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Crytek Still Has No Definite Plans For Wii U

Crytek Founder and CEO Cevat Yerli has reiterated to German publication Golem that the development studio currently hasn’t got any plans to develop for Wii U. Yerli did confirm that a number of Wii U games could incorporate the company’s CryEngine.

“We have no plans for either system yet (Wii U and Vita). There will be Wii U games that run with the CryEngine, but they come from the licensees…”

22 thoughts on “Crytek Still Has No Definite Plans For Wii U”

    1. Very Interesting… if you read his comments again, he is saying that there are games in development that are using their CryEngine. I hope this means CryEngine 3.4. This means there are graphically intense games being developed for the Wii U for a later release time frame.

  1. Don’t give a shit. There loss. I am getting one for the nintendo ips and anything that isn’t a generic shooter coated in gorgeous graphics

    1. wow ur such a Nintendo Fan Boy. Crysis is awesome, and pretty fun too! If Wii U is to be succesful, it will need lots of 3rd party support.

  2. Hopefully he’s still under the NDA and can’t say until given the go ahead from Nintendo. But it really isn’t that big of a loss, now we know the Wii U can run the engine. Leave luck to heaven.

    Btw Sickr, LOVE the new site pic!

      1. Not to nitpick, but I think an HD still from the Zelda Wii U demo would have been awesome too. You’ve used it before the one where Link has his back to the screen and the Gohma is about to charge at him.

  3. Well less money for them. I most likely would have bought Crysis 3 if it appeared on Wii U. More money for me I guess.

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