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Sega Europe About To Close, No More Sega AAA, Focusing On Digital Only?

A rumour has appeared ahead of E3 which suggests that Sega Europe is about to close its doors. Sega is apparently closing its European branches due to the ineffectiveness of Sega’s strategy over the past several years of developing games by western developers. Sega is also expected to announce that it will no longer produce AAA titles on consoles, and will now devote its time on digital games which will be mainly for cell phones and tablet devices.

73 thoughts on “Sega Europe About To Close, No More Sega AAA, Focusing On Digital Only?”

    1. That makes little to no sense. The whole sense of the joke is using the O sound in Nintendo to form don’t, it doesn’t work with SEGA. Try again.

    2. you’re a fucking retard, a ton of people will loose their jobs, and we habe basically lost a relique of gaming.

      1. sega fanboy much? Sega released medicore games of late. They were good in the 90s. About time they hit the bucket. As for the people who lost their jobs… tough world am afraid. WHY DIDNT U DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND BUY THEIR GAMES?!?!!??!?

        bet you pirated at least one of their games through an emulator… dont be a hypocrite.

        1. Look 10-year-old, I know it’s hard for you to fathom this, but believe it or not, people like Sega beyond 3D Sonic games. I know, shocking.

          1. My point being, people should stop raging about piracy. Not pirating does not automatically equal buying.

    3. YAY! You don’t know how much I love this news! If it indeed is true, I am extremely happy to see SEGA fall slowly. A slow and agonizing death… Death to SEGA! YAY!

    1. Back in the 90’s i really was a hater of Sega well…now i feel pretty sad about them and all the developers that really help the company to work on hope that Nintendo hire’s them all

  1. If SEGA did that I bet lots of the staff would walk out over it. Both from the side of losing so many jobs fom their European side which would anger people from the other sides but also from the view that people don’t want to make digital only games like that – especially if they don’t have total control over it (since any of the developers could leave and do that sort of thing on their own as an indie developer anyway).

  2. Consoles and handhelds support digital-only games… Why exclude them? Sega could develop for the eShop.

        1. shut up.i was 2 years old on 1998 when i started to play games,and i was playing both nintendo 64 and sega megadrive.i started at my 7 years old to buy games when sega became a third party support

            1. Ur so uneducated… It is A (Alpha), B (Bhta), Γ (γαμα – gama), Δ (δελτα) – Delta, and the list goes on..

  3. then Europeans will pass on sega games.. Europe does not have the info-structures for that. If sega wants to FORCE gamers pay bills for internet, then they have to send us also monthly checks.

    If sega do that, as a european I will pass in sega games.

  4. Now all dah games company must die, sega did a fail now it will happens to microdick an sony. Nintendo is the onli company to make all games from now on.

    1. shut the hell up factavish.sega did good games but now sega is failing (sorry games and sega fans).now the only company that i support is and it will be only Nintendo software technology (aka Nintendo)

  5. This cant be happening. And why are there theese faggy poeple who all rage about who is Better: Nintendo or Sega?

    1. Poeple who think any of them is better are retarded.
      Dont make some stupid war out of this.


  6. Does that mean there will be no more SEGA games on consoles? Because if it does,that’s stupid.

  7. This is bad. I really hope this doesn’t happen. It would be a shame to lose Sega. They still have a lot to offer the console world. I always said they should have sold themselves to Nintendo. Come on, Sega. Make Nintendo an offer.

    Hoping really hard this doesn’t happen. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Precisely. With a company as iconic as Sega, someone will buy them out, or at the very least they’ll auction off their franchises.

  8. I want someone to buy them out. Not Nintendo, as much as I like them all they’ll do is ditch/kill the good stuff like the Yakuza, House of the Dead, and Total War franchises and only stick to Sonic. They need someone who’ll push those franchises plus revive older ones like Shinobi and Streets of Rage. Not sure who could buy them though.

    1. Why would Nintendo cancel those franchises? They’re the sort of games Nintendo need to be making to broaden their appeal. All hypothetical, of course.

      1. Nintendo seems to really value their ‘family friendly big company’ image. And there is nothing wrong with that. It does have the downside of simply staying away from many elements of the medium where they could potentially do some great things. I just can’t imagine them wanting publish stuff like Yakuza.

        I know Earthbound was pretty dark in subject matter, but that was released years ago and has since been buried outside of Smash appearances.

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  11. Fuck all of you who loves nintendo but Im not sayin this to the ones that just loves it and I hate you bitches After all of the years still Sega does what Nintendo’nt
    Mario is a fuckin fatty little ball
    he’s just keep saving her toadstool or pheach
    Look at sonıc after 20 years have you ever seen a unique game style like sonıc
    Okay I know the games that actually released but Did you looked to sonıc generations
    Sonıc is a way better than Mario

    1. U mad because Sega had lost billions of dollars and close down the hardware business? Get used to it! Sega is now in the software business and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.

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