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Geoff Keighley ‘Top Secret Game No One Will See Coming’

Geoff Keighley, host of Spike TV’s GameTrailers TV, has told his Twitter followers that he and his crew have just filmed a “huge top-secret game” for their E3 coverage. Keighley then went on to say it’s a game that no one will see coming. Any thoughts of what it might be?

“Today we filmed a huge top secret game reveal for our E3 coverage. Can’t wait to share it with you – no one will see this one coming.”

– Geoff Keighley via Twitter

92 thoughts on “Geoff Keighley ‘Top Secret Game No One Will See Coming’”

    1. Valve said they would announce a game with a 3 in it.
      They also said that they won’t announce a Half-Life, Portal, or Left 4 Dead game.
      Come on, Valve!

    1. Why would they release a remake of a game, which originally was on a Sony system, on Nintendo’s 3DS ? Doesn’t make much sense to me. It was a PSX exclusive, after all. Remakes usually get released on an advanced version of the system they originally got released on earlier. Well, actually they always do. So it’s as senseless as expecting a Gamecube exclusive being remade for the Playstation 3.
      Meaning: A Final Fantasy VII remake for the 3DS is most likely not to happen.

      1. Actually it was not a PSX exclusive sorry to burst your bubble there. There was also a PC version that was available along side it

      2. Metal Gear Solid the first one on the Playstation was remade for the GameCube; Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes. Also games like Crash Bandicoot, Kingdom Hearts and Monster Hunter have all lost their exclusivity as well. So could be possible but I’ve heard that they aren’t interested in doing it for the time being anyway.

        1. I didn’t know about Metal Gear Solid, that’s one of the few exceptions I guess. Crash Bandicoot, Kingdom Hearts and Monster Hunter didn’t really got “remade” if I’m not wrong, the games on the other systems were completely new games, not just revised versions of the old ones, weren’t they ? I ask you to correct me if I’m wrong anywhere.
          And the fact that they said that a Final Fantasy VII is not going to happen (anytime soon, at least) is another reason, of course.

          1. KH: Re:coded is a remake of KH: Coded, a mobile phones game, for the DS. Monster Hunter G for the Wii was the remade version of the original on the PS2.

    1. Please be Killer Instinct 1 or 2 or a dual pack i SO MISS playing Killer Instinct I know about RARE but who cares make it anyways just like Donkey Kong Country!

  1. Ultimate Super Mega Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 To the MAX ? Nobody will see this one comming, or Super Ultimate Street Fighter 4 The Fight Continued but we forgot to add it in the previouse one so fork up another $60 ?

    1. yeah, the fps genre is ruining the industry. That is not to say they are all bad games (HL2, TF2, the amazing metroid prime games, portal, the elder scrolls games, and the newer fallout games), but the fps genre is way too prominent for its own good. With crappy crap like COD being seen as the gold standard by the sony and microsoft fanboys (and those that are not wholey in the know), other developers are being pushed to produce similar products. I just hope that this will eventually change. Wow, i listed a lot of valve games in that first list lol.

      1. I’ll agree with you, there.
        But if it’s not fps, another genre would be overused. Most of the bigger game developers make games for the masses and if they see that a certain genre is doing really well, they’ll jump on that. It’s pretty much a never-ending cycle.(It actually doesn’t stop with games, though)

        1. It would be awesome if platformers were the new FPS! I can’t get enough of them! Or those Ratchet and Clank, Jak, Starfox GC games etc. genre thing… Seriously, games like those live on creativity for sales, so how can they overuse them?

  2. Maybe it’s the game eminem has been working on, Acid Ghost. Didn’t that rumor say it was being made this week

    1. It’s not really related, but Vectorman for Wii U. That character is perfect for gaming, even if they made it a 3rd person shooter. He has to return eventually!

  3. It’s the Wii U version of the game based on my number one, smash hit holiday classic movie “JINGLE ALL THE WAY!”

    Jk, I have no idea what it could be. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Could be a multi play though so dont lose all hope. Just know thay whatever it is youll be able to shove into an xbox.

        1. I am minded gamer, so being an exclusive doesn’t mean crap as I own consoles from all 3 console.s Of course, if you are a fanboy of one fanboy, of course it will be hard.

    1. That’d be cool. I love the series (especially the Red Alert games) on PC, but couldn’t get into them on Xbox. They insist in making everything complicated instead of making options.

  4. This is a really wild guess, but… It’s a Yotsubato game. XD

    But seriously, I’m taking a leg and go with an Mother remake or sequel.

      1. Nintendo SHOULD purchase the 2 franchise games INCLUDING Perfect Dark. The first Microsoft/Rare game blows big time.

            1. What’s so bad with being XBox 360? It’s a kick ass console. Geez, acting like Nintendo it’s the only good company there. Stop, it’s getting annoying.

  5. If It’s a game developed by Epic Games for Nintendo, I’m gonna go ballistic. Anyways, I’ll look forward to the surprise from Geoff 2 weeks from today. Take THAT, Adam Sessler!!!!!

  6. Blast Corps 2?
    Dungeon Keeper 3?

    Keep forgetting about those game series.

    Or maybe Square’ll deliver on their promises and gives us Nier 2.

  7. Nintendo vs Capcom

    2v2 tag format
    scramble mode 2v2 and free for all
    co-op vs mode and online a la SFXT

  8. Me guesses?
    Call of Duty: Pong Version.
    A remake of superman 64 for the wii u.
    Mario grand theft auto.
    Loz: Shrieking Shot Glass
    I spy: Movie Night.
    Angry Turds: Waste.
    ATV QUAD: Horseplay
    My little pony friendshit is magic: Legend of the bubblegum waterfall
    Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, why’d you steal our garbage?
    Donkey Bongo 3ds
    Santa Bowling 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Daisy’s Mansion
    Cars 2 Reloaded.
    Rayman Legends.
    A game that would actually be awesome to see.
    A game with one playable screen of a monkey scratching his hairy ass.

  9. Here’s to hoping it’s either Chrono Trigger 2, Shenmue III, Kingdom Hearts 3, Half-Life 3, or Mother 4.

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