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Six Million Nintendo 3DS Consoles Sold In Japan

Japanese publication Famitsu has announced that Nintendo has sold 6,017,206 Nintendo 3DS consoles since it launched in Japan. It was revealed earlier today that Nintendo has nearly sold one million Nintendo 3DS consoles in the United Kingdom.

29 thoughts on “Six Million Nintendo 3DS Consoles Sold In Japan”

  1. Well f**k if the 3DS box was as cool looking as that in America I’d probably buy it.

    Will buy one eventually but there’s only like 3 games I want at the moment for it…. Wait a few years prob like I did with the ps3.

  2. I know it isn’t as huge in the west, but look at the impact Tri G had on the system’s sales. All the more reason to bring it out over here!

  3. Well, six million Japanese consumers can’t be wrong! They’re only, like, the mosy discerning people in the whole, entire world.

  4. And Vita hasn’t have reach the One millon Consoles sold… in HIS OWN COUNTRY, and only two millon overall in the world, even if the 3DS have the double of that figure for this date, all the people called the system..DOOOOMED.

    I’m being a SCE executive i don’t how my mind would be now, at this point both Capcom and S-E treat to not support if the number doesnt’ increase… and them the price cut… maybe that is the answer? reduce the price 50$ bucks or even putting at the same price of 3DS to save vita?

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  7. Now just a hundred million or so to go.

    But seriously, it’s cool how the 3DS has sold 6 million in Japan, and presumably closer to 20 million worldwide. Should be on track to overtake the original DS in a few years.

  8. I’m genuinely astonished by how well the 3DS is doing. It’s a great handheld with great games, and more on the way.

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