealed in 19 days, will be in the same class as games like Xillia, Vesperia and Graces. It will definitely not be a remake of the previous games. The new Tales Of game will be announced on June 2nd at the Tales of Festival event.

47 thoughts on “New Tales Of … Is A “Mothership” Title”

    1. Yes! They are one of my favorite game series. I you like action-jrpgs, then go for it. Which Tales of game were you looking at?

        1. tales of symphonia, tales of symphonia 2, and tales of phantasia take place in the same storyline, but 2 takes place a few years later, whilst phantasia takes place a thousand years later, and only has references to symphonia plus a character

      1. Was thinking about getting the one on GameCube, but I hadn’t realized there was one on the 3ds, I’ll probably try that one first

        1. I love Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS! It currently is my favorite 3DS title. Tales of Symphonia is also pretty amazing but may be a little hard to find, idk though. BUt yes definately get Abyss while you still can.

    2. Literally the best game series ever. Literally.

      I’ve played Symphonia, Vesperia and the Abyss, and they’re all absolutely amazing,

    3. I’ve played a little bit of Tales of Vesperia on 360, was great. Not sure if it’s available on PS3. Considering getting Tales of the Abyss for 3DS.

      1. played Graces, gameplay was amazing but the story was… well… it was like there was no urgency to their mission. A bunch of times they would just stop what they were doing to have a long talk about friendship. outside of that it was great.

    4. I’ve played tales of symphonia 1, DOTNW, vesperia and innosence. And they are pretty awesome!! Maybe DOTNW not so much.

  1. I hope they release it on multiple systems instead of one. RIght now Im missing out on Tales of Graces..

    1. Yeah, that will never happen Namco always release a bare bone copy then after some time they release a full version for the Sony console.

      1. Yup, in japan, even if it is multi plat, namco rarely lets us sees them (I blame gamers) Japan gamers keeps these games in the top 10.

  2. As long as it’s on multiple systems and it comes to the US, I’ll be a happy man. A third-party franchise like the Tales series shouldn’t be exclusives like it pretty much is right now.

    All three consoles should be be able to enjoy a good Tales game.

  3. Well what ever it’s released for I am will be buying the complete version on the Sony console, unless it doesn’t get release in the west or it actually came out on the Sony console.

  4. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come to the Wii U. Or at the very least, the 3DSThe more rpgs on Nintendo’s platforms the better. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I don’t think this will happen. A lot of Tales fans (not including me) like their games being released on Sony system more than other consoles.

  5. Please come to the durango with kinect 2 and tablet powered by andriod. Wii u is for casual who are trying to mature into hardcore but just come out as akward and fail.

    Leave luck to amatures and come to microsoft..

    1. Kinect and hardcore XD XD XD XD XD XD

      that’s like calling yourself hardcore for Platnium the Hana Montana game XD

  6. “Tales Of” Start as a good RPG series, the magic word is start, the main sucess of Tales is than they sell it very well to other people as the ‘Anime RPG’ but at the same time is their weakness, even if the Western love Anime, the Japanese are still pretty ‘xenophobic’ about their product.

    Heck even for Tales to be more mainstream was necessary the Help of Nintendo with Tales of Symphonia, was a BLITZ-AD make by reggie before become CEO of Nintendo of America, who paid very well in the west… but now Namco paid to Nintendo? Re-launch the game in less that SIX MONTH TO THE PS2 Using the Nintendo Momentum, the company and specially reggie were so mad, that still Tales of is bad word for them.

    At least Nintendo bought Monolith, we have Xenoblade now, with other Xeno-game in the work

  7. The best rpg have to be skyrim and final fantasy 7. Both were critical award winning. Dragon warrior and breath of fire were also good it outsold earthbound.

      1. Same hear Legend Of Dragoon over Skyrim, its still a good game but i give Legend Of Dragoon the win hear

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