Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 6 Box Art

Capcom has decided to reveal the official box art for Resident Evil 6 via the Resident Evil Twitter account. Capcom has yet to confirm whether or not we will be graced with a Wii U version, but fingers are firmly crossed for an announcement. Resident Evil 6 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 2nd.


    1. I still maintain that the 6 looks like a giraffe getting some… pleasure from a woman. Have fun with that image

  1. honestly, i hope this isn’t the final design. There’s NOTHING there! at least do what RE5 did!

  2. Yeah yeah funny box art (even though it looks more like a seahorse with a woman) but didn’t Capcom officially announce that Resident Evil 6 will NOT be coming to Wii U? I could have sworn I read the article on this site. So Wii U fans don’t get your hopes up for this game.

  3. meh i think the box looks a bit boring and the logo looks a bit too big and offence to anything who thinks otherwise,thats just what I think =] then again they never did show much on the front of a resident evil box.

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