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Nintendo Denies Nintendo 3DS E3 Revamp

Earlier today Japanese publication The Nikkei stated that Nintendo were preparing to show off a larger revamped version of the Nintendo 3DS at tomorrows E3 event. Nintendo has just now issued a press statement saying that these rumours aren’t true, and are entirely speculation. Of course they would say this, we shall see for certain tomorrow.

29 thoughts on “Nintendo Denies Nintendo 3DS E3 Revamp”

      1. But if it were true than they would just say “we don’t comments on rumors and speculation” they flat out denied it.

  1. And I doubt it’s true and they’re lying. This close to E3 if it was true they’d just keep quiet until announcing it as planned, not deny it…

  2. Why is everyone so against the possibility of a revamped 3DS? It’s going to happen eventually. It’s not like Nintendo signed an oath to never update the hardware. Wouldn’t you rather have a redesigned system instead of having all these tacky add-ons (circle pad, battery pack…)?

    1. what most are saying quote”its too early”, “nintendo still in a loss why”, “even though sony s ps3 was at a loss too, i dont want remodel because im too cheap.”

    1. Even though I desperately what a 3DS with a bigger screen and a right analogue (then having the same control layout as the GamePad & Pro) I do have to agree that it IS a bit early yet to release a remodel. Doing so this earlier could send the wrong message – that Nintendo not only made a miss-step with the price and launch lineup, but that they completely rushed the design, which I don’t rekon at all. At the time, the design made sense to them.

      Besides, given how insane the sales have been then why make a change now. It would be smart to have a new design ready in works for release as soon as the sales start to fall. Like that would happen though considering the games on the horizon.

      Time will tell.

      1. I agree, the design on the 3DS is flawed. A in-built Circle Pad Pro is really needed (and for those who think that won’t make it a 3DS anymore, look at the PS1 controller in 1994 and 1997), it does need a bigger screen comparable to the DSi XL, and for me the D-pad is in a pretty awkward place. It is a good console design-wise, but needs improvement.

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  4. think about it- two rumors were announced in the same report (wii u will be 30,000 yen and redesigned 3ds), yet only one of them was denied. Hmmm…..

  5. I guess it would be silly having to save of for two new consoles. Although a 3DS with a bigger screen, better battery life and a built in second analog nub would be nice to have…

  6. why the fuck does it take time for comments to show up and sometimes it doesn’t even show that fucking retarded fix it

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