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Mysterious Wii U Phone Calls Explained, New Wii U Game

A number of journalists were left a mysterious phone message this weekend which said “Have you heard about Wii U? If not…you will.” Well, it turns out the message was from Bloober Team who were virally marketing their new game for Wii U. Bloober’s new game is titled Medium, and is coming to just about every platform imaginable. The game is said to feature a “completely new model of gameplay”.

21 thoughts on “Mysterious Wii U Phone Calls Explained, New Wii U Game”

  1. well it makes sense since the call actually said “have you heard about medium? if not, you will”.. it’s on soundcloud

  2. Those small companies always try to get their way when there are little to no games announced for a platform

    Remember Nibris with Sadness and Raid over the River on Wii?

      1. ha so u learned how to use the google translator.take that insault bastard.!Είσαι το ποιο μαλακισμένο πλάσμα που έχω δει ποτέ μου!

        1. and to be honest i dont need google translator for my own languege.and the grammar is too difficult.u will never learn greek

      2. anyway i dont need to speak greek far as i know when u are in an another site wictch u must speak english u cant speak anything else.or else people will missunderstand u or something else

  3. I’ve got to say, I’m really sad that it’s not a Wii U exclusive. I think exclusives like this could be a really good draw for the “Nintendo, give me some mature games” crowd. Plus, some good third party support is always good. And since the postcard that was sent out hinted at a duel-world type thing, I was imagining the controller being used to convey that. When you’re in the side with the city, you could use the controller to see the side that’s dark and decayed. And vice-versa. So it would be a really interesting use of the controller. Which is something the other systems can’t do. It’s showing what the Wii U is capable and how third developers are excited about it. Because they can do things with it that they can’t with the PS3 or XBox.

    I am glad it will be on the Wii U at least. It’s good to see we’re finally getting some of the games Sony and Microsoft gets. But since we don’t know anything about this game, it might actually suck so none of this will matter anyway if that’s the case.

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