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THQ Names Their New President

THQ has announced that it has appointed Jason Rubin as President, effective immediately. Rubin is a former developer from Sony studio Naughty Dog and brings to THQ 20 years of successful experience in the video game and digital sectors.

THQ is now renewing its focus into creating AAA core games, rather than the licensed games it became renowned for. These new ‘core’ titles will be appearing on multiple platforms, which hopefully means we should see the majority of them on Wii U

“Jason’s proven track record in the industry speaks for itself, and he is one of the brightest minds in the business. We believe he can be a game changer and can contribute immensely to executing on our strategy of delivering quality connected core game experiences.”

– Brian Farrell, THQ Chairman and CEO

16 thoughts on “THQ Names Their New President”

  1. This is interesting. I wonder, will he make THQ regain some of their losses or will he just make them go further down in to the deep-end? Maybe I’m being cynical. But, to be fair, it might be the right choice. Especially because of the 20 years under his belt.

  2. “What’s your first move as new president Mr.Rubin?”
    “Cancel Metro Last Light for WIi U!”
    “Good move…”

    1. I know right. That’d be complete asshole of him if he did that. I swear I wouldn’t buy any of THQ’s games. Ever!!!

  3. Nintendo Sucks they only make little kid games and link is a fag we don’t need nomore nintendo characters that like to take it up the ass

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