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Nintendo’s E3 Presentation Is One Week Away

Nintendo sent out an email to all subscribers of their news reminding them to watch the Nintendo broadcasts on the Nintendo All-Access website. The company will be streaming live broadcasts of E3 coverage from June 5-7. There will be a developer discussion on June 5th after Nintendo’s E3 presentation. The developer discussion will be with Katsuya Eguchi, who is the Wii U hardware producer. What are you most excited about?

45 thoughts on “Nintendo’s E3 Presentation Is One Week Away”

  1. What I’m most excited for is an IP that Nintendo and a developer that they’ll be working on exclusively for the Wii U. 7 more days ’til the A-Bomb drops!!!!!!!!

  2. cant wait for ghost reacon online for wiiU,wiiU;s specs,GAMES and mutch more.BUT THE BIGEST THING THAT WANT IS THAT I WANT NINTENDO TO ANOUNCE AT THEIR E3 A STARFOX TITLE (i dont care if its the fusion rumour thing)!

  3. I’m mostly excited about finally getting the details of the Wii U sorted and finalised, the rumour mill is on the verge of explosion.

  4. I’m almost hoping for Nintendo’s E3 to be underwhelming just so the fanboys can either cut themselves, or waste their minds away trapped in their perpetual excuses they’ll make up for Nintendo’s failure.

    But I really want to see Nintendo’s E3 be amazing, a dream come true to blow my mind away. It’ll be as awesome as watching a for-once good superhero movie (Avengers).

  5. All Im really asking for is:
    Everything that the Wii U can do+UE4 confirmation please!
    And more Luigi’s Mansion 2 details and footage!
    In Nintendo We Trust!

  6. Is funny that they now call it Nintendo All Access because the Nintendo Network Online Service. Hope to hear more about Nintendo Network in the e3

  7. I want to see the debut of the Wii U, of course. It is the future of gaming. Nintendo will not disappoint. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. lol, I never made the nintendo network/ all access connection. not sure how I missed it. anyway, they should stream next years conference to 3ds and wii u consoles everywhere! (with subtitles for some places of course)

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  10. I just cant wait!!!! so much hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I really want to se the new IPs and the hardware specs.

  11. The first thing to be excited about naturally would be announcements surrounding the Wii U.

    I’m excited to see not only these presumed “hardcore third-party titles” shown off, but also to see some original nintendo software as well. It would, of course, be foolish of me to believe or hope for a Zelda game (considering Skyward Sword is still out), but I know that they will need at least one other killer app besides Pikmin 3 (which has already been mentioned as in development). Whether or not that title entails a crossover game between Star Fox and Metroid beats me. All I know is they cant open with a game like Luigi’s Mansion for the Wii U. I absolutely adore that game, but they screwed themselves over with the gamecube launch line-up with that. I need to ALSO see the HARDWARE of the Wii U. I need an online infrastructure at LEAST as advanced as the Xbox 360. Friend codes don’t have to disappear, but they do have to be like the 3DS, and use one universal friend code. I need to see a much more polished and simple eShop, or whatever the Wii U equivalent of that will be. U Shop. I dunno. Just throwin’ it out there. If Nintendo wants to show off the Wii U and genuinely surprise people, these things must ALL be taken care of and addressed.

    Now, the 3DS.
    Software. Give us some software. Hardcore stuff. Stuff that has a strong online focus. We also need more information on Paper Mario, Animal Crossing: Jump Out!, and Luigi’s Mansion 2. I think a lot of people need to see some new software to re-interest in the system.

    Yoshi’s Story 2. Nintendo. I will love you forever. If you do this. Please.

    (I know it’s not gonna happen.)

    If Nintendo can do all this plus integrate some of those classic Nintendo surprises at the conference, they will win this year’s E3.

    1. Hey i agree with everything you said except the friend codes. I really need those to really disappear.

      1. I could definitely see how one could get annoyed with those. But knowing how stubborn nintendo is with security and family friendliness… I can’t honestly see them disappear. Trust me though. I hate em’ too. I don’t think it’d be as much of a pain if… Okay. Here’s an idea. What if they integrated a QR Code scanner into the Wii U’s camera function on the controller? Then, when you get a friend code, you can Print out QR Cards or something. Give em’ to your friends. They can just scan em, and then it’ll be set. I mean, the biggest hassle of friend codes is sharing it with people. If you had a stack of cards with it on there… Well. I think it’s an improvement.

    2. I remembered hearing a rumor about being able to play Luigi’s Mansion 2 on both platforms. Don’t think it’s true, but if it were I would hope it was accompanying bigger 1st-party titles.

      As for the eShop, I suspect Nintendo gave the service that name so it could be used universally. In other words, it would be the eShop on both platforms.

  12. the 3ds is what I’m mostly concerned about.
    Some Paper Mario and luigi mansion 2 details (maybe demos [please?])
    Also a new 3ds zelda announcement (maybe just the title and some artwork) would be good. They have been working on one after all ;)

    Software! Yes! Yes! Yes! Flipnote studios 3d, nintendo network, and (this has got about a 0.5% chance of happening) n64 virtual console games :D
    They have the power.

  13. I’m jazzed to see what Nintendo’s new console will do as finding out all (or most) of the juicy details.

    I’m also an XBOX360 fan and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t stoked for more Halo 4 goodness. It’s been far too long since Cheif was at the helm of the series.

    This year is going to be awesome all around. Period.

  14. FAKE! Los Angeles doesn’t have a convention!

    Now that I have your attention, I can’t wait for next week! ^_^ Both the conference AND the software showcase. And then there’s the rest of the expo! *Homer Simpson style drooling* Thankfully Konami was nice enough to whet our appetites this Thursday.

    If you’re on Twitter, please tweet #Regginator and #TheNewNintendo leading up to the conference. Also remember to favorite other posts containing that.

  15. Things I’d like to see at E3:
    WiiU and all it’s specifications; (IBM/Intel) 3.4 Ghz quad-core processor with 6 Gb of RAM, fairly new ATI videocard having 1.5Gb dedicated memory. (Hey, it should multitask if we can believe the last ‘updatelist’) Newest bluetooth 4.0-card, network-adapters 1Gbps (Including Wireless), SSD of 250gb or an HDD 500Gb with an additional socket to add another….Just to be on the safe and dreamy side, Nintendo is gonna blow me away anyhow.

    Game-wise: Pikmin WiiU, New IP WiiU/3DS, 3rd party madness (GTA5 etc.), footage of new Zelda WiiU, footage of some other first party in the works footage. And footage of game concepts we haven’t thought of! Mario would be nice, though stop makin 2D on a console.

  16. Rumors,

    New Donkey kong in development.
    Pikmin 3 in development
    Majora’s mask for 3ds in development
    F-zero in development for wiiu
    New zelda in development for 3ds and Wiiu
    New starfox and metroid in development for wiiu
    New Super smash bros. in development
    New Earthbound in development

    As i said these are just rumors and speculations i got from reading several sites such as paulgalenetwork.

    Can’t wait!

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