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Pokemon Conquest GameStop Pre-Order Gifts Announced

Those of you that decide to purchase Pokemon Conquest in North America through GameStop will be entitled to passwords for various Pokemon, which include Emolga, Riolu, Scyther, Lapras, and Pikachu. Gamers who spend 1000 GameStop Power-Up Rewards points will be eligible to receive another five passwords for Larvitar, Axew, Beldum, Sneasel, and Darmanitan. Pokemon Conquest is exclusive to Nintendo DS and is due to be released in North America on June 18th.

13 thoughts on “Pokemon Conquest GameStop Pre-Order Gifts Announced”

  1. Hey Sickr, I think this might be newsworthy: apparently some fan on twitter asked sakurai if he can include issac from golden sun, mega man and geno from super Mario rpg in the next smash bros. Then apparently sakurai replied to him in Japanese and google translate translated it into “2 ot of 3”. However a few hours later sakurai deleted the tweet. What could it mean?

  2. in other news, some derp at gamestop yesterday said he’ll wait till this comes to vita to buy it. he hasn’t been seen since yesterday at about 11.

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