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Wii U Name Isn’t Going To Change And Other Rumours

GoNintendo has collected together a fine batch of rumours and facts that have been posted online recently regarding Wii U. Some of the information gathered is legitimate, while other bits could be seen as pure speculation. Hopefully the majority of our questions relating to the system will be answered by Nintendo during E3, or shortly after.

  • (RUMOUR) Insider claims that Wii U name is unlikely to change
  • (RUMOUR) Insider has seen something “green and white” relating to Wii U
  • (FACT) Peter Moore quote: “Its online capabilities are really extensive, too, so we’ll be able to differentiate ourselves from the competition more easily with our sports lineup.”
  • (FACT) Sega Australia employee’s linkedin profile: “Developing downloadable licensed & original IP for… Wii U”
  • (FACT) “GameStop is already prepared to help launch the first of these new consoles – Nintendo’s Wii U. As it’s poised to be the first new machine of the gate, the Wii U will mark the beginning of the new hardware cycle, and GameStop has already devised its launch strategy to take advantage of the eventual spike in hardware sales.”
  • (RUMOUR) Nintendo’s Wii U trademark issue in England most likely cleared up
  • (RUMOUR) “Seems indy studio Empty Clip Studios (Groovin’ Blocks) and their RapidFire Engine (multiport) are on Wii U.”
  • (FACT) “From the profile of a TT Fusion (LEGO City) Art progammer: ‘This is going to be the exclusive launch title for the brand new Wii-U and Wii-2!’ … Also, 34 [artists] working on LEGO City”

127 thoughts on “Wii U Name Isn’t Going To Change And Other Rumours”

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  2. Only time will tell whether or not some of the rumors are true or are just convoluted. Personally, I’m wondering whats the “green and white” thing related to the Wii U.

          1. Step 1. Make sure to be rock hard
            Step 2. Tie a rubber band around the base and double, maybe triple knot it depending on the girth
            Step 3. Leave as such for about 2 days
            Step 4. Voila, you gots a green one

        1. Ettt nop, I was the official name until two weeks before the E3, and for those without so much ‘following’ that was a surprise in the E3 How they change the name from revolution( by the Motion Controller) to Wii(almost like a pun), even in the tokyo game show of 2005 when the Mote was revealed was still called revolution.

          1. No Revolution was not ever an official name for the Wii. Just like Project Cafe was the code name for the Wii U, Revolution was the code name for the Wii and was never being considered as an actual name.

            Besides, Revolution would be a terrible name for a video game console.

              1. Thats what I am hoping, and to be hones, the Wii U name may cause backfire.
                There are still many people whot think Wii U is just a controller for the Wii.

              2. Project cafe was the code name for WiiU… I hope nintendo does a Microsoft and changes the name at the last minute.

    1. if you mean wii no the wii brand is still strong that people know what it is, if you mean U maybe…

    1. Why not just Wii 2 (and they can be a bit creative and call it Wii Too, like we too.. first it was just ‘We,’ and now its ‘We Too!’

      1. That’s the whole point of Wii U. First it was ‘We’ now it’s ‘We’ and ‘You’, perhaps a nod towards the more hardcore, single-player market being targeted with the Wii U.

  3. I so hope that they change the name. WIIU is a TERRIBLE name, and however thought of it should be fired.

  4. At least the name doesnt have a 360 in it. Xbox360= well 360 degrees is one rotation. So if we take the xbox and rotate 360 degress, we’ll end up at the beginning, which is the original xbox. Anyone understand my logic?

      1. 360 in geometrics is called a Revolution… umm a Revolution… OMG Microsoft stole the name of Revolution of Nintendo so sneaky(and that 360 degrees is a spehre or orb, like worldwide…Orbis)

        1. You have just unraveled the biggest conspiracy in the universe. The companies were in cahoots the whole time while amassing millions of gamer “slaves” under the guise they were separate competitors. Noooo.

    1. I understand your logic, but there are other implications to turning 360 degrees. One full revolution, ie once through a cycle, implies an iterative step. 360 degree vision in some animals is considered a genetic advantage, and 360 degree awareness could be said to imply a certain spiritual awareness. The latter even kind of works (in a slightly vague, nebulous fashion) with the design decision to give the console a concave shape to represent an inhalation (I know it sounds daft, but that’s what was said in interviews around the time the 360 was released).

      Also, lets not forget, 360 degrees is a complete circle, with the emphasis on complete, something that can easily be twisted to imply that the other consoles are in some way less complete than the Xbox.

      I’m sure plenty of people can come up with more reasons if they think about it.

      Unless of course you are just finding a reason to criticise the Xbox 360 because it’s by a rival company, in which case I would have to point out that in hardware terms the Wii is far closer to the Gamecube than either the 360 or the PS3 are to their predecessors.

      1. no I wasnt criticizing anything. I myself own a xbox along with a wii. It was a thought that came in my head from the article.

  5. “This is going to be the exclusive launch title for the brand new Wii-U and Wii-2!”

    Wii U and Wii 2? 0_o

        1. That’s pretty impressive. Heck, considering the inventor of the first alphabet is considered by many (I say considered because the origin of the alphabet is not know, so all people can do is theorise) to be an ancient Egyptian, I’d say that Nintendo should change the name. If he/she has lived that long then they deserve to keep their trademark :D

        1. Lol, I still remember Playstation adverts saying “Saturn is a planet, Ultra 64 is a washing powder”. :D

  6. I don’t understand these people who are still hoping for a name change. It’s been almost a full year since you heard the name, aren’t you used to it yet? The name “Wii” sounded silly at first too, but 6 years later it’s the best selling console of the 7th generation.

    Leave luck to heaven.

      1. wii was a fine name. i still had fun with it. i feel like im one of the few people who just plays games to play them and not to seem like im part of a group. i mean that’s the reason why everyone buys call of duty is to fit in with other people that are buying it, if i enjoy it i play it, i couldn’t care less as to what it is called.

        1. yup you cant change the brand like Xbox or PlayStation because it will led to confusion, it sound stupid but its true.
          you can say that to wii too.

    1. I honestly think it sounds fine, I don’t know what the big deal is. Besides, judging it by it’s name is like judging a book by it’s cover. Provided the actual system is good, I don’t understand what this issue is :D

    2. fanboys dont like the wii name thats all(makes them look like pussy casual idk), but what they dont know is that wii brand is strong you can say iphone to someone and they will be like o yeah apple phone , same with nintendo wii.

    3. Maybe the best selling console this gen, but how many of the millions of Wiis out there are collecting dust in peoples’ homes today? It’s just like the Apple products: everyone buys one because so-and-so has one, or because our church youth group has one, etc. People bought Wiis because it was a fad with young suburban families and casual gamers. And yes, the ‘WiiU’ name stinks, but it’s better than ‘Wii-Ner’ by a long shot…

      1. That’s a weak argument. But let’s follow your logic and apply it to the competitors. How many people bought the PS2 because it was a cheap DVD player? The PS2 is now the best selling console of all time. Same goes for the PS3, it’s a cheap Blu Ray player. I don’t see people using that argument against against Sony.

        It doesn’t matter why people bought your console, all that matters is that people enjoyed it. And btw, that “dust collector” outsold the competition last holiday season when Skyward Sword was released. Just goes to show that the audience is there as long as good software is available for the machine. The Wii hardly has any support these days because it’s successsor is launching soon and people are saving money for that.

        1. It completly demolished competition because of its 100 dollar price tag. THATS A FACT. that’s the reason why gamestop sold less than 10 wiis, because they were the only retailors to not give it a price drop and they bitched and moaned about it (look it up) SkywardSword didn’t do that great in japan but it sold a lot in the states because of that wii days price drop.

          if it cheap people will make asses of themselfs to get it. Black Friday proves it, and HP with their gay touchpad did as well.

      2. the cd player in ps1 was a fad the movie player in the ps2 was a fad downloading music to your xbox was a fad xbox live is effin ridiculous and blu ray was just pathetic the wiimote changed the game forever kinect and the move

    4. personally I think the problem with the name is that it needs to differentiate itself from the Wii and not just look like a minor upgrade if it wants to sell, “Wii U” doesn’t exactly scream different and new…

      1. A little research goes a long way. It’s suprising to me in a world where information is literally at your fingertips, people seem to be more uninformed than ever. A quick google search of Wii U will tell you all you need to know.

  7. lol wii u sounds like the girls expression on kung pao..! wiiu wiiu wiiu wiiu..! what joke of a name.. you know it’s true and its just sad.. they should figure something cooler.. that name is obviously a lazy excuse.. OLALU..!

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  9. They should call it the “Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System”
    Its tagline would be “If you like playing with POWER, then Get N, but if not, Get Out”

        1. ii meant it like ever since the revolution of the ds and wii came out. gameboy brand die when ds came out but wii idk i made myself confuse now.

          1. The portables are still called Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. Wii doesn’t have Nintendo in its name, but it’s still a Nintendo.

  10. Call it the “Nintentablet”. Jk, just wanted to cleverly mix Nintendo and some other word together, that would relate to the Wii U in some miraculous way.

    Prepare for Nintendomination! 17 days remaining until everybody see’s the Nintendifference! MY BODY IS READY! IS YOURS? GET N OR GET OUT! LEAVE LUCK TO HEAVEN! CHASE MII!

      1. I know it’s doing well now, but for the first year i met loads of people who thought it was just a DSi with a 3D effect. Same with this, i’ve met several people who thought this was just a new controller for the Wii.

    1. If anything was confusing it was DSi, and that still sold miraculously. 3D + DS = 3DS; Nintendo actually lucked out the terms that they fit so well together. Also, electronics consumers aren’t naïve; look at iPod, iPhone, iPad. People clearly know the difference between the three despite their similar namesake.

      1. Yes but apple explained them at every possible time they could, nintendo failed to even point out the system and focused solely on the tablet… as for the 3DS, people went into stores buying 3DS games for their DS and came back to complain that they didn’t even fit on the system. nintendo should learn from past mistakes and not let em happen again.

  11. “Its online capabilities are really extensive, too, so we’ll be able to differentiate ourselves from the competition more easily with our sports lineup.” and that comes from EA I didn’t expect any less

    1. In keeping with the (We, You) concept I thought that would be Nintendo’s best choice if they drop the Wii name altogether. If they go with strictly “U” is does sound like the literally graduated/grown-up version of Wii (which isn’t bad).How about “Nintendo Yu”? Yu = You

  12. I saw someone suggest it be called the Revolution U, so they can have the ‘U’ still in the name while giving it the Wii’s original epic name. Plus, a cool marketing slogan could be ‘R U Ready to Play?’

    (This wasn’t my idea, but I liked it enough to pass it on.)

  13. Fact-nintendo sucks
    fact-nintendo franchises are ancheint
    fact-nintendo is casual gimmicks
    rumers-theyre innovated
    rumers-their fanbase are mature
    fact-their fanboys are weeaboo pedos
    rumer-wii u is more powerful than xbox
    fact-durango is coming

    1. its ANCIENT, not anchient,

      also: this is a gamers blog, What the fuck do I care if Dodge is making a new Durango?

  14. Nintendo promise no more casual games for kids yet they announcing a new mario,smash bros, pikmin and kirby smh enough am switching to pc or xbox.

  15. @ Anonymous 2 comments up
    Yeah sure, that’s why they had the best selling consoles in the 80’s,90’s, and now. Also, being ancient doesn’t mean shit, it shows experience and proves that a simple company like them can actually last. And by the way for those who think I’m against Sony/Microsoft, I’m not. I play games for entertainment, not some retarded console wars. If everyone else is playing CoD on PS3/360 and I want to play F-Zero on SNES, then I’m fucking gonna play F-Zero because I want to. If I feel like playing Castle Crashers on PS3/360 then I’ll play that. Otherwise I’ll be living my life instead of bitching about the next CoD or PS/Wii/Xbox.
    Wii U also needs a name change. I don’t know what, but it does.

  16. I hate people saying that Wii U is overpriced
    But Apple cellphones is much on a higher price (even for the 4s much likely the same design after the 3gs)
    34,198 PHP = 791.98 USD ( this is the current price amount in our country of the 4s 32GB)
    and the Wii U is only i think its only priced 299.99 USD (and people think its too much)
    and they are expecting Wii U to have greater graphics at a lower price

    1. 4S has basically the same design as the iPhone 4, but I don’t think the Wii U will be from 400$ or more

  17. You know what, screw it… I want to try out Lego City. Especialy with extensive building, it’ll be very fun!

    1. Yeah I’m kind of getting that feeling now too. Who knows? It could be just as addicting as Animal Crossing or SimCity.

  18. for anybody still wondering what the “green and white” thing is, look at the revised controller, that somebody took a picture of. There’s something green on the top, probably a charger….why green, of all colors, tho?

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