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Wii U Framerate Drops To 30fps If Using A Second GamePad

Nintendo of Japan has revealed that the Wii U framerate drops to 30fps if you’re playing  with two Wii U GamePads. If you’re just playing with one Wii U GamePad then the framerate should be completely unaffected.

In a follow-up, Nintendo Japan has posted on Twitter that there’s a price to pay if two Gamepads are active. Frame rates drop to about 30 fps if two are active; any games that really want that extra controller won’t be quite as glass-smooth. On the upside, it’s possible to switch one off with a smooth transition; there won’t be a need for theatrics just to switch to a solo game.

– Engadget

81 thoughts on “Wii U Framerate Drops To 30fps If Using A Second GamePad”

    1. It’s as terrible as most current 360/PS3 games are without having to stream to two gamepads…

    2. It’s actually not terrible at all. 1080p + 2x 480p ~ 1280p

      So, if a dev wanted to just use the pro controller, they would be able to do a whopping 1280p at 30fps. That’s actually really awesome…

  1. They didn’t intentionally design the Wii U to support two. They just had to add that in their so it’s another “problem” marked off the list. People complained, Nintendo listened, and adjusted accordingly. I’m very pleased with what they’ve done with the Wii U.

      1. Look at all of your casual titles with barely current gen visuals, LMAO.

        The only legitimately good graphics were Pikmin and ZombiU. Ubisoft has a history of faking graphics too, so it’s hard to know if that’s even LEGIT.

        1. It is gonna be severely outpowered when the rest of the next-gen consoles hit, no doubts about that.

          I can’t say much about Ubisoft ‘faking graphics’, but Rayman Origins looked beautiful in HD on the PS3 (the only way to play it, imo) Legends looks similarly good.

        2. Because graphics are the number 1 forever most important part of a game.

          If the Wii U were still only 480p, I’d still buy it for the gameplay. Heck, to this day I still love to play a good 8-bit NES game.

          1. Agree so much. While “good” (i.e technically advanced) graphics might look pretty, I play for the games. Good graphics are more of a nice bonus.

      2. ma vai a caca** te e ste controparti next gen! Hai rotto tu e sta terutxe e cazz*te varie, la grafica va bene! Sta corsa verso la grafica reale io proprio non la capisco! Manco fosse vita!”vedere giochetti fumettosi perdono di vista che tecnologicamente siamo nel 2008.” O sar che ci siamo rotti di vedere i solti giochetti dementi dove si spara alla cieca demoni mostri ” tipo devil may cry” e dove non si combina mai niente , si affetta e basta __ pure io giocavo a quei giochi che dici tu tecnologicamente avanzati, ma a me sembrano col passare del tempo tecnologicamente “deficienti” a parte qualcuno proprio ovvio u__uSTO GIOCO!! ONLINE O NO SARA’ BELLO, GRAFICA O NO PROMETTE BENE! AL DIAVOLO GRAFICA E ONLINE! Per quello ci sar cod5 su wii !

    1. Honestly, if it was only as powerful as a PS2 I’d still by it day one and the same goes for the next Playstation & Xbox. New games to play are new games to play.

    2. But the 360 generally plays games at 30FPS and it’s only rendering things once. The fact that the Wii U plays things at 60FPS while rendering them twice on the TV and controller says something about it’s abilities

      1. Yeah, generally I feel like this isn’t the bigest issue, especially if it may be fixed sometime in the future anyway

    3. If a Wii U is an over clocked xbox, what would the next xbox be? Another over clocked xbox?

      Why do you post stuff like this just to anger people? It makes me sad seeing people like you post comments for the sole intention to make people feel bad.

    4. High definition shit is still shit, high fps shit is still shit.
      High definition shit at 60fps is still shit.
      I do not see your point.
      Weak console?
      It’s not even out yet and you are disregarding it as an amped up 360… Who is the real fanboy here?

      News flash everyone… anything Nintendo ever makes is a rip off of Microsoft. You heard it here first.


      Your argument is fallacious, but I will not waste the time trying to enlighten you. Or respond to any thing you may post after this. So don’t bother unzipping your pants to fap to this epic troll session you may have think you started.
      Put the lotion away, unlock your door. And go to bed.
      It’s past your bedtime, child.

  2. i cant really tell the difference between 30fps or 60 to tell the truth so i do not care ( i can but only really when i try)…
    i can tell but i sooooooooooooooooooooooooo do not care

  3. This won’t be a problem for most people. Knowing this limtiation devs can work with it. Console’s still a beast. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Nintendo’s E3 was horrible. Nintendo has yet to convince me+many other gamers out there how the Wii U truly is a Next-Gen Platform. They didn’t share any new/interesting details of what the Wii U controller can do, not many Wii U exclusives were shown(most games are just ports), IT WAS SIMPLY HORRIBLE! Also, didn’t Nintendo say that they are targeting the “hardcore” gamers? Haven’t you noticed that they haven’t talked about that a lot? Instead, they are now saying that the Wii U will do what the Wii did only better? “Together. Better.” I will be disappointed if they are changing there plans and aiming the Wii U at the casual. And now I don’t see what the whole purpose of the “U” is. In addition, I don’t really care about graphics, but… from what was shown today… again, DISAPPOINTING! I know that the graphic leap from current to next gen won’t be HUGE but it should be noticeable. And to be honest, I did not see a game shown that can’t run on a PS3 or Xbox 360. To summarize, I DON’T SEE HOW THE WII U IS A NEXT GEN SYSTEM. :P

      1. I understand your frustration, dude. The conference was bad. I think people were expecting too much, but Nintendo could have done a lot better. They dropped the ball hard.

        I also know E3 is not the end of everything. Nintendo likes to do things at their own pace. They’ll show us the games we’re clamoring for when they think they are ready to be shown. They really blew it on the big stage today. After going to their website I feel a little better, but it just makes me wonder why they didn’t show it at the presentation?

  4. i might get 1 wii u gamepad (1 extra … so i have 2) and 2 wii u pro controller… all in white

  5. No.

    Ive just decided not to buy a Wii U …

    30fps games?

    Not all games using the tablet?

    3-5 hours playtime after a 2+ hour charge?

    Im going to buy the new XBOX or PS4 instead of wasting my money on this gimnicky Nintendo rubbish.

    1. Okay.

      Plenty of current action games play at 30fps (Halo 3 for example)

      This is the first console to use a tablet, so it’s really an addition.

      You can keep it plugged in. Plus, you should really be taking breaks after playing a game for 3 -5 hours.

      Go ahead and spend all your money on another console to play the same games at $60-80 for a $400-800 console with barely any innovation.

      1. How do you know that there will be barely any innovation? I mean, there’s almost no official information on either of the systems.
        And about the 30fps thing… WiiU is supposed to be next gen. I guess it’s the least to expect a next gen console to do a LOT better than the previous gen, not just a little. And even though Sony’s and Microsoft’s systems tend to be kinda expensive, in my opinion they’re always worth their price. Not saying Nintendo’s systems are not.

        1. PS3 can handle one screen at 720p, 30 fps.

          Wii U can handle 3 freaking screens at the same framerate; 1080p plus two additional (at the least) 480p screens.
          Heck, it can handle 60 fps at 1080p plus 480p.
          That’s double the framerate and over double the pixel count with double the screens compared to the PS3 or Xbox.

          1. You mean 1080p *upscaled* from 720p (for the 360 and PS3 I mean). Same thing almost, but upsclaing does take some GPU power.

            Still though, you’re right. Even if Wii U games have only slightly better graphics, it doesn’t mean the Wii U isn’t far more powerful than current consoles.

            And really, graphical push is up to developers. If they wanted to, they could make a much more graphically impressive game for the Wii U and just limit it to 1 tablet controller, or go even further and limit the tablet’s screen display to only displaying menus and maps and such, giving them almost full use of the GPU to make the game look awesome.

            It’s a flexible system for both gamers AND developers. I’m personally really excited, despite their fairly weak showing of games today.

    2. You’re free to do as you want, but it only goes to 30 fps with two gamepads, which would rarely happen. But hey, it’s your life.

  6. Didn’t you know?
    Next gen is not just about graphics, it’s about GAMEPLAY. It’s about experience.
    It is what Nintendo it’s doing and others copying.

    1. Did you even read the article? Frames per second affects gameplay, noticably in fact. For example, check out the upcoming DmC game. Combat looks fairly fast-paced, but looks and feels a little choppy. Why? because it’s 30fps. Granted, with the WiiU it’s only with 2 Gamepads, but it’s still…not great.

      And stop with the “other people are copying” crap. The only people who care are the ones who aren’t actually paying with their own money, ie the ones who have no viable opinion. Sony had a prototype motion controller back in 2004, does that mean no one should buy Wiis because Sony did it before them (the Power Glove was not motion control, it used an ultra-sonic transmitter. It wasn’t ‘motion gaming’ even on a technical level)

  7. Ur miss. And to know if wii u is next gen. Wait after the hardware talk with katsuya eguchi and developers thats about 6pm (not sure) 2am in uk. But this one was all about software lineup thats all. But just wait till the end of e3 to decide. The 3ds will win the show come june 6

  8. Gameplay and graphics are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!

    I dont care about fancy graphics.

    But i would get seriously pissed at screen-tearing, input lag & other visual issues caused by a consoles under-powered CPU/GPU struggling to cope with tasks.

      1. Hey Chuch, When I heard of your accident it sure stucrk a chord and brought back many memories. You guys, as a group, welcomed me and showed me the ropes. Probably showed me a lot more than I needed to know much sooner than I needed to know it. Gleas and Gibby have been giving it their all in recent years to get me to go back for the summer reunion. Hopefully, you’ll beat this thing and I’ll see you there to play some golf. I’d love to chat about all those hours and days we sat by the door whispering so HE couldn’t hear us. Until then, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery. Henny

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  10. If people are already talking about the limitations, Nintendo have lost the hype war already. Too early to judge though, lets wait and see how it all turns out in the end.

  11. thekidnintendowiiman

    Not like anyone else would use two U gamepads, and most if not all of the annonced Wii U games will not use two U gamepads. Besides, local multiplayer is almost dead nowadays with online almost taking over, and also the very small list of local multiplayer games on the U only use one gamepad and the option for the Wii remote, Wii U Pro controller, and Classic Controller Pro. It also doesn’t concern me since I have no intention of buying another gamepad unless it was on sale or I needed an extra in case the first one’s batteries died.

  12. It’s logical. Three screens, one being full HD? Still being able to do even 30fps is impressive for something that (hopefully) doesn’t cost over $400.

    Besides, the only games I see really making full use of 2 tablets are more casual, Nintendo Land-type games. Pretty sure 30fps is fine in that case. I don’t forsee a Crysis 3 type of game using 2 tablets. Why would it? I would almost just rather play with the GamePad Pro anyway. It’ll be like playing on the XBOX360, only with better graphics and much better frame rate :)

  13. Um you’ve all got this wrong. He means the framerate of the GamePads, not the TV output. It’s not a rendering issue (as that’s highly variable and if the GamePad’s output is a menu/map an extra render screen will be trivial in performance terms) but a wireless transmission issue. It’s really hard to beam two high res screens across a room simultaneously, that’s all. No problem, because no-one cares if the Pad has to drop to 30fps.

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