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Amazon Lists Wii U Games For $49.99

Popular online retailer Amazon is currently listing Wii U games at $49.99. That’s roughly ten dollars cheaper than rival games on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which generally appear to retail for $59.99. It would be extremely interesting if Nintendo decided to price Wii U games ten dollars cheaper than the same games on rival formats. I’m sure more will be revealed at E3 next month.

50 thoughts on “Amazon Lists Wii U Games For $49.99”

    1. Yes!! That’s what I’m talking about. Wii U day 1 purchase for me if this holds. Selling XBOX 360 bye bye!!! Haha. Either way I plan to get it, but I will probably wait till January if this isn’t the case. I need to stack up more $$. I should be in Hastings at 9:00AM to buy this console day 1 if the $$ is right. I’m expecting the console to be $300+.

  1. Obviously if Nintendo decide to price their games for $49.99 it doesn’t mean that all publishers will do the same.

    1. i think third party devs have to give some money to nintendo for each game sale, im not certain this is true but i think so. if this is the case, nintendo might have significantly lowered this fee so that even third parties can make their games cheaper. that might be one of the reasons they love the console so much

      1. that is correct its called a Licence fee.

        Its known as the Nintendo Business model. Or used to be, sell the hardware at cost or a small loss and make the money back on the fees. Its what mobile phone companies now do with contract phones. Nintendo used to charge a high fee as they used to also make the cartridge for other people to use. Hence why alot of devs jumped ship to PS1. the fee was cheaper and cds’ were alot cheaper to make.

    1. I concur. They have already stated that they will use a proprietary disc format, likely around 20gb or so, if thats the case I can’t imagine them selling for 49.99 at launch. Only time will tell, but I won’t hold my breath as I have already committed myself to a $60+ price tag. If it is true, then its just icing on the cake for me :)

  2. Now may be a great opportunity to buy them at that price in case they decide to sell them at $60.

      1. Most Wii games are not $50 (anymore). Skyward Sword which only came out a few months ago is only $40 on Amazon and even cheaper at some other retailers.

        1. But Wii U is more powerful and better than PS3/360.

          Making Wii U games cheaper than the PS3/360 ones just seems a lie.

          1. No one knows if the WiiU is more powerful than a PS3/360. We’ll find out at E3 if this is true or not. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t as powerful.

            1. What do you mean by “no one knows” any idiot who knows about computer and has been researching KNOWS THAT THE WII U WILL BLOW THE PS3 AND THE 360 OUT OF THE WATER!!!!

              So we all know that it will be much more powerful than the current system.

              I am loving the price tho… so i guess that the nextbox and the ps4 must compete with these prices too. ohhh i love competition.

              Get N or get OUT!!!!!

  3. Like I’ve said before being first to launch nintendo has the ability to put pressure on the other two. If they were to price the console at 300 and the games at 49 man instant buy for lots of gamers. Especially if the graphics are much improved.

  4. Would be interesting since Nintendo games tend to keep their value. So $10 cheaper would be nice. $60 Sony games are reduced to $20-$30 within a few months anyways.

    1. Except for the fact that the budget for making Wii U games is undoubtedly WAY more than for Wii games.

      More casual, shorter games could likely be at $50, but the big blockbuster titles will probably be at least $60.

      1. However due to the low price of mobile and pc games console game prices are going to have to take a dive

        1. Companys like Nintendo, Sony, and microsoft were selling console at a lost, and made money of off the software. Lowering the price if the software would defeat the whole purpose.

          1. Not necessarily.
            You have 2 options. Earn a lot per sale, but sell less units, or earn less per sale but sell lot more units.

            Just a small price cut like the 10$ could increase the sales a lot. But not only that, it would also give the “hardcore” crowd (I hate that term, should maybe say CoD crowd) 1 more reason to move from the ps3 or 360 to Nintendo. The power of the console has drastically improved and many developer say how it’s a real “next gen console”. Some even go as far as to almost declare the WiiU as the winner of the next gen, which hasn’t even started yet.

            A smart person would take that also in consideration.
            Lets say I buy a total of 30 game during that generation. Every time it’s 10$ less. I will save 300$. That is a lot. That’s basically the money for the next console, or almost for 8 games at release date.

            And 30 games per console generation is a reasonable number. Some people buy less, other buy much more. I have a friend who buys 1 game per month, which in 5 years makes 60 games. He would save 600$ just on that.

            But since he’s a gamer, he would have invested that money right back into gaming, 15 games.

            Sometimes it’s better to set your price lower and allow more people to get your product as early as possible.
            You earn more because you sell more units. You lower the number of used game sales. Maybe even the number of pirates. And one of the most important parts, you get tagged as a “caring” company.

            1. EDIT:
              Made some math mistakes.
              First it’s at the 300$, it’s like 6 games, not 8.
              Second is at the 600$, it should be 12 games, not 15.

              I’m sleepy, it’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I haven’t slept for over 22 hours. I divided with 40$ instead of 50$.

  5. that’s going to be suicide… smh, I hope its only for nintendo games (if it is true) cause 3rd party devs aren’t going to be too happy with it.

    1. Yeah. Activision need to sell their yearly titles at £44.99 instead of £35.99-£39.99 like everyone else.

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  7. Wouldn’t that be nice…? I honestly see this happening. I don’t see 3rd parties liking this ideas though. Seems like it would give them yet another excuse as to why Nintendo kills them with their first party games.

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  9. I would be surprised if they sold games that cheap. If they do they will only look bad for selling Wii games at a high price. So either way, they’ll have haters. It’s a lose lose situation. Fortunately it’s not a big issue in the slightest.

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