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Tim Cook: Apple To Get Bigger In The Gaming Space

Apple CEO Time Cook has told All Things Digital that he believes Apple is already firmly in the gaming space and the company will continue to get much bigger within the gaming sector. Cook claims that he’s not particularly interested in the current traditional console business, and would rather bring something new to the table.

What about the gaming space. You’ve sort of fallen into being a big player in the gaming space. Do you see that as something?

“I view that we are in gaming now in a fairly big way. One of the reasons people buy an iPod touch is gaming. Some buy it for music. I realize that is not the big screen you are talking about. Gaming has kind of evolved a bit. More people play on portable devices. Where we might go in the future, we’ll see. Customers love games.”

“I’m not interested in being in the console business in what is thought of as traditional gaming.”

“Apple is a big player today and things in the future will only make that bigger.”

But what about the TV?

“I think it could be interesting.”

26 thoughts on “Tim Cook: Apple To Get Bigger In The Gaming Space”

      1. Actually they did release a Texas Hold Em app along with the iPhone SDK a few years back – And they had Graeme Devine to head up their game technologies department, but I think he left. He demoed a nice-looking Diablo-style game on iOS at WWDC, never released. So… 1.5 games?

  1. They make vague noises about moving into the gaming market every few years. In the past, it’s resulted in partnerships with EA where they port a few 5-year-old PC games and then nobody mentions it again until the next time they decide it’s a good idea. I’ve been waiting for them to announce a DirectX competitor since OS X launched, but nothing so far.

  2. apple isnt really doing anything in terms of gaming. They just provide the platform and developers make cheap games to get some cash. I’m not even sure if apple expected it to be such a hit for games. Most of the iOS games are just expensive flash games. There really isnt much there and I dont know why people get these devices only for the games.

  3. I really hope their not thinking of joining the console game. That would suck and just turn it into a clusterfuck. Leave luck to heaven.

  4. Is that so? I see my parents, siblings, and friends playing on iOS devices all the time. They never play conventional games though. They play those free mini games, and when the games ask them to pay for more lives and stuff, they just wait until they get them for free. That kind of people are not really interested in games.


    Who the fuck buy an ipod as a gaming device!?


    Apple thinking that they are in gaming just because people make game for it?!


    And they actually believe that they will get bigger?!


    If Apple ever decide to return to video game market it will be over priced, rubbish, will only work if you have itune and get out dated the moment you take it out of the box.

    Apple products are a fucking rip off.

  6. how about before apple makes consoles, they actually get some good hardcore games to release for it? Because there aren’t very many good ipod touch games, at least not very many good ones for hardcore gamers

    1. If someone wants to play a hardcore game on a portable device they would be better of buying a DS/3DS, PSP, Vita Game Boy/colour/Advance.

      As long the ipod remains a touch screen control only, it will never be a hardcore gaming device or will there be a hardcore game for it.

  7. Apple I believe is at a crucial stage where the currently fruitful expansionist ambitions may lead them to stretching themselves too thin. You never give yourself too much competition, and they are facing it on the MP3 Player, Tablet, Mobile and music download fronts as well as looking to challenge the TV, Gaming and presumably looking to break back into laptops and desktops.
    Whatever they are doing it’s working well, I wouldn’t push my luck, I’d just focus on enhancing and supporting the current technologies. Apple have done well before and fell flat on their arses.

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