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Harvest Moon Developer Teases New Game

Natsume, the team behind the family friendly Harvest Moon and Rune Factory franchises, have announced that they are preparing to show off a new game next week. Here’s a few teasers related to the new title which they’ve left up to the fans to deduce.

A weekend treat for you guys: We’re gonna sneak out an announcement next week, and YOU, our loyal followers, are all going to get it early!

Hint #1: The announcement contains a “celebration”
Hint #2: The announcement will relate to a series…
Hint #3: The announcement will relate to a series…in which there are at least 3 previous entries…
– Natsume via Twitter

40 thoughts on “Harvest Moon Developer Teases New Game”

    1. They change up the game in different ways every time, they give you new animals and stories, new characters, harder ways to even get married, so they change it up each time

        1. Yeah, the basic system is the same, but when you play the game, the experiences are at lot different. It’s like comparing one Mario platformer to another; they would look the same to anybody who doesn’t play Mario.

          1. i had 4 of them and they all played the same which is why i eventually got tired with them. great games dont get me wrong but they rly need a reboot

    2. It’s not new for you because the game is not made for you… It’s made for us Harvest Moon fans… Not you.

      1. errrm i had the first ever harvest moon? whats your point? and the game should open to NEW people not the same fanboys… smh

        1. Having something doesn’t make you a fan of it, so what was your point?

          You don’t even know what this game is and you’re hating on it. And who are you to dictate who the game should be designed for? I’m sure they get plenty of new people who never played older Harvest Moon games.

    1. i think its rune factory. there are 3 main rune factory games, right? ive wanted to try them, so if its for 3ds, i may try it.

  1. i really do hope that this is a fully realized Haverset Moon for the 3DS
    when i say fully realised i mean both visually and the in the way it uses all the features of the 3
    Harvert Moon: The Tale Of Two Towns was dissapointing in those two aspects

  2. Jump in to point out Natsume localizes Harvest Moon games. The actual developer is Marvelous AQL located in Japan. Rising Star Games handles European release of the series.

    Currently Harvest Moon “Land of Beginnings/Origin” and Rune Factory 4 both for 3DS have yet to be announced for localization.

    The Japanese site:

  3. Wow, I TOTAL didn’t see that coming *end of sarcasm*

    Nah, to be honest I haven’t played Harvest Moon but why the hell is it falling under COD syndrome where they think they need to release the same game with different names each time because they think if they don’t the world would blow up or something.

    1. You sir seem to not know anything at all… Don’t comment if you know nothing, that’s just makes you look sad.

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