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More Evidence That Wii U Supports 2 Controllers?

It still remains unknown whether or not Wii U supports two tablet controllers. The leaked Rayman Legends trailer suggested that it only supports one device, but new information from a forum member at Neogaf claims that documents Nintendo Europe‘s representatives and distributors got last August confirm that Wii U will indeed support two tablet controllers.

97 thoughts on “More Evidence That Wii U Supports 2 Controllers?”

      1. in the picture, it even shows 3 controller ,,

        the title is misleading ,, but not the body of the article ,

        1. No.

          Wii U is known to support 1 Tablet Controller so far. Then you can add up to 4 Wii controllers with that.

          What we don’t know is if the Wii U supports 2 Tablet controllers.

  1. it would be very odd if it only supported one Wii U controller, even odder then the PS2 only supporting two.

          1. Yeah, tha’s the concern. It seems like they are “against” more controllers because they are seeing how much you can do without sacrificing the overall game. And four screens also need to have the controls.

    1. Stop it with the freakin name complaining. The only reason why U would change it is because U don’t like it. Get N or get the fuck out.

    1. It could actually support up to 4+ controllers, it just couldn’t stream high-using CPU data to each one.

      1. True. perhaps some platformers or Mii games, but it’s difficult to see them streaming anything from a HD shooter to it, anything like that

  2. i hope that doesn’t make the game lags
    and I really wanted them to make to versions of the controller one like this one and one HD but that doesn’t matter a lot

  3. The name wii u has to go its too confusing.parent who go to a store and know of the wii might think its just a controller add on and that its too expensive .why nt just by the wii without the tablet

      1. It does not look clearly different. To a parent who doesn’t look at the original Wii console all the time, they look VERY similar. Same shape, same colour, same basic construction and setup, it’s just a bit bigger and smoother on the sides. That’s very easy to confuse. Maybe not to you as me, but to others (because Nintendo had tr attention of a very large group of “casual” gamers and parents now), it’s very easy to get them mixed up.

        1. look at it this way, they’ll go straight for the wiiU since they’d be thinking it an updated version of the wii, but if they want a wii that is cheap than they’ll just buy the old one, either way it’s a win win situation..

    1. Nintendo had better advertise Wii U a LOT, and include that this is the next-gen system. That becomes difficult because they should also advertise, “you can play Wii games, too!” I mean, ya got to carry over your Wii Fits, am I right?

  4. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    Why are people complaining about the Wii U’s name being confusing? Did this happen for the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom and Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom? Did this happen for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance? And did this happen for Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS (All right, it did happen for this system, but still.)? No. I don’t think so.

    And it’s good for the Wii U to support. 2 controllers.

    1. yea but that was back when people actually cared about having intelect, of corse the name wasnt confusing back the, it took smarts and common sence to beat games and a name never threw anyone off. now they baby step you threw the whole game and people complain that its still to hard
      as for multiple controllers… all i have to say is its the same technology as eyefinity which supports 6 monitors on one graphics card without any deminishing return. so 4 tablets and 2 way split screen on or… 2 tablets and 4 way split screen on tv

      1. Except that the controller screen on the WiiU renders the image seperately, and usually from a different perspectice, chewing up more resources.

      2. I don’t mean to be a ‘that guy’ but how am I expected to take your comment about intellect seriously when you spell that poorly?

  5. It will support 2 controllers, the question becomes how will having to stream to 2 controllers affect the consoles performance? Nintendo never flat out said that it was only going to support one. Last year at E3 when asked about it they said that so far all the projects they were working on only use one, that doesn’t mean there won’t be games that use 2 Upads in the future. I think if the devs requested two Upads they would have beefed up the devs kits to accommodate them.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I’m actually pretty surprised people are settling for two. I guess it’s not that important in this age of online play, and that, technically, you can have up to 6 people on one console (I know Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this, but it makes sense – the 4 Wiimotes won’t need to stream video or anything), but that means if you want to have a 4-player bout in, say, a news LoZ: 4 Swords, well tough luck.

      What if the video was streamed at an even lower resolution than 400×800 (or whatever)? I think I read that the Wii U would be streaming the 1080p video feed, and the controller would have a little CPU that downscales the video to the controller’s resolution. That seems pretty inefficient to me, although i don’t know much about computers. But since 480p is about a fourth of 1080p (number of pixels), it’d be great if the Wii U could stream 4 separate streams of 480p instead of 1 (or 2) of 1080p. I doubt it’s really that simple, though.

      Also, how awesome would it be if you could have a CoD match going 4 v 4 on one console? Or 8 people playing F Zero?

      1. Computing aside, Nintendo has to consider the market. The system is at least going to retail for $299, and the controller really is the system–if Nintendo released games that used four tablet controllers, it would be a luxury that only those with money could afford. As awesome as it would be, there are more practical solutions for a similar experience.

        One thing that might happen (if it’s even possible, but it makes sense in a way), would be having the 3DS as a controller for some games. Then it would be as you said, in lower resolution, but instead of having people buying a tablet, they’d just need a 3DS which isn’t unreasonable, since it’s a different system.

        Though I’d be happy if a 4 tablet option was available. But if you’re playing on a decent TV, then having the screen split into two is far better than splitting into four.

      2. The controller won’t stream 1080p. Why would they do that? It’s only a 6″ screen; 480p would look more than crispy enough.

        People don’t realize that the smallerte screen, the better the picture looks at lower resolutions. In other words, 480p on a 55-inch screen isn’t the same as 480p on a 6-inch controller. The same way the iPhone 4s doesn’t have a 1080p resolution but it still looks super sharp and crisp.

  6. What I wanna know is will it support skype and oovoo and other webcam streaming. Because if it only supports wiiU webcaming, that would mean that the person you are talkin to will need a wiiU also, and they might not want a WiiU or just dont have the funds for it, and that defeats the purpose of havin video chat

    1. You sir are the only one to have a valid concern on this thread. Guess we have to wait till E3 but I completely agree with u

    2. No it wouldn’t (defeat the purpose). The main purpose of video chat would be to extend in-game communications. Instead of just chatting audibly with your teammates on an FPS or MMORPG, for example, you can video chat with them.

      Having video chat when you’re just sitting around the house is a minor concern as far as the console goes, because it is a GAMING console after all. And people have computers, iPads (or other tablets), and/or phones capable of out-of-game video chat. The Wii U video chat is just a way to bridge the gap and let people communicate via video whilst playing games, so that they don’t have to have a separate device running (and draining battery) at the same time.

  7. My argument is people will ask for games for Christmas. “MOM! DAAAAD!!! I WANT THE WII U FOR CHRISTMAS!” and parents qnd grandparents will bungle because of their similar names. Some kid will end up asking for Mario for Wii U and end up with NSMBW.

    I think Nin10do could come up with something better personally. Something a little more… defining and strong. There WILL be confusion over the holidays if there is no name change.

    1. well U need to keep in mind that people will get it confuse like 1 out of 10, not a big deal, ps the kid should show a pic of wii u to not confused for normal wii.

  8. If EA Sports wants a sports game that uses 2 uPads, I’m sure that Nintendo will listen to the supporting publisher as well as the millions of faithfuls.

      1. That’s your opinion. Nintendo DOES listen to them and what they truly want in a gaming console.

          1. Sony is using YOU!!!!! Do yourself a favor and use your PS Move and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

              1. calm down guys its a console some may not have multiplatform games and bad graphics that isnt very well supported by anyone like developers, youtubers, and other fans, some are based off of gimmicks and no controllers (which is a gimmick), some just copy to not get left behind even if they know how to come up with originals, others have no exclusives and are worth a box spinning in to eventually go the same way, but at the end of the day we are all gamers even if some of the gamers have a wiimote, move, hands, or normal controllers, we all play games. Also that was a awesome run on sentence

      2. You’re argument disproves itself: Nintendo cares about money; Fans are the ones that allow Nintendo to MAKE said money. Ergo, Nintendo cares about fans.

        Also, I’d they didn’t care about their fans new and loyal alike, they wouldn’t have made a console that pleases both hardcore fans (ones who wanted HD and wanted the option to use regular controls and not just silly WiiMotes) and casual players (the ones who prefer the Wii controls and simple-to-play games like the Wii). The Wii U does both, and thus has the ability to cater to both audiences/markets.

        1. I have to apologize to you for assuming you for a Microsoft fanboy. I’ve read your reply about it and had to agree with you. Nintendo really cares about fans, publishers and supporters.

          1. ”Nintendo really cares about fans” I will not approve that sentence until nintendo release fire emblem 3d in the U.S

            1. You still lose troll. If you don’t care, don’t play video games! Wake up and smell the times!

  9. So technically, it would support 6 controllers at once; two Wii U controllers, along with 4 Wii controllers…WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE CONTROLLERS.

  10. Hope it does. There are so many posibilities that can be achieved by using two of these controllers. Nintendo would screw up bad if they didn’t support 2.

  11. I think they’ll make it support at least 2, if not 4 controllers. However, it’ll be up to the developer to gauge how many their game(s) use, because obviously using more controllers means using more graphical power, which means you have to scale back graphics and effects to compensate (unless your game doesn’t use a whole lot in the first place).

    I would rather see, for example, a new 007 FPS game only support 1 local controller and have amazing graphics and lighting effects, and great online multiplayer, rather than have it support 4 controllers locally and have less impressive graphics and effects. I hardly ever play games with 1 or more other people in addition to myself locally. It’s all online now, even friends of mine that live close by. It’s just better to each have a full screen TV for each player and use headsets for chat (or in Wii U’s case, video chat, AMIRITE?!).

  12. I’m okay with the Wii U supporting just one tablet controller, and having multi-player be online primarily. It supports the core gamer, of which there’s typically one per household, unless you’ve specifically set up a house where all your room mates are gamers, in which case each one will have their own TV and will want their own Wii U anyway.

  13. I hope it supports at least 2 new controllers. Co-op would be so cool where the 2 players can go where ever they like without having to worry about waiting for the other player to catch up so the screen can move.

  14. Nintendo have said multiple times now that the Wii U will only support 1 sceened controller. I don’t know why these stories keep popping up. 1 controller folks thats it. Pus the normal Wii controllers.

    1. According to Nintendo of Canada, a representative says the Wii U can handle 2 touchscreen controllers. The Big N have already tweaked out some extra stuff under the hood and I’m sure it can handle not only 4 Wii remotes or 4 Classic Controller PROs… but also handles 2 uPads.

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