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Dead Space 3 Features Co-Op

IGN has heard from one of their sources that EA’s forthcoming Dead Space 3 will allegedly feature drop-in, drop-out co-op. The publications anonymous source also claims that the events of Dead Space 3 will take place on a desolate snow planet facility, which sounds a lot like the rumoured Tau Volantis. EA has yet to officially confirm Dead Space 3, but expect it to be announced next week at EA’s E3 press conference.

Update: My mistake, I didn’t check the date on the article. The co-op has now been confirmed by IGN and will feature Isaac Clarke’s new co-op partner Sgt. John Carver. Thanks CastorTroy81.

13 thoughts on “Dead Space 3 Features Co-Op”

  1. Well that kinda defeats the purpose of Dead Space. Your meant to be all alone and to fend for yourself. I hope this guy only appears in-game co-op and when your playing by yourself he is only in cut scenes. I don’t wanna take care of an AI the whole time like in RE5.

  2. Dead Space would be an amazing game for Wii U.I hate using the controllers, PC is probably fine, but Wii U would be great

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