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IGN: “PlayStation Has The Most Impressive Stable Of First-Party Developers”

IGN believes that Sony’s first-party developers for the PlayStation are more impressive than Nintendo’s developers. On their E3 2012 preview, IGN talks about the confirmed games that will be at E3 as well as games they predict will make an appearance. Before talking about Nintendo’s games, IGN finished the PlayStation section by saying, ‘Well, it’s our website and we can be as general as we want. The fact of the matter is PlayStation has the most impressive stable of first-party developers in the industry, and a lot of them have been quietly chipping away at projects.”

86 thoughts on “IGN: “PlayStation Has The Most Impressive Stable Of First-Party Developers””

    1. Calling IGN ignorant for having an opinion is ignorant is itself, no? Plus its the Job of IGN to polarize opinion and get people talking, I dont understand why what they said was such a big deal anyway

      1. Thier opinion usually has no back up as in this case. Sony has good first party but they arent the best

      2. the problem is that its not even close….thats not opinion thats fact…theres numbers and public opinion to back that….to say sony has better 1st party is an obvious troll…its not even close

    2. Just so you know, they constantly use this expression in their own programming. Time tp come up with another expression, because IGN has gotten used to it.

  1. Im pretty sure that the Sony fanboy that wrote that really Sony has better first party games then Nintendo fanboy much ign

    1. N00b translation:

      “I’m pretty sure that the Sony fanboy who wrote that really thinks that Sony has better first party games than Nintendo. Fanboy much, IGN?”

      Yeah, it took a bit to decipher.

    2. IGN always thought that Nintendo FPG are for kids ,, thinking that we gamers started from NES-WII
      I started from NES and Ninty always has nostalgia on its games ever since Gamecube started ,, nothing can beat Ninty FPG not even a finger tip of SONY’S FPG ,, let’s see after E3 ,,

  2. Okay…

    I’m pretty sure PS has maybe 3 devs that are good, Nintendo has so many, with Retro probably being my favorite dev this generation.

    IGN has been trolling lately pretty hard, so I haven’t went on their site for awhile.

      1. some of them are shit, they have alot the game sucks , look at Ninty, it has like less than 5(not sure) but the games are the shit ,,

  3. This WILL change next gen. Just watch. Its funny I tip my hat to Sony this gen. Their developers did a hell of a job. But mark my words next gen won’t be like this one

      1. Sales=/= quality.

        Look at CoD. Nuff said.

        And when it comes to games this gen Sony has improved more than anyone else. You can’t deny that. If you look at wii launch and wii games now, they are exactly the same just with tighter motion controls.

        Look at resistance 1 (ps3 launch) and then R3. The difference is enough to show it.

  4. That phrase “The fact of the matter…” While they may believe that Sony has the simply better first-party, which they are perfectly entitled to believe, there is no fact involved. Everyone knows that old saying about IGN so I won’t say it, but you can certainly see where it comes from. I agree that in today’s market they may be doing slightly better, you can’t just look at the present. Look at the number of best-selling games Nintendo have made compared to Sony. BARELY any competition, even with the more recent ones. Sony is still good though.


    1. can you imagine hd mario with grand theft auto zelda and assassins creed star fox and mass effect f zero with all the other great racers with next graphics tablet control motion and dual analog and what if you can three different games at the same time just that by itself says untouchable players get ready

  6. I just ignore all the crap that comes from IGN. They are bias whether they say they are or not.

    1. IGN is the fox news of the video game world. sorry for replying to you, but i can’t find the regular comment button for the life of me.

  7. like he said. it’s their website so they can be as general as they want. that’s all you need to know when reading anything from ign.

  8. WELL, when you think about it, they have Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, and other studios across the world working on games, whereas Nintendo has its (insanely innovative and creative) Kyoto group, the Treehouse, Retro Studios, Game Freak and… that’s it. And Game Freak only makes Pokemon. So, as far as different developers and studios go, Sony is in a better position. However, I don’t think this means that Sony has the best first-party games, nor do they have such an impressive group of iconic characters such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Pokemon, etc.

    1. You forgot to mention that Nintendo also has Nd Cube, Project Sora, Brownie Brown, Monolith Soft, Intelligent Systems, and HAL Laboratory as first party developers. Game Freak is a second party developer for Nintendo as far as I know, and I have never heard of Treehouse.

    2. Johnny boy… it seems to me that you have forgotten the other developers that Nintendo has– Project Sora, Intelligent Systems, Silicon Knights, Monolith Software, nD Cube, Brownie Brown, Nintendo Software Technology, and HAL Laboratory.

      1. Silicon Knights isn’t first party.

        Anyway, these studios just aren’t as well known as Insomniac, Naughty Dog, or Media Molecule, and haven’t consistently created blockbuster games. It’s usually Nintendo EAD, HAL, or Retro that create the big games, as opposed to the multitude of Sony studios that are all making big games.

        In conclusion, Sony just has the most diverse and large array of studios. This doesn’t mean they have better first party games, it just means what I already said–they have more well-known studios.

        1. Are you in denial Johnny? Silicon Knights is a first party game developer for Nintendo. Do you know what game did they develop for Nintendo GameCube? Sony’s development teams aren’t in good shape and Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai had laid off 10,000 employees and lost $6.4 billion due to poor sales.

          1. No its not. Silicon Knights only made two games on the gamecube and thats it. They aren’t first party, as their recent games have appeared on Xbox 360 and PS3.

  9. Sony doesn’t have bad first party developers by any means but honestly they can’t be compared with Nintendo.

  10. Sickr, this article is misleading. IGN did not begin the Nintendo section with that comment. IGN concluded the Playstation section with what you quoted above and the beginning of the Nintendo section began below that. They did not begin the Nintendo section with a swipe. The Playstation team just made that comment to conclude their section.

    1. I had seen that… and even thought they opened the “Wii U” section with a note about the unknown games in development. I mean, aren’t almost all Wii U games unknown games in development?

  11. (•̀_•́)ง okay fine!!
    I can also be as general as I want as well. Today is the day that I am going to delete my IGN account. I can’t believe how biased as site as big as IGN can be. OMG wait a minute……
    Gamespot is also as biased as IGN is, oh well, I guess I must kill two birds with one stone now. Goobye IGN and Gamespot, we hardly knew ye.

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  13. yup, IGN has gone downhill since many of the original editors left the site, many people now days seem to complain of their comment system, their preference for Sony, their reviews for both games and movies, etc….I used to enjoy IGN back in the days, now not so much, I prefer blogs and smaller sites like this one for my video game news.

  14. That’s nowhere close to the truth and they know it. They just love to say things like this to get the forums talking. Nintendo is the very best software developer in the gaming world. With a library of classic characters that can’t be matched. Just look at the sales difference between Nintendo’s 1st party titles and Sony’s.

    Sony’s 1st party games barely sold this gen, Nintendo can basically carry a console on their 1st party IP alone, because in the past 2 gens when the 3rd party devs had basically turned their backs on Nintendo, Nintendo’s own franchises kept them alive.

    To paraphrase Jim Carey in The Mask: You’re good kid real good, but as long as Nintendo’s around you’ll always be second best, see? Leave luck to heaven.

    1. yup also Sony abandons there ip, and i bet in the future when ps4 comes out the will abandons more ips.

    2. Everything you just said was 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 % fact.
      All true.!!! I’ve been trying to tell that to all the younger gamers since the beginning of this generation but they don’t know understand. The fact is that Nintendo can carry a console all by their lonesome because of their back catalog of classic and historical franchises. Nintendo games always make the most money and have the largest fanbase in the industry. Sure sony is building up a good staple this gen but for the last 2 gens, they couldn’t even come close to Nintendo. This gen, I will say okay, they are coming closer to Nintendo but still thats stretching it a bit. Nintendo first party still run laps around sony’s.

  15. Why does someone always have to be better than everyone else?! Why can’t we all agree that all 3 big console-makers specialize at different things, and have weaknesses in other things? Because, as IGN would put it, the fact of the matter is nobody is completely the best!

    1. And it’s kind of ironic that they give us this while also posting their Resistance Burning Skies review for the Vita. They gave it a 5.5.

  16. Yeah, Sony clearly has the best developers… developers who deteriorate their IPs really fast and then move on to new games because their old ones don’t sell crap anymore. Then the media praise them for creating “new IPs” when they are mere copies of other games/movies. I guess the media is in love with anything that involves huge set moments and copying-and-pasting elements that others worked so hard to create on their own for Sony to claim as “original.” Good luck moving forward IGN.

  17. Sony is garbage. The only reason they got far was because of nintendo. Now they are trying to copy their games how sad. Sony playstation was made out of butthurt over nintendo. They r garbage

    1. Yes, if only Nintendo would have allowed sony to make the SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM CD , the whole playstation thing would have never happened. So yes, it was Nintendo’s own fault for the birth of the playstation. However, that’s the past now, Nintendo is returning to form now, times are changing and the flow of the tide is once again blowing in Nintendos favor. Long live the Big N.

  18. ^this they suck they r losing 8 billion for a reason. The sony brand is shit they garbage. Sega must be laughing at their misfortune. Thats why i play xbox they are better than sony in everyway.oh well they will die soon.

  19. Even with their bluray xbox is dominating them . I love to see the ps3 fags cry in a fetul position over the demise of sony while i drink a bottleof finest of wine and cheanti. Xbox respect the consumers money unlike greedy vita. Die sony die

  20. Sony are idiots their ips suck and they die quickly. Microsoft will destroy them this e3. Microsoft catersto the americans better and they have better best ps3 game is blu ray lol they r losers and they suck.

    1. Actually it has been proven that XBL lags more than PSN. This was tested by eurogamer. XBL averages 2x the amount I lag psn has.

      So no, XBL does not have better online.

  21. Look at the disgraceful vita its an expensive pile of shit. Microsoft needs to make a handheld and save us. Sony wont last. They make ugly consoles. Xbox is smarter atleast our online is unbeatable.

  22. Sony is the new sega. Their ips are garbage. Gow is gay. They copypaste.the vitas a joke. They r stupid japs. Xbox will destroy them bit by bit this e3 is xbox. Durango will make them go out of busniess lol cry sony fags cry it makes my horney.

  23. ^ this thats why i have xbox. It is a real entertainment machine. Sony is on life support. I too enjoy the fans suffering it gives me the will to live. Microsoft does thinga right

    1. Hmmm… 7 Anonymous’s in a row.. all basically writing and agreeing on the same thing, it makes me wonder if this is the same person writing over 7 times because of how much of an XBOX fag he is.

  24. Nintendo’s been doing the First Party thing for awhile now. Seems pretty stable.

    When I think of Sony, first party games don’t come to mind.

  25. I don’t know a heck of a lot about modern tech, but I must say, every time I’ve visited IGN, and I still do not know why I sometimes do, all I see is more opinionated articles than actual news.
    Opinionated nerds who think they are cool. A lot of articles are just so pointless. Every time there is a slow news day, they just come up with another “greatest 25 all-time… whatever”.
    I have no idea why they are so popular.
    And is it just me, or does it seem like IGN’s ratings are all over wikipedia? Are they doing that themselves?
    Hey, whatever they want to say is fine, but let’s not confuse some of it with actual news.
    By the way, IGN is the Hot Topic of multimedia websites. If something awesome is about to be released, whether it’s a game, movie, comic book, whatever, they try and jump on it before anybody else does.
    This is just what I get from it.

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