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Rayman & Mega Man Arrive On UK Virtual Console

An original 2D side-scrolling classic comes to Nintendo 3DS in the form of Rayman. With over 25 levels of platforming madness and seven unique worlds to explore, it is up to you to free the Electoons, defeat the menacing evil forces along the way, and engage in an epic boss battle that will test your skills to the limit as you take on the evil Mr. Dark!

Memories of time spent with a childhood sweetheart return in Sweet Memories Blackjack. With each game of blackjack played you will learn more about your returning friend, Kasumi and find out if she is the perfect match for you. You can also enjoy two different game modes; Normal and Score, where you can place higher wages with different members of the Poker club, or in Score Mode you can beat your opponent by gaining a higher score.

Help Mega Man X lead the fight against a new threat in Mega Man X2 on Virtual Console for Wii. When a band of Maverick Reploid rebels known as X-Hunters attack, it’s up to you to defend against them. Use new state-of-the-art upgrades from Dr Light and turn the defeated enemies’ weapons against them.

8 thoughts on “Rayman & Mega Man Arrive On UK Virtual Console”

  1. Oh damn, I was hoping it would be Rayman 2. =[
    I still have my copy of Rayman, but my copy of Rayman 2 doesn’t work any more =[

  2. I’m jealous you guys getting megamanX 2 this week! I hope X3 shows up very soon. I hated the saturn/psx version that was on the X collection disc. The upgraded music was just terrible and it didn’t loop right.

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