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Pre-Order Heroes Of Ruin At Toys R’ Us For $30!

You can pre-order Square Enix’s promising action role-playing game for a mere $30 at Toys R’ Us. The game is available at a number of other retail outlets, including Amazon, for $40. Heroes of Ruin was made exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and it was reported that N-Space managed to unlock extra power in the 3DS for multiplayer features.

19 thoughts on “Pre-Order Heroes Of Ruin At Toys R’ Us For $30!”

    1. holy shit !!!!!!!!!!! I thought this was going to be $39.99 or $42.99 because of the voicechat ,, but still we are responsible to buy headset with mic in it for $20

      1. It’s a good multiplayer game with voice chat. It’s a first for the 3ds, which is why alot of people are excited

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  2. Is this only in USA, or Canada as well? I get so happy when they post a that’s in Canada but it turn’s out the offer is only USA.

  3. I haven’t been able to confirm this at any toys R US near me. This could be to ignorant staff but idk. Where’d this info originally come from?

  4. THIS bloody stinks in europe the game is sold for like 45 euros and in america for 30 $ wtfff that is so totaly unfair. 30$ is like 25 euro’s god damn it i want to buy it 2 for that price grrrr

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