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Spike TV Partnering With LucasArts For The “Epic” Star Wars Announcement

Geoff Keighley, host of Spike TV’s GTTV, has Tweeted that Spike TV will be partnering with LucasArts to bring you the world premiere of the next big Star Wars game franchise. Keighley says that he was blown away by the caliber of the team on this project and their bold vision for this new Star Wars title. The new game will be revealed to the world on June 4th during Spike’s “E3 All Access Live” primetime special beginning at 10:00 pm ET.

“I am blown away by both the caliber of the team on this project and their bold vision for this new ‘Star Wars’ title. I can’t wait to introduce our viewers to this game and show off the footage that left my jaw on the floor when I first saw it.”

31 thoughts on “Spike TV Partnering With LucasArts For The “Epic” Star Wars Announcement”

  1. This Breaking News is sponsored by our friendly neighborhoos Sickr. Thanks! I wonder what would be the FIRST Star Wars MMO for Nintendo’s new console…?

    1. If you’re not a fan of the Star Wars franchise, don’t freakin’ post your comment like a failed troll and stay the hell away from it. Simple as that.

        1. Lol… I like both franchises …ANYWAY… He said MMO (massive multiplayer online)!!!!! Battlefront was practically this only it was offline… The games were HUDGE with like 70 AI’s at once fighting… If it isn’t battlefront then it will be something VERY similar to it

  2. Spike TV? Aren’t they owned by Sony?

    At least it seems to be the case when they do their GOTY every year,

    Bet this will be an exclusivre

    1. Nope… Spike is owned by Viacom. The same company that owns MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures.

      1. but didnt boba fett die? its been 4evr since i saw the movies but im pretty sure he like fell in pit with a……man eating plant? idk lol

        1. In the movies, yes. Boba Fett met his end in the Sarlacc pit in RoTJ. But in the EU (books, comics etc) he survives the encounter with the sarlacc and actually blows it up. Good stuff…

  3. Could it be a Real Kinect Star wars game… I mean I hope its for Wii U but I bet this will be an XBOX exclusive…

    1. Microsoft have already released Kinect Star Wars. There’s a possibility that we’ll get to see a brand new Star Wars game for the Wii U.

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  5. BATTLE.FRONT.THREE!!! I can not stress how badly it needs to be made. This game above all others (except the ones I know are already coming) is what I want to have happen!

  6. It better be good. There have been too many bad Star Wars games lately. It is like the late 90’s all over again. What happened to all the great series, like Kotor, Dark Forces / Jedi Knight, Battlefront, Republic Commando, and all the great flight sims?

    It better be good…

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