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Play Kingdom Hearts 3D Early At MCM Game Expo

Nintendo fans will have an exclusive opportunity to get hands-on with some top Nintendo titles as the Unleashed tour returns to MCM Expo London Comic Con May 25th – 27th. Britain’s biggest pop culture festival will see the much anticipated UK debut of RPG Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance on Nintendo 3DS and quirky rhythm-based game Wii game Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise.

Other games on show at the Nintendo Unleashed stand include Mario Tennis Open and action-packed multiplayer adventure Heroes of Ruin for Nintendo 3DS, as well as survival horror sequel Project Zero 2: Wii Edition. In addition, Nintendo will be hosting a swap shop and battle table for the exclusive Kid Icarus: Uprising collectible AR cards, which visitors will also be able to win at MCM Expo London Comic Con.

5 thoughts on “Play Kingdom Hearts 3D Early At MCM Game Expo”

  1. OH, you just gave me an excuse to go to the EXPO… but I probably won’t go
    and it’s only a door step away from my house.

  2. My sister has a stall there as an artist (she has her book under the title “The Chronicles of Gyzra”) so if anyone goes to MCM Expo go say hi to her.

    If I could go I would definitely check out KH3D, although it isn’t long to wait for it to actually be out. Another reason for me to wish I didn’t have exams and could go to it this year.

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