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Gearbox: Nintendo Has Listened To Wii U Feedback & Controller Specs Will “Be Awesome”

Gearbox Software art director Brian Cozzens has told Nintendo Gamer that Nintendo has listened to developer feedback regarding Wii U, which suggests that we will hear about some of these changes during the Nintendo Direct presentation tonight. Cozzens also went on to say that “we’ll see some cool stuff that we’ve had some influence over” and that the “final controller specs are going to be awesome.”

“We were early in seeing what was happening with the Wii U and we’ve been able to give some feedback. They’ve listened, and I think we’ll see some cool stuff that we’ve had some influence over. I think the final controller specs are going to be awesome.”

76 thoughts on “Gearbox: Nintendo Has Listened To Wii U Feedback & Controller Specs Will “Be Awesome””

    1. You guess… are u serious!!! This is yet another developer that have given Nintendo feedback on the Wii U hardware (what it should be capable of to be next Gen) and the what controller should be able to do (could possibly see multi-touch screen). This is GREAT NEWS!!!

      1. multi touch is fail, and thats not me trolling either… people so jump on a bandwagon they dont realise that multi touch will provide noting for a gaming system

        1. exactly the main point of multitouch is because it doesnt have buttons ipad/ipod/phones and the fact that the psvita has it is a waste of money in my opinion :D

        1. Ok i got it i gottttt itt its Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soo hard ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Y u no make an easy one?

  1. It would be cool if the screen on the controller was hd but it doesn’t really matter to much .

    1. There would be no point, at that size all that HD or no-rez BS wont matter since unless you are putting your eyeball like a mm away from the screen you can’t tell the difference.

      1. Exactly, I’ve heard that some information. It’s the same reason Wii games look great on a small TV hahaha

  2. Im super excited. That article pic is ineresting too. Bless your heart over these next few days sickr.

          1. Yea im stoked, I just want hardware specs, nintendo software lineup and info on the new online setup .

    1. Who cares. The console is the selling point. Not the name. Please get over it. I would buy the Wii U console if it was named “White box.”

  3. If Gearbox is giving Nintendo 100%… so can I. I’m sure the new controller will kick ass this coming Tuesday! 48 hours until the main event!

    1. I’m with you on that one. After the Wii U launch, I’m gonna purchase Aliens: Colonial Marines for the U.

    2. I like it. It’ll be a good way to find Wii U users anyway, probably the first great online for the system

  4. This is gonna kick ass like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Many people will find that their bodies were not ready. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. Honestly, while I can’t think of many reasons for multitouch capabilities (because the controllers has so many buttons and gyroscope-like abilities), that’d put the nail in the “Wii U vs. iPad” bull that tech idiots lean on. I don’t think Nintendo will because the controls are sufficient, it’d probably drive the price up more than anything else, and I think developers will use it for maps, and they respond to moving the controller as well (see Ghost Recon Online). And I’m sure Nintendo groups will develop to their full potential.
    Hey, I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out the changes on the interviews later today (Nintendo Direct, right?)

    1. That is correct… Nintendo Direct. We’re now less than 5 hours away from Iwata-san’s “State of the World” address on Wii U with a few details on this future proof console.

  6. I hope they added two more analog joy sticks to the controller.
    Please, nintendo, don’t discriminate against us, octopi

    1. lol why would you need 4 analog sticks? i get that it’s a joke but just picturing using a controller wtih 4 just sounds awful lol

  7. Didn’t Nintendo say that the controller would run using the wii u and it wouldn’t have specs its self??? Or did that change… maby now the wii u can run games at 1080p with the controller running?!?! Yah


  9. Obviously, I may be off base here but….

    I can’t share the thought that, with him using the word “specs” he’s talking about an addition not just a change. Like a forward facing camera. That’s the kind of thing a developer with an idea would push Nintendo to change.

  10. I hope this means clickable analog sticks and pressured triggers,then the controller would be perfect,multiple touchscreen would be nice,but i dont think its really needed,nintendo has to get the battery life right on the controller though,it would suck to charge it every 2 hours.

    1. Clickable analog sticks are a must- it’ll be nice that you may not have to use them (given all the extra controls you’re afforded) but you might be able to assign something to them or have some games that aren’t touch-heavy. I think multi-touch will ultimately not make it, also because of all the controls you have and because of a likely jump in development costs. Given the controller, I don’t think pressure triggers are necessary- it’d be nice if they did that, but shooters and fighters don’t need them. I’m thinking even racers might be playable using some different controls as well.

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  14. Now I’m super excited over Aliens: Colonial Marines again. Ugrh! The wait became that much harder. Why Gearbox why? Anyways glad to hear that they are pleased with the controller. This can only be a good thing.

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