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Explosion: “The Only System That Sells Will Be The Affordable One”

It is crucial for a new console to be priced right – a console will not sell well if it is too expensive for the average consumer. Explosion believes that it is natural for new consoles to become more expensive as technology advances, but pricing can also put the console-developer in financial trouble. Explosion thinks that the 3DS was too expensive at its initial price-point and that it would not have been selling as well today if it wasn’t for the price cut, regardless of the games offered. How much are you willing to pay for the Wii U?

118 thoughts on “Explosion: “The Only System That Sells Will Be The Affordable One””

              1. well i am not poor thank god.we have money to eat,buy things but not so mutch.around 1000 euros+.anyway its not my fault whitch we have rouges politics.

              2. A period of economical crisis does not imply for any reason that everyone suddenly gets poor. Those who are smart enough to confirm a stabilized future for themselves and those who are close to them, through a hard-working way of life, have no actual reason to get corrupted by any crisis. Both the Greek and the non-Greek politicians have a fair amount of responsibility about the current situation. (please note that most of the money that was illegaly taken and used is currently “outside” of Greece and not in Greek hands, weather politicians or not…). On the other hand, have in mind that Greece uses explicitly and fully democratic procedures for the election of Greek representatives(aka. politicians), which implies that a large amount of people still entrust their vote to the same politicians regardless of their crimes. I hope that you can uderstand that this happens because of lack of education, non-existence of critical thought and mass control through fake promises of politicians, which they exchange for votes.
                Thank you for your understanding
                Greek High School Student

    1. I’m feeling the same. I’m thinking $300-$350, but i just might do $400 if they give me an amazing group of games or i just so happen to have some extra cash at the time of launch!

      1. Just because someone isn’t a fan of the Wii doesn’t mean they can’t be a fan of Nintendo or at least somewhat enjoy their products

    1. if the wii had third party support without fony microoff cloning motion the as whoopin would of been worse

  1. Nintendo screwed up on the 3ds which cost them a big loss in sales and a horrible launch… They would be smart to make it the same price as the ps3 (250). Any more (300-350) no one would buy it because of the price. I know they don’t want a crapy launch for wii u

    1. Most people are saying that it would take 300-350 from what i see in order for them to buy it, so it’s entirely possible. I think 250 is too low, but i think they’ll do 300 to make some money and still stay competitive and get sales

  2. wow, $200-400? id love it to be that cheap! But here in australia we will more likely be paying $500-600.

  3. 300 sounds about right….anythiing more and i would expect a pack in new super mario bros wiiu…and confirmation of up to 4 upads for local mutliplayer play at some point

    1. With that said though, I wouldn’t mind a repeat of the 3DS Launch. That is:
      1. Launch expensive. It’s a luxury item so it deserves to be expensive
      2. Do a quick price drop.
      3. For the people that bought at the first price, provide free games that greatly offset the price drop.

        1. That would be a great point if it was true, 3DS outsold DS by more than 2 million units on its first year

  4. Department of Agriculture

    Hoping for $250 or less, but if I’m feeling somewhat good, I’d go as high as $300.

  5. I don’t understand that statement these days:
    “We’re launching a brand new state of the art console in 6 months for £350” – Groans from everyone

    Apple says “We’re launching a slightly upgraded version of what you bought last year and currently use to play Draw Something next week for £500” – Cheers from hundreds of thousands of people.

    How is it people have no problem coming up with the money for and buying an Apple product with only a week’s notice but complain when given 6 months notice for a cheaper and, in my opinion, superior piece of technology?

    1. i expect the wii u to have just enough power to play next gen games the tablet will change the game 4ever just like like the wiimote you wont know what its worth until the new hex box and gaystation come around which probably be like 600 to 700

    2. I love you. Seriously.

      I just don’t get it either… but as Anon said, those who’ll get it will be the ones to enjoy, and f**k haters. I’m gonna enjoy myself even if the others don’t want me to.

    1. I remember Mr. Hirai saying “Five hundred and ninety nine US dollars” at Sony’s 2006 E3 again

  6. This just in, Breathing helps you stay alive!

    Obviously something more expensive won’t receive as many sales. Unless its Apple for some reason.

        1. Actually we’ll still see 299,99 and alike, but if you pay cash they’ll round up. If you pay credit or debit or whatever, it has no impact though.

  7. With the little we know now I’d pay 300-350 but if they blow us away with its capabilities at E3 I would pay a bit more without any complaints

  8. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    it will most likely be a reasonable $300 but i would get it even if it was $700 because the Wii U will be the best ever

    and I do agree that $250 was ridiculous for the 3DS and $170 is completely reasonable. I did get it at the price cut, but i would have paid $250 once i got enough money

    1. I thought the price was totally reasonable. And I’m not saying that just because I got it day 1. Now if the 3DS was 300 THEN it wouldn’t be reasonable.

  9. Well, i Bought the Ps3 for 600 i beleive, with extras such as a game and Warranty, now i dont really care about the price, i usually wait around a yr or so to buy a system, such as the 3DS or Ps3. If its around 400 or 500 then yes, ill buy it. But around two or three months after it releases. If people spend 300, 400, 500 on Ipads and such. I do beleive they will be able to buy the WiiU
    As long as It has a good line up and good Downloadable games (if any) then yes, it should be a Hit. Nintendo, just dont male the same Mistake.
    BTW i saw the Battle Royale thing and well… I give it a 7/10 compared to Brawl. So PLEASE Nintendo and other Game People. Create a Good Smash Brothers!! Now that is what im waiting for. Ill buy it for the WiiU and 3DS

  10. $499-$599…lol just kidding, i wont go a dime past $400 tax included on the system.Gots to buy all dem gamez!

  11. I wont pay more than £200 GBP (about $280 US) and i dont mind waiting a couple of years for the price to come down.

    Launch consoles are ALWAYS faulty anyway … so why rush to buy one?

  12. 350 max. 400 would force me to wait for a price slash, regardless, while 300 would get me to preorder.

  13. With it’s power and comparing it to the prices of the PS3 and Xbox 360 at the start i’d say 300 minimum to about 425 max would be a reasonable price.

  14. Francisco Alvarado Vega

    Maximum is $400, so far I only have $145. I will do all I can to get it launch week but it seems a but impossible right now.

  15. $300 is the most I’ll pay. I honestly don’t feel like it’ll be multifunctional enough to dish out more money. I paid $300 for my PS3, which was the most expensive model, highest GB, etc. That doubles as an update-able BluRay Player, music player, etc. From what I’ve seen, the Wii U has no intention on playing BluRay or even DVDs. It should be priced around $250, I can’t imagine it really being all that much more. It has a touch screen, which can’t be too much to produce at this point, and will likely be a cheap DS type one with no multi-touch support, and HD graphics, which the other two systems have. I can’t see any reason for the Wii U to exceed the PS3 or XBOX 360’s price points by much. With no other systems coming out (that we know of, E3 could change that of course) if it has an affordable price point, it could easily sell well. I just hope it’s actually going to compete with the intuitive layout, internet, and user system of the other two consoles, because I hate that I don’t play my Wii much cos it’s so… outdated feeling.

    1. ps3 and 360 have better graphics than the wii but not by that much call of duty looks like a 50 dollar advantage the hd twins robbed alot of people

  16. For those expecting below $400, you better not complain if Nintendo says the Wii U won’t support Unreal Engine. My pick? $450, if it can support Unreal Engine 4. If not, $350.

  17. I’m so gunna get a job this summer now so I can save up to get a Wii U!! :D I’m hopping it’s at least $300.

      1. says the guy with an iPhone that probably cost at least $400 and that doesn’t do much more than calling and playing indie games

  18. I’m expecting to pay about 349.98 Dollars. But ether way, I’m still going to buy it.

    350 bucks is nothing compared to 600 bucks which is the price of the PS3 at launch.

  19. No more than 90 dollars for such a pieace of out outdated rubbish shit clone. Ppl just buy xbox 360 for 100 its a steal or better yet get durango it will at least support unreal engine smh

  20. I wouldnt pay a dime to such a useless backstabbing company. They left the hardcore gamers so now we turn our back on them. Besides hardcore use pc or xbox. No self respecting adult wil be seen with a baby sitting toy.

  21. I already own a pc and a 360 why would i want to buy a cheap xblx clone with beyound overmilked ips that should be put to rest smh.

  22. ^ this i agree you cant beat the quality and service of the microsoft brand. Nintendo betrayed me for ppl who dont even play games=casual. Screw them

    1. Lol “service” at microsoft? Gimme a second while I’m rolling on the floor laughing my ass out!

  23. Since I payed over 400 USD for the 3DS (with brazilian taxes), I will just close my eyes and buy it for whatever price it comes out,

  24. Well i’m going to camp out at bestbuy at launch I will pay $400+ are more for it. Hoping they let me get 2

  25. People seem to be saying mostly around $300-400 but I’m from the UK, the most I would pay would be about £250 but I’m hopeing it’ll be more around the £200 mark.

  26. I would buy instantly if sold at 199. 250 is pushing it as periphehals will be expected, a second tablet controller. possible hd options etc etc. if priced at 250 it needs to come with a real game not a party game. Lets pay homage release it in a replica liek box looking like old nes n the new super mario in development for it.

  27. it’s listed for 599 by eb games Australia (au$) if they think they can charge that they’re full of shit.

  28. Um, yeah okay… Whatever.

    I bought a Nintendo 3DS and despite owning a tonne of games for it, have not touched it in months since I saw the Sony PlayStation Vita at JB Hi-Fi a few months back!

    Soon I’ll have a PlayStation Vita and I don’t expect to use my Nintendo 3DS at all anymore (except to play Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance), so what’s that tell you?

    Yes price can minimize sales initially, but it’s far from the guaranteed ingredient in a console’s success…

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