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Just Dance Heading To Wii U

Ubisoft’s popular Just Dance series is heading to Wii U according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. The company has revealed that it expects sales of the Just Dance franchise to dip this year, but they’re adamant that sales will bounce back when the game comes to Wii U, and also Japan. Ubisoft announced yesterday that it’s preparing to release seven games for Wii U.

31 thoughts on “Just Dance Heading To Wii U”

      1. Hmmm I don’t know about that. Ubisoft HAS to give the tablet functionality, otherwise it would lose a lot of money. You can’t make a game that isn’t compatible with the system main controller unless you wanna lose major money.

      2. I highly doubt that, I agree with Snoober.
        And if they would want to use Wii Remotes, they’d just release another Just Dance for the regular Wii. But since they’re releasing it for the WiiU, they’ll probably use the tablet.

        1. Do you people still seriously not know that the wii u will still use wii remotes? It can only support 1 tablet controller, hence 1 tablet controller and 4 wii remotes = 5 players at once

        2. Do you people still not understand that the system only uses 1 tablet controller and 4 wii remotes? Its. Not required to use the tablet all the time

  1. The last dancing game I had ever purchased was Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNOVA for the PS2. Ubisoft is really becoming the best of both worlds… casuals and hardcore gamers alike. Let’s hope Just Dance (U version) become a phenomenom like the previous two titles for the original Wii.

    1. There are actually 4 just dance titles on the wii.

      Just Dance
      Just dance 2
      Just dance summer hits
      Just dance 3.

      Just saying.

      Get N or get out!!!!

  2. Interesting to see how it is played with the tablet. And yes, it will have to be played with the tablet as well as the Wii remotes if it hopes to succeed.

  3. Nintendo has stated that one of their mistakes in the current gen was that they basically shoehorned Motion controllers to devs. Nintendo understood that it was the developers job to decide how they wanted their games to be experienced, be it with motion controlls or with classic controlls.
    Now with the Wii U they are giving them that freedom.
    So making this game work with the tablet is not obligatory.

    1. I don’t like Just Dance, but even I can admit it’s not shovelware. It was/is extremely successful, especially in Japan.

  4. BurnMacintoshtotheGround

    oh well.. they DID say they were going to cater to hardcore more than casual at first. So this is to be expected. Fuck I hate this game and I hate everything Apple.

  5. Wii U seems to shape out even more beautiful, looks like its launch will beat (as games sites say) the Vita’s which was considered as a huge one with almost 30 games avalible (I still love Nintendo and Sony)

  6. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    Crap. This will tarnish the Wii U, as gamers will think it would be another ‘baby’s system’

    1. Relax lady. You should know that Just Dance is also for PS3 and Kinect for Xbox 360. Just because a casual game has been making millions doesn’t mean that game is gonna tarnish the Wii U. There are a truckload of games mostly for hardcore gamers.

  7. Maybe the tablet will more or less likely be a screen for the score and song selecting? Still excited for this one :) I’m happy because me and my friends will get addicted to new dance songs because we already finished Just Dance 1 2 3 and Summer Party and we’re bored and we want more.

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