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Nintendo Launches Wii U Facebook Page

Nintendo has created a Wii U Facebook page to keep fans up to date with official information from the company. The fact that they’ve just created a Wii U Facebook page clearly suggests that the Wii U name isn’t going to change as the early rumours proposed. You can like the official Wii U Facebook page here.

35 thoughts on “Nintendo Launches Wii U Facebook Page”

    1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

      Yep, just as I thought, the Wii U is going to keep it’s name.

      Oh yes and btw, the unofficial Wii U page on Facebook that most people have already liked is now under ownership of Nintendo of America. My Nintendo News must’ve given Nintendo of America their login to the page so that Nintendo of America could have ownership over it. There’s no other way how it would’ve changed.

  1. So far, over 8,200 Facebook users have already liked the Wii U FB page… and still growing at an alarming rate!!!!!!

    #TheNewNintendo #Regginator

  2. LOVING THE vault pic made of incredibly strong Nintendium! Nothing is gonna get in there thats for sure or the ninjas will come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a blockbuster of epic proportions. I guarantee you that their press conference will be a whole lot better than last year’s.

  3. It would be hilarious and epic if from time to time they show Reggie’s face peeking out of that vault. Kind of like teasing us or trolling us.

  4. Dam, I really wanted them to change the name. If they want it to sell to hardcore gamers they can’t have the word wii in the name.

    1. Anyone who doesn’t buy a console solely based on the fact it has Wii in its name isn’t “hardcore.”

      Let the games speak for themselves.

      1. And yet it is a sad fact that there are a lot of idiots in the world that will take one look and the box and decide that it is a “baby” console, as iI have so often heard the Wii called, without looking into what the console actually is and what its like. First impressions count, and the name will be most people’s first impression.

    2. The whole point of the wii was to make casuals actually become gamers by buying the wii u, and if it doesn’t have wii in the name then it won’t happen.

  5. The Only Pokemon Champ

    aren’t you worried Nintendo is going to take down your Wii U page?
    A similar thing happened with David, aka, the writer for
    He had about 200k likes for his page
    and nintendo removed his page as they wanted to remove competition
    and you currently hold the most likes for any Wii U related page
    so your basically within firing range……

      1. They didn’t take it down, I think they reused YOUR fb page, because some when I went on the “new” official one it showed as if I had already liked it.

    1. I’m not sure. Competition perhaps? They want to be the number one Wii U page on Facebook which I guess is understandable considering it’s their product. Still a bummer.

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  7. So after all the hate and people saying that nobody would buy it we got over 59k likes on the first day, yep nintendo is totally doom

    1. I disagree that Nintendo is doomed, Adam *cough*Sessler*cough*. Nintendo haven’t revealed the improved product until June 5th. In case you’ve failed to follow things up, they’ve already sent in the mass produced dev kit to developers worldwide and I’m sure that third party publishers and developers will show their AAA games on the Wii U at the Big N’s press conference on June 5th. I mean hell, they have billions of dollars on their account and have the tools and equipment to bring their innovation into the game… no matter what level you desire.

        1. Indeed I was, we’re at 124k in less than 24 hours and that is amazing for a facebook page that not too many people know about yet

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