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Wii U E3 Convention Center Boxes (Photos)

French gaming publication GameKyo has managed to take some intimate snapshots of the Wii U crates that will soon be littering the E3 show floor. The publication also snapped some shots of the ominous black Nintendo Escalade SUV’s that have arrived at the conference centre. Nintendo’s E3 presentation begins Tuesday June 5th 9AM PT.

66 thoughts on “Wii U E3 Convention Center Boxes (Photos)”

        1. this is a nintendo if ur not a fanboy get the fuck out of here hello! FUCKING YES WIIU AND SONY SUCKS!

                  1. you are a true gamer! sony and microsoft better go back to their core markets and not games since they have no innovation bwhahahahah!

          1. lol i use my mac for my work aswell! How else would I buy my video games and console ;) I hate microsoft. Always been a mac guy. My mac is very powerful so i can play skyrim max settings easily!

        2. Any time someone says they own other consoles to justify that they’re not a fanboy…they’re a fanboy.

      1. butthurt cos nintendo will rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Definitely. Something as big as this? It would be an insult to not have him there. Nintendo is bringing out all the big guns for this one.

  1. Shitendo fagboys lol oh brother microsoft thinks ya a fucking joke and rightfully so. I swear to heven they will lose this console war unless they price it afforsable to u trash which they wont…xbox$99=winning

  2. ^this what are they afforing anyways hmm xbox live experance,old xbox exclusives,7year old hd and xbox experance smh wow how innovated fucking plagirist. Apple should sue their ass bankrupt infact ill write them a email so they can take legal actions=pwn

      1. *Sigh* people need to learn that Google’s CEO was also in the same room with Steve Jobs in the making of the iPhone. The original concept for the iPhone was a Blackberry-like device. Eric Schmidt told them he wanted them to make a device that had a fully operating multi-input touch screen on the whole face of the phone. Apple has NO reason to sue Google.

  3. Nintendos pretty much offering and xbox clone with a cheap ipad for backstabbing and selling out to casuals. Lol aww ya welfare kids r exited ya getting hd lol do ya poor trash even have a 60inch plasma to complement the hd smh poor dumb kids hahahaha

    1. Translation: Nintendo aren’t money-sponges, unlike Microsoft. I’m jealous, time to claim that they’re for those without money.

    2. If your gonna be a troll, then at least make it so we can understand. Get some english classes and come back :)

    3. In fact, I do. I have a 72 inch Samsung LED plasma in my room. Im fifteen, and despise Microsoft and Sony. Sony I like, actually. A little. But Microsoft, heh heh heh, don’t get me started.

  4. Xbox will win this e3 with the unleasing of durango be scared miyamoto and reggie are terrified of microsoft. Microsoft e3 =durango= ya lose

    1. Durango does not exist Xbox dick riding troll. Even Epic Games bashes Microsoft’s next Xbox console because they’re not quantum leap.

  5. If all goes right with this, I imagine Nintendo will pretty much be in control of gaming once again.

  6. In these crates lie an unstoppable force in the gaming industry.

    They must not fall in the wrong hands.

  7. Am I the only one who noticed the crate says “CRATE NO CONTENTS” in the upper left corner? Although it might just be to unnattract thieves >:)

    1. I believe it says “CRATE NO. CONTENTS”. For those who want to know, NO. is short for number. Just want to let you know.

  8. I’m VERY sure these crates are all the posters and setup lights and whatnot. The actual Wii U consoles are most likely in separate boxes concealed nicely and stored away, for nobody to take pictures of.

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