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Xbox Smart Glass Will Apparently “Kill” Wii U

Microsoft is rumoured to announce Xbox Smart Glass to select attendees at E3 next week. Details about the device are scarce, but that hasn’t stopped 14U from reporting that the device will ultimately kill the Wii U. Xbox Smart Glass apparently allows tablet access to the Xbox 360 and it’s cross-platform, meaning that it will work with Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Features of Xbox Smart Glass include:

  • Will allow users to control their Xbox 360 remotely. Will be available cross platform on multiple operating systems including Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.
  • Applications will be accessible through the tablet. Such as Youtube/Netflix/Vemo etc.
  • Live streaming ability through the tablet to the TV, desktop, laptop and other devices.

204 thoughts on “Xbox Smart Glass Will Apparently “Kill” Wii U”

      1. why have all that when you have shitty first party microsoft in fact you only have like 1 or 2 first party ip’s and then again WiiU can do the SAME DAMN THING. we just need to know if we can carry it around as a tablet. but then again this is a huge blow to wiiu Wiiu is supposed to be next gen and with sony copying it already with a current gen system and their portable and microsoft the same. Im just worried for the next gen. And WiiU should be able to run Unreal Engine 4.

        1. Only Unreal 3.9, bro. The VP of Epic Games, the makers of Unreal, has already stated that he has no plans to let any of the next-gen systems from the big 3 companies use the Unreal 4 at this time.
          Only PC gets it, because at this time[I’m guessing] it would make a console too expensive to let it use the Unreal 4. The rest of the tech would have to be good enough to take full advantage of the Unreal 4, meaning a mark-up in price that most gamers these days just can’t afford.

      1. I honestly think this is to compete with the iPad. I doubt they will have as advanced console integration from the start.

    1. Oh yeah because the Kinect was soo effective at killing the wii… This is honestly getting embarrassing now Microsoft, this will either be a good way to navigate the dashboard or a complete failure

    2. The question is, how many people care? When you’re paying $200+ for a console, I doubt many people care about “who did it first”, they’d rather focus on good games and features.

      Microsoft using a WiiU controller-style piece of hardware doesn’t really bother me, I’m wondering how they’ll decide to apply it. And how Nintendo decides to apply their piece of hardware.

      1. Thank you for your adult comment lol. I gotta say that this Microsoft glass thing Is a great take on tablet gaming. For people who don’t understand, Microsoft is giving players the ability to use about any tablet on their Xbox.

    3. I fuckin hate Sony drones & xbots as they never admit that they are fuckin copy cats of the great BIG N. pisses me off

    4. This would never kill the Wii U for one the consoles cater to very different demographics. The Wii U will be a success just wish they also offered some more adult oriented exclusives.

  1. yo im not gon lie this will take a great deal of momentum out of wiiU…this sounds so awesome….and i have never owned a microsoft console…im a nintendo/sony guy….E3 got me hype

    1. How will this take a great deal of momentum out of the Wii U? From the sounds of this, it’s so you can stream video, not actually use it as a controller. The Wii U’s tablet controller is just that, a controller. WITH a Tablet built in. You can actually PLAY Wii U games ON the controller. Unless this allows the same thing, which is highly unlikely, games would have to be scaled down to either 720p or 480p to accommidate multiple devices, not to mention streaming over 802.11g, which doesn’t handle HD content very well due to too much lag.

      1. and this fucking tablet from microsoft doesnt even have buttons! lol EPIC FAIL not a controller just a TABLET GUYS WIIU IS A CONTROLLER/TABLET HAHAHAH once again guys. NINTENDO HAS WON!

    1. Yeah…, sounds just like an Ipad! Oh wait, you were referring to the rip-off of the Ipad. People, seriously, I’ve said this before, people take ideas from other people and improve them, that’s how the industry works.

      1. Yup, they’ve succeeded in ripping off both Nintendo and Apple. Nintendo by having it link with the console to provide apps and streaming, and apple by having it connect with their own devices and presumably offer some kind of cloud service. Nice one guys, real original.

        1. No, I’m making a joke as to why its a big deal if Microsoft copies Nintendo even though nintendo originally copied the Ipad in the first place

            1. Ok first off, do you think its just a coincidence that a WiiU tablet with a touch screen is coming out while everyone is buying tablets? I don’t even care if companies use other companies ideas and improve them, It just annoys me when people say Nintendo is the only one to come out with original ideas

              1. Because they do. Apple isn’t a gaming company if they were they would be at E3 but they are not. So it doesn’t matter.

            1. Nintendo did not invent touch screens, you know. Neither did Apple. Both companies developed the concept considerably though, yeah.

          1. I remember a report where Satoru Iwata himself siad that they had the idea for the Wii U since before iPads were popular. They planned to announce it, but as E3 was rolling around, iPads became popular. They didn’t want to seem like they were jumping on a bandwagon, so they decided to wait.

          1. Applications and the ability to switch between applications without closing another one is. Also, I fucking hate Apple, Im just using them as a comparison to how companies take other people’s ideas and improve them

  2. How much you want to bet you need Xbox Gold to access YouTube, Netflix, and other video apps? That alone would defeat the purpose for me.

    1. For you, maybe but not for a lot of other people, especially people who already pay for an xbox gold subscription

    2. Xbox Live is half the reason I hate the XBox, (the other being all the damn ads pasted all over Dashboard). In order to access anything involving the internet, you have to pay a monthly fee. If you want to have a monthly fee for multiplayer, fine. Why do I need to pay for Live just to access Twitter or Netflix?

  3. But will it allow us to do that while the TV is being used for other things? Will it allow game play via the tablet… game play on a phone… I think I will pass, to small a screen.

  4. I think I still prefer the Wii U…
    When will companies learn that most people don’t care about the console, and that gaming is all about the GAMES.

  5. Microsoft has no idea what the Wii U can do yet, so how can anybody make any claims that… THIS vs THAT will kill THIS.

    E3 is just a week away.

    1. Knowing them, I would not be surprised if they charged a small fee to link devices to it, especially those devices not running a Microsoft operating system.

      1. probably i own a 360 and i don’t like my username so i tried to change it but i can’t unless i pay $7.00! WTF

    2. All Microshit has master chief & marcus phoenix, pathetic when compared to the great Big N. no way is this a Wii U killer, dude who said that has a fat penis up his butt

  6. Why the fuck I want to move my console game to a tablet? At least the WiiU controller has buttons. Also I prefer to play Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero, Pikmin etc than Halo & Gears….and now all the 3rd party games that are going to be released on the 360 are gonna be available on the WiiU, plus all the awesome 1st party titles

  7. This has nothing to do with Nintendo. It is microsofts (probably shitty) version of apples AirPlay, from the description given there are no gaming applications of smart glass. There would probably be too much lag to use a tablet as a controller for things other than navigating simple menus.

    1. But Wii U needs to appeal to the casual market. If this is the case, then this could rob Nintendo of a good chunk of the casual market. Damnit. MICRO$OFT!!!!!

      1. Nintendo can’t and shouldn’t compete with tablets, they are competing with consoles. Wii U has wii controllers and wii games that are much better suited to casual gamers than anything Xbox has. The kinect is cool but it is not as flexible as the wii controller so it is more of a tech demo/gimmick than a casual gaming controller. Wii U is still gonna have Netflix, it’s gonna have an eshop, Xbox will still be at a disadvantage with casual gamers. This does more to enhance the view of Xbox fanboys that there is nothing the wii U can do that the Xbox can’t, but I think at e3 and over te next year they will be proven wrong as te best versions of multiplatform games, best controls an console graphics, come out on wii u.

    2. +1 X360 already has trouble with 720p 30fps. They can’t have games streaming to the screen from the console on top of that.

      This sounds a lot more like it’s competition for apple than Nin.

  8. That looks pretty cool, but Nintendo’s first-party software virtually makes them invincible compared to Microsoft and Sony. I don’t think most people are buying the Wii U for the controller, as much as they are buying it for the high-quality games that Nintendo is known for. Haven’t been able to keep track of how many devices were labeled “Nintendo killers” over the years, but I know there were a significant amount of them and none of them managed to hurt or stop Nintendo in any major way.

  9. stupid idea, we don’t need an accessory to a current gen console, Wii U will kill these glasses.

        1. Have you ever considered the possibility that this ‘dr.peter’ is not copying you but is actually a person called Peter, of whom’s a doctor?

          1. thats my name is peter but i am not a dr..yet! i am good at biology and chemistry.and maths too

  10. If that’s true then tbh it probably will, I mean, if you already own an xbox and any tablet you can use it, and because they’re separate, unlike with the Wii U controller you can use the tablet on it’s own. Obviously it’ll be more expensive to get both an xbox and tablet and that’s a downside, but because there’s no new hardware you may have one or the other already. Of course, the Wii U controller is made specifically for the purpose of controlling the Wii U, and so there will be advantages that come with that, one of which will be the buttons, but lots of people will probably overlook that and just think they can do the same thing with this xbox smart glass thing

    1. This is their attempt to push their Windows 8 running tablets (HP and Dell etc) to try and create an ecosystem like what apple has established. Just like the WP7 fail… this too will go down in flames. We all remember the ad “you can also access to your xbox live account on your WP7″…. hmmm how well is that doing Microsoft. WP7 (over a year and counting) is still less than 4% of the smartphone market.

    1. I had every console and nothing a has replay value like Nintendo games. Pretty sure its gone to be tha same this Gen…Smart glass?? Ha!! Demolished. Next competitor.

  11. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh this isn’t going to let the Xbox do anything it didn’t do before other than being controlled by a tablet, which a normal PC can do. This is bull shit.

    1. 1. Ios is an operating system, not software.
      2. Who would even want to play on anything on Ios anyway?

  12. so…can you play xbox games with it? because really it just seems like a remote control for your tv by using any mobile device. which, there’s already apps for that. or add ons. and how would it kill the wii u? you still need to buy a tablet or have a mobile device to use this smart glass, which some tablets alone cost more than a wii u is rumored to cost.

    and i’m no apple fanboy, but i do agree that it is highly unlikely this would support iOS. highly highly unlikely.

        1. Haha yep, I’m a fanboy. Despite the fact I love Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Sega. I’m just saying Nintendo isn’t the glorious company that never makes bad decisions like people on here think they are

  13. I don’t think it will kill the Wii U but I think the general public will not be properly informed about the differences. Come on Nintendo, show us something so awesome that everyone will have to buy a Wii U!

  14. I can’t see Smart Glass being superior to the wiiu tablet, also how long before the Xbox360 gets a full web browser ???

    1. i have a crystal ball… i can see the future,,,i see micro$oft lossing dollar$ and… and… WTF MY VISSION! I CAN SEE NOW A BLUE SCREEN ONLY.thats all i can see :)

  15. I really couldn’t see something like this being available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  16. Xbox Fanboys


  17. This would’ve been much more epic had this been saved for Microsoft’s E3 conference. Especially considering most folks think Microsoft won’t bring anything to the table.

    1. This is why we are seeing the most seriously enforce gag on any company related to the Wii U hardware/software by Nintendo in the history of the company (I am amazed how nothing concrete have leaked yet). They know Microsoft and Sony waiting to copy and improve for a “We are doing this” moment during the E3 to make it seem Nintendo copying them.

  18. Yawn now… and Yawn during the Microsoft press conference on Monday when they introduce that crap. Since people will have to own/buy a tablet (since the Wii U controller screen is bigger than any smartphone on the market) plus the “Xbox Smart Glass” to get close to the experience you will get with the Wii U controller. Laughable at best Microsoft… very laughable.
    Plus we already know we can play games (be it core or a quick casual games) on the controller by itself.

  19. I don’t see how this could kill the Wii U. They’re both doing different things. This Xbox glass thing will stream content to tablets, phones, etc. This is not the main purpose of the Wii U controller though. The PS3+Vita is closer to what the Wii U is doing, but the Wii U does its own thing natively.

    1. I hate how Microshit & phony don’t even bat an eye to how blatant they are when they duplicate Ninty. You know phony’s tablet is coming next. Get original you fuckers

  20. Will this tablet have Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero, Mario, Pikmin, Kirby, DK, Zelda, SSB?

    No :o Well then lets forget about ever considering that :P

  21. this isn’t a controller for the xbox, it’s a separate device that will only be able to stream IT’S stuff to the tv/computer
    it sounds like more of a media device than a gaming device

  22. I was wondering when something like this was going to happen. I thought they would have waited until the Wii U was at least being sold, but I guess not. I really don’t have a problem with other companies taking ideas from Nintendo and trying to create something new, but I fcking HATE when they talk so much sh*t about Nintendo even after using many of their ideas.

  23. If the Wii U fails, it wont be because of this for sure. The Wii included all the things for motion control from the get-go. If you make an add-on like this one your splitting the market. This wont do anything to the sells for the Wii U.

  24. windows OS in a console? thats horrible.. hahahahahaha It must have AT LEAST 8 gigs of ram, also windows OS use dll!!!! dll and drivers going to kill wii U..?

  25. Seriously what happened to you Xbox? For the first generation and first couple of years of the Xbox 360 lifecycle you really stood out and seemed to be doing your own thing. Now you just copy whatever Nintendo does like Sony does. This is getting annoying. There is hardly any diversity in the game industry anymore. I hope Wii U kicks the crap out of all other consoles coming out.

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  27. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    “Pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source.” -Iroh, from the Last Airbender

    If they think it’ll ultimately kill the Wii U, and it fails, they’ll look stupid.

  28. cant a phone/tablet already stream videos by itself with wifi or internet then you wont pay xbox live wtf is going on

  29. ok no just no. i aint no video game expert in this tech, but i know this e3 is a week away so just wait their microsoft, oh and this dose not kill wii u, wii u can still do more,this makes no f en sence an tablet that aloows u to controll your xbox in the form of a cell phone ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sorry but i think turning on the console with a cell phone is just stupid cool but not needed really really really not needed thats what the controller does. oh and nintendo is still adding hardware to the wii u so suck it. all this smart glass idea is the (turn on) botton of a tv remote. wtf is this useful for plese explain, xbox already got that phone that windows one or wtf it is so nw this is just gonna make them lose money those mney whore. and if anyone thinks that this is some how inovative well then idk bout cha. this is the stupidist idea ever. even if you could play cod on ur phone or store memory from ur xbox to the stupid phone its still useless ,i mean thats what a consoles for. so this will not kill wii u , in fact microsoft died along time ago only thing they got is online awsomeness but even that you have to pay for stupid stupid stupid.wii u tablet can and has blown android and those wanna be big leages away a long timee ago. Hey heres an idea microsolf ill thet u have the scoop on this on hint SOLAR POWER. if you some put that into one of your console u might for once be able to say we did this first , u know unlike you copying every thing nintendo does. psn u too, your cooler and better but stop it with the stealling ideas ok. for once do something on your own micro ok micro.nintendo owns the gaming world forever maybe someday ull be on par, but that my micro idk…

  30. how is that ever close to “killing the wiiu”? it has the same problem as every other touch based piece of hardware and that is NO BUTTONS!

  31. This is an addon for the Xbox 360?

    This might sound stupid, but remember about 20 years ago when Sega tried to increase the lifespan of the Mega Drove with the Mega CD in 1992 and the 32x in 1995. Microsoft? THIS IS SOUNDING EXACTLY LIKE THIS LOGIC!

  32. If Sony failed miserably with two tablets, wth does microsoft think they’ll achieve and how can you eveen compare a tablet to a game console in the first place

  33. everything about this is one huge joke. Seriously, Tablet and Smart-Phone functionality on the Xbox 360 is going to kill a more powerful console with completely different games, and pretty much a different anything else. Anybody who actually believes 14U is a baffoon

  34. Who the hell cares? it’s not like there’s anything new for Xbox gaming. I assure you people spend enough time at their Xboxs, there’s not that much to do on it.
    Wii U= new gaming experience. Smart Glass= the Vita of Microsoft that attempts to copy the Wii U. Streaming the game to the controller is a perk of the Wii U, but it mostly provides new ways to control the game. This’ll lead to innovative new games- the Smart Glass will lead to you being able to brag about your K/D ratio and download a demo on your way home.
    And finally, let’s see what this price is. I mean, look how successful Kinect was- the only way this will sell is responsible price or packaging it with consoles

  35. I’m gonna have to be careful next gen when I go multi-console again; It looks like I would end up with multiple tablets scattered around me. There needs to be a third party tablet which can act as a universal remote and control for all consoles.

  36. I doubt it but even if they are able to beat the hardware the will never be able to match the software such as a new super smash bros. :)

  37. i don’t get it how can it kill wii u , if wiiu will be cheap, will have almost a high end computer tech , more than 3x or 4x the one of the xbox , is a next gen console , the controllers won’t be too high in price , xbox isn’t cheap for it’s tech , you need to use an extra tablet which costs the same as the wii u or even more

  38. So a touch screen will replace a gamepad? Nope, now get back under your bridge. Oh, wait, purchase an add on for said touchscreen to give it physical controlls? Hm, I can already see the long list of peripherals needed for the X-Box just to become on par with the Wii U using this strategy. Might as well buy a good gaming PC with all that cash.

  39. the first thing that popped into my head when i read the article: hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahah. OMG its so innovative xD. i thought that this type of move came only from apple xD

  40. Now this is just freakin’ great. First Sony for imitating Nintendo… now THIS!!!!! Microsoft needs to stop imitating Nintendo’s Wii U touchscreen controller.

  41. Well, that was even faster than I expected. I knew they were both going to copy Nintendo, I was just waiting to see who would do it first. Nintendo will still win. Leave luck to heaven

  42. From the Engadget article:

    “Windows 8 is coming and it features more and better Xbox integration than we’ve yet seen in an operating system from the company — but it looks like Microsoft has something even bigger up its sleeve. We’ve just seen a presentation indicating the company will launch something called Smart Glass next week, a so-called “companion application” that will act much like AirPlay for the Xbox 360. Using the app, users will be able to play video and other media on tablets and phones and, more interestingly, push that content right to their consoles for playback on the big(ger) screen. But, it gets better: this app is said to be available for tablets and phones running Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Yes, it’ll be about as multiplatform as it gets, and if this presentation proves to be legitimate, we’ll be learning a lot more next week when E3 gets underway.”

    Now where in that entire paragraph does it say anything about playing video games. The Xbox 360 doesn’t even have the hardware infrastructure to stream full console games to a completely separate piece of hardware without enormous lag.

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