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Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 Revealed By E3 Schedule

We heard rumours a while back that EA were preparing a sequel to the immensely popular Need for Speed: Most Wanted and now the title has been confirmed. The news broke via an E3 booth schedule by Twitch TV which shows that both Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2, and the soon to be released Battlefield 3 DLC, will be playable at EA’s E3 booth.



  1. meeeh im not into need for speed nowadays but if its like anything from the old days im not getting it because im going to be broke from buyin the Wii U


    1. Underground 2 was the first NFS game that I’d played ,, but MW has better plot ,, after that I never played NFS games again ,


  2. I hope it is a mixture of Underground 2 and Most Wanted.
    I liked Most Wanted, but I didn’t like the fact that they eliminated many car customization options.


  3. I love the NFS games and Most Wanted was my fav. This is good news! :) It’s nice to take a break from Mario, Zelda, and such & play a NFS game (and occasionally some Tiger Woods PGA 2004. Lol…..).


  4. Hm… I kinda thought Need for Speed: Carbon was the sequel to Need for Speed: Most Wanted, or was it a prequel?


  5. They should totally combine the customization from
    carbon with the story line and play style of most wanted


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