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No Kingdom Hearts 3D “Mark Of Mastery” Special Edition For Europe

Square Enix has revealed via Twitter that it doesn’t plan to release Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance “Mark of Mastery” edition in Europe. However, Square Enix hasn’t ruled out the possibility that Europeans will get their own special edition version of Kingdom Hearts 3D for Nintendo 3DS.

40 thoughts on “No Kingdom Hearts 3D “Mark Of Mastery” Special Edition For Europe”

    1. This is like Operation Rainfall in America we should have the right to a Special Edition just like America and Japan we should be able to enjoy the 10th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts not just have a normal version of the game i speak to you the people of europe to help me persuade Square Enix to make a special edition for europe by likeing this page on facebook Operation 3D UK thank you fellow fans of the kingdom hearts Series

  1. well, i don’t really mind. if i have the game, i don’t need special editions. but, of course, there will be people here who would want to buy this special edition

    1. Don’t worry I will just import. That is if the 3DS was region free and I actually care about Kingdom Heart or intended to buy this game in the first place.

  2. The wife refuses to upgrade from her Nintendo DSi XL to the Nintendo 3DS unless Square Enix release a collector’s edition Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance package in Australia – if this was to actually happen, she reckons she’d buy two (one for collecting) and I have to say, I’d probably buy myself a second Nintendo 3DS for collecting also (I already have the Nintendo 3DS, though after using the Sony PlayStation Vita, I’m ready to cross over)…

    That’s a total of four Nintendo 3DS consoles Nintendo would have sold in the one house – call me stupid if you will, but that’s a lot of money in Nintendo’s pocket (especially when you’re paying Australian prices with the 200% “mystery markup” we pay for everything)!

  3. This is actually good in my opinion. Remember the pre-order bonus for sonic generations in Europe? Well i was so excited to get that edition until i realized that it’s an Europe exclusive(don’t know if special edition came to japan as well). I’m actually pretty happy that this is an America exclusive

    1. So just cause Sega fails. It means the rest of Europe should pay?
      Your greed lvl is too damn high.

  4. Ok…
    Sakura Samurai? Sorry, not in Europe.
    Mutant Mudds? Maybe June, maybe not.
    PokemonxNobunaga? Does anyone know? No.
    VVVVVV? Arrived only 1 week ago (I’ve purchased the PC version 3 months ago, obviously).
    Thank you Nintendo .-.

  5. You guys got the special editions from Square for BOTH Dissidia games, and on the 2nd one you guys got the Squall KH outfit while we got Cloud’s, then you guys got Cloud’s as well. I think its about damn time Square sends a collector’s edition to the U.S.

    1. Might I point out that Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on the PS2, KH1: Final Mix and KH2: Final Mix never graced European shores.

      I think it’s about time SOMETHING special about Kingdom Hearts was released for us. It will never be exclusive, but it’s better than a kick in the teeth.

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